Saturday, 26 January 2013

Technicolour Bat Girl

Another post room. I was actually planning to start photographing (and filming ooo) something a little more exciting for my blog. I'm trying to make you excited here, really I am. But then I was cursed by the common cold which has not relieved it's grip on me yet, so apart from trips to and from university I've been in virtual hibernation, or in today's speak, tucked up under a duvet looking very non style blogger, watching BBC Iplayer. But something will be coming soon and fingers crossed that it won't be mediocre, or sound better in my head.

25th jan

Today's outfit is very Rookie.If you don't know what that it, it is a teenage online magazine with imagery consisting of Bats, Pastels and Flowercrowns. I absolutely love Rookie for its honest look at teenage subjects such as Virginity and menstruation, as well as its wonderful tutorials on how to look like everyone from Clara Bow to Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. I cringe now when I think back to the teenage magazines I read when I was actually a urm...teenager. Funnily enough my awful attempts at coquettish staring and syncing up of our school timetables as suggested by my favourite publications (I kid you not) never did help me date my 'crush.'

Outfit Details
Hat - New Look
Jumper - Sheinside
Dress - Topshop
Ankle Socks - Topshop
Bag (11') - Cambridge Satchel
Shoes - Liberty at Dr Martens via Coggles.

 photo 059_zps2592b5c0.jpg

This Bat Jumper from Sheinside is a direct Dupe of the JW Anderson for Topshop one adorned by Alexa Chung and everyone who had a mere £70 to hand. Now it's going for hundreds of Ebay, but this was just £15 (with discount)!

 photo 061_zps4b1b3e29.jpg

These are my newest buy. I decided to splurge my birthday money on a pair of Dr Martens, as I've always wanted them. After looking through the website I decided that the boots weren't for me, and that the shoe style would probably be more sutiable for day to day wear. I fell in love with the recent Liberty collection that they did, but at £120 it was completely outside my typical budget. I found these, however, on Coggles, for just over £50. I can imagine wearing them with my more standard black Peter Pan Collar dresses to jazz them up a bit. They're also going to be really great for Spring.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

My dahling birthday

On the 17th January I turned 20 years old. After spending the day being rather melancholy and wondering just what I'd done with my life so far, I had a wonderful evening with my friends out in London. For this occasion I actually bought a dress especially, something I'm not so familiar with doing as I don't wear a lot of formal stuff.
I'd never ordered anything from Dahlia before, but had always wanted to. I really like that London girl aesthetic they seek to create with their clothes, which is ideal for a non naturalised 'Londoner' like myself. When this dress came into the sale in my size I jumped at the chance of owning it. It was the perfect party dress, covered in sequins, and of course, with the all important collar.

17th jan

Sorry for my cheesy smile, I was perhaps a little drunk by this point.

Dress - Dahlia
Shoes - Charity Shop

 photo 162_zps106acbee.jpg

For my hair I had my fail safe milkmaid braids.

 photo 159_zps12f3cc81.jpg

This was the lovely cheesecake that my wonderful friends Luke (at his cookery blog Chew Kamu), Bradley, Pavneet and Dan made!

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Diary of a demented overgrown schoolgirl

So introductions suck.

But anyway, reasons, reasons. Reasons why I've jumped ship on my old blog and started to do something a bit different but still with a moody teenager in a peter pan collar feel about it. I'm at that stage in my life where everything is changing, sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the not so good. In the face of the not-so-good changes it seems that I can at least have a little control over changing the things in which I want to change. I don't think I could have said the word 'change' much more in that sentence. But, with a new year, it seems productive, even cathartic for me to talk about two things I rather like: Fashion and Literature. Sometimes they'll be talked about seperately, and sometimes they'll be talked about together, and sometimes they'll be overlapping and jumping about sporadically over posts. If you've joined me from my previous blog then you'll know I've dabbled with blogging, and this is another, more concentrated go at having my own little piece of the internet.

My first post is the first outfit of the day, which I will be doing regularly over the next few months (providing I don't jam my camera again and providing I look relatively human on a day to day basis):

Dress - Primark
Coat - Topshop (via Ebay)
Tights - Primark
Brogues - Clarks
Bag- Cath Kidston

I've been majorly in love with this Primark dress for a while. It's been going for almost double the value on ebay so I was overjoyed to find it for just £7 in the sale. This coat is also my absolute favourite coat. It's originally from Topshop, and is again another ebay favourite, and at £50 it was a bit expensive, but absolutely worth it.

I'm not usually a regular at Cath Kidston. I find it overpriced and a bit kitschy even for my unbearably twee taste. But this bag, from their jubilee collection, is completely adorable, and coupled with the rest of the outfit, makes me look more like I'm off to Primary school rather than lectures. Which oddly wasn't actually my goal.


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