Saturday, 19 January 2013

My dahling birthday

On the 17th January I turned 20 years old. After spending the day being rather melancholy and wondering just what I'd done with my life so far, I had a wonderful evening with my friends out in London. For this occasion I actually bought a dress especially, something I'm not so familiar with doing as I don't wear a lot of formal stuff.
I'd never ordered anything from Dahlia before, but had always wanted to. I really like that London girl aesthetic they seek to create with their clothes, which is ideal for a non naturalised 'Londoner' like myself. When this dress came into the sale in my size I jumped at the chance of owning it. It was the perfect party dress, covered in sequins, and of course, with the all important collar.

17th jan

Sorry for my cheesy smile, I was perhaps a little drunk by this point.

Dress - Dahlia
Shoes - Charity Shop

 photo 162_zps106acbee.jpg

For my hair I had my fail safe milkmaid braids.

 photo 159_zps12f3cc81.jpg

This was the lovely cheesecake that my wonderful friends Luke (at his cookery blog Chew Kamu), Bradley, Pavneet and Dan made!

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  1. Love this look!! ^.^ Happy Belated Birthday btw!!

  2. LOVE the dress, the sleeves on it are absolutely awesome, just the perfect mix of glam and comfort at the same time :)

    Happy Belated!


  3. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Bradley didn't make the cheesecake! (He was just there in spirit.) You looked lovely by the way. (: P.s. I'll put the recipe up on my blog soon, could you possibly link to it when it's up?

  4. I love this outfit so much!<3 You hair is amazing and I love Dahlia, I have a skirt from there and it's just perfect. And I really would love that cheesecake. Like now.

    Greta xoxo

  5. That dress is gorgeous. I've seen so many lovely pieces at Dahlia, like a nice pinafore, but have resisted the temptation. I love the milkmaid braids, I've did them once last year but decided they look better with a fringe. And oh my goodness that cake! Happy Birthday! :D

  6. Happy belated birthday! You looked lovely in that dress, hope you had heaps of fun. The cake looks amazing.

  7. Yay, congrats! Looking cute.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  8. Oooo that's such a cute dress! Happy Birthday!
    I started following you, want to follow back? :)


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