Wednesday, 13 March 2013

'Click your heels together three times...'

It's been a long time since I've worn any clothes. Well, alright, since I've worn the clothes for the express purpose of photographing them for this little blogging venture. The frankly barmy weather has not helped this situation either. It's made for some quite substantial transitional clothing choices I can tell you. Battling both snow and the hot rays of the sun in a matter of a few hours would challenge even the most skilled fashion blogger. And I am by no means a skilled fashion blogger. But anyway, this is what I wore on my one day off of the week, to go shopping with a few friends:

 photo 8c0d4227-8932-4092-81c4-9001084df5a7_zpsde4484bd.jpg

Playsuit - Primark
Top - New Look
Brogues - Clarks
Hat - Asos
Bag - Cambridge Satchel
Collar Clips - Jewelry by Jaymie

This outfit is kind of simple but with sporadic injections of colour. Usually I tend to lounge around in darker clothing, but prefer bright accessories to make things look that little bit more interesting. Of course I put my Cambridge satchel with the outfit, as it mostly goes with everything, as well as red lipstick and some cat eyes. And in the vein of recent fashion trends, I teamed a bright orange beanie hat with it, something that was quite literally all over LFW street style blogs recently. All I can say is that I got mine months before, and I hold on to any pretensions of originality that I can.

 photo 046_zps0271d20c.jpg

These little beauties are something I've wanted to show you for a while. I stumbled across Jaymie's artwork after finding her work featured on blogs, and immediately loved all her ideas. On her online shop you can find Twiggy collar clips, Morrissey necklaces and Audrey Hepburn rings, amongst other things,and all 100% original. Mine are the Dorothy red shoes collar clips, but I've definitely got my eye on a few other pieces! They're fantastically useful for accessorising my ever growing Peter Pan Collar collection!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. I adore how you wore those collar clips by Jaymie! You look gorgeous <3

  2. Your collar brooch is so lovely!!

  3. I really love your collar clips, they're awesome! :)


  4. Hi :-) I love your blog and just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster award! All the details are on my blog if you click the link below xx

  5. Beautiful collar clips and I love the satchel as well! :)

  6. Wonderful style as always! Love the collar clips and that sweet yellow satchel. Have a good week! X

  7. Hey Beautiful! I'm Christina from StarftshsBlog and I nominated you for an award! Go to to see my page and to see your nomination!

  8. That is such a cute outfit! I absolutely loved it, you look lovely! And the ruby slippers clips are so adorable! =)

  9. Lovely style!

  10. really sweet look. now i want a playsuit from primark. just discovered ur blog through company forum. All ur pics are fab

  11. ahhhh I love these clips! I need them in my life! x


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