Saturday, 8 June 2013

Neon Americana

Considering my usual personal style, I wouldn't typically think that I myself would title a post 'Neon Americana.' I have to admit that I shuddered a little when neon came into fashion a few seasons back, offending my usual colour palate of Black, purple, and maybe a bit of red if I'm feeling extra 'chirpy.' But funnily enough, I've rather warmed to colour recently, demonstrated in no small terms by my post below. For today I decided to go all out on colourful, pairing head to toe Primark (or in this case, neck to toe) with my beanie. I really like how it goes with my hair too, and I feel the look is sort of 50's, which certainly takes me back to endless reruns of my Grease VHS as a child. I definitely wanted to be Rizzo but probably ended up a bit of a Sandra Dee, ah well.

 photo 6808c8cf-d0be-4181-9f03-377da998a9e9_zps6369388b.jpg

Hat - Asos
Top, Skirt, Shoes - Primark
Bag - Cambridge Satchel

Primark are pretty amazing for finding very seasonal stuff, namely this skirt, one I'd been searching for for ages in pursuit of a car print garment (hello again, Spring/Summer 2012). It's perfect for a crop top as it's super high waisted!

 photo 046_zpsc07d21b1.jpg

Basketball, my favourite sport (I've never played it, a wonderful example of how on trend varsity clothes are being adopted by gloriously unfit girls across the country.)

 photo 037_zpse8474fd2.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my insanely colourful outfit! What clothing items are you pulling from your wardrobe in preparation for Summer?

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Great outfit! I really love the satchel!

  2. Love your satchel! Your skirt has such a cool print :)

  3. love this outfit! so colourful and yet not over the top - great work!

    check out my blog?

  4. Hellooo!! I was just bobbing over to say helloo and to say a big thank you very much for your lovely comment over on my blog. Love your writing style! Off for a better peep around here :)

    Have a lovely rest of weekend xxx

  5. Hello lovely!! I'm really loving this outfit that quirky print from Primark! I remember really well and was nearly swayed in buying their blouse of it!! I think you styled this outfit perfectly! especially with the yellow satchel! helllooo cambridge!!!!

    have a fabulous weekend Rebecca from xxxx

  6. You suite this outfit so well it's really perfect all together and on you! The beanies awesome and the skirt suites your shape perfectly! <3 LOVE IT

  7. Love your hair and outfit so pretty x

  8. You look totally awesome in these bright colours! I also searched fruitlessly for a car print last year, the skirt looks great on you. More Americana xx

  9. love the way you've styled this outfit. its so different and cool! xo

  10. Hi there :)

    I absolutely love your blog, it's so kooky and full of colour. Following on bloglovin. I really appreciate the comment you left on my blog, especially considering it was such a personal post, so thank you very much. I love the Angela Carter quote in your bio - I'm a huge Angela Carter fan. I even put The Bloody Chamber in a pic on my blog recently :)

    Holly xoxox

  11. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! :) I love your layout and all your pictures are so funny and colourful! :) Love this outfit, it's definitely something I would wear. And I feel the same way about the Grease thing - wanting to be a Rizzo and ending up more of a Sandra Dee. Great post! :) Check out my blog too if you get a chance! :)

    M ♥ xx

  12. wow! loving how quirky this outfit is :D you really pull it off! xx

  13. that's a lovely outfit! you definitely should wear more colour, at least you'd suit it:-) x

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I definitely see a bit of Rizzo there. :)
    Also, you made me laugh with the retro varsity things being adopted by unfit girls across the country. I would most definitely fit into that category! Ha. Although I did play basketball in elementary school, I'm very uncompetitive by nature and just didn't really see the point of it all. So needless to say, my career in competitive sports was over before it began. :)

  15. This skirt is MAGICAL! And you know I am NOT a neon fan either...but when it looks this good who cares ;) You rock it.


  16. Really adorbs! Love the skirt paired with the messenger bag. We only live once: I love that you are dressing like you are LIVING!

  17. Not only are you beautiful but you are also very inspiring, i'm so glad to follow you too, i hope we can be friends :)


  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. i fall in love with your skirt!

  20. Absolutely love your outfit! Your skirt's so pretty! Also, loving the varsity trend of unfit girls comment - I definitely would fall in place in the 'unfit girls' category. Probably should do some sport sometime soon in my life...

    Yinyin xx


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