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School uniforms have always been something that I'm interested in. I think it reflects my relentless obsession with fashion from a young age, that I would critique my own uniform, and envy all the private students I would see in Oxford after school with their crest adorned blazers and knee high socks. My own uniform I felt was sub par, looking more like something a prison inmate would wear than a proper regulation uniform. My desire for a old school, um 'school' uniform has extended from my obsession with boarding school stories as a child, and hasn't really died down despite not even being able to call myself a teenager anymore. Still I longed for a proper blazer, the kind that wouldn't let the cold in and held on to the smell of particularly mediocre lunches served by scowling dinner ladies. And fortunately, I eventually found it, in a dusty corner of one of Edinburgh's most well known vintage shops - Armstrongs. This blazer is from an Aberdeen boy's academy, and finding it was comparable to finding the holy grail. Probably. Anyway, on with the outfit post, and I can only imagine, a host of unconvincing school based puns...
 photo 6e15150b-0c39-4329-a4cb-79fb49d2e68e_zps87cfba80.jpg
Scrunchie - Ebay
Jacket - Armstrongs Vintage
Top - Olive
Leggings - American Apparel via Ebay (I've linked the original)
Socks - Primark (top marks if you noticed Psy rather haphazardly chilling on one of my socks)
Shoes - Russell and Bromley via charity shop (or the most exciting charity shop find of my life)
Bag - 16' Zatchels
 photo fed3a3b5-de32-4708-8f2b-ae5f9d7591b0_zpscb0e43fe.jpg
I also wanted to draw attention to my riding pants (and not my crotch as the picture might suggest), a bargain find on ebay. I'd wanted them for a while in the henna colour, and I can honestly say they are one of the comfiest pair of leggings I own. I absolutely adore the colour too, although I sense I might have been told off if I actually ever wore these as a uniform. They do however, help me channel my idol, Iggy Azalea who wears them to perfection in the 'Pussy' video. Of course, I could never compete, but hey, I can't help but try!
 photo 033_zpsa39a2694.jpgWhen I proudly proclaimed this morning to my flatmates that I would be doing an outfit post involving scrunchies, i.e the new trend for Summer, they, understandably, were underwhelmed. But I am pretty excited for this trend, reminding me again, of my childhood, where I would often have a host of coloured scrunchies to choose from on a typical grey school morning. There's something quite fun about them, keeping your hair out of your face but also adding an injection of colour. Here I went for a forest green to match my blazer. I ordered them off of ebay, as I've noticed they're now being sold for about £5 each on the highstreet, considerably more than my pocket money would have stretched to in the good ol' days.

What fashion choices do you miss most from your childhood?

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Love this outfit! That hair scrunchie is amazing! :D

    Jade x

  2. You have such a cute, quirky style! Now following with bloglovin' :)
    Fashion, Trends & More

  3. I love your style so much! Always get a bit excited when I see you have a new post :)


  4. I love your pants! You look nautically chic <3

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post! Love how you have styled the blazer! :)

  6. Love this little get up. I love that preppy sort of look, and i like it 'cos its also quite British-ey too xxx

  7. haha need to get them socks in my life!
    you shoes! what an awesome find xo

  8. That outfit is so cute!
    Love the look.
    Scrunchies are the best I have a spotted one with a bow on,
    very pretty with a bun.

  9. hey i have the exact same pants! aren't they a total dream? and i love the preppy way you took this outfit- that blazer really is the bees knees :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. You pull off the blazer so well! I loved my school blazer even though most people thought it was dorky, I don't know how I'd be able to wear it without looking like an actual school kid though.

  11. 'Forest green'. ;D I lovvvvvvvvvve your iggy pants.

  12. such a cute outfit :D I love it! xx

  13. This look is just so great. You're adorable. x


  14. This outfit is so cute!! I've always been interested in school uniforms, too. :)

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

  15. You're A. adorable B. fashionable and C. totally on the money with the uniform thing. I used uniforms from 6th-12th grade and I loved them! The knee high socks and the cardigans.. and the mary janes. Most people hate all that. I was not one of those crazy people! Those pants/leggings look mighty comfortable and I love the socks peeking out from the shoes.

  16. You are soo adorable and pretty and I love your blog - great outfit too!

  17. This is super cute! I definitely miss the socks with laced edging...They were a favourite

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  19. Wow, I just love your blog.
    Your style is soo amazing.
    And this outfit is perfection,
    I love the riding pants, your bag, your shoes,
    your blazer... everything. ;)

    I'm following your great blog now via bloglovin'.

  20. I love your style! (Loving the 'Peter Pan Collar Complex' in your blog header - anything to do with cute collars wins my heart over!) Followed! I can't wait to see more looks!

    Yinyin xx

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. I love school uniform like outfits, I find they are undeniably stylish! I wore scrunchies a few years ago in college, but then cut my hair down to a pixie and didn't need them anymore! Even now my hair isn't long enough to use them. I always found them a nice alternative to hair elastics, though. They didn't hurt at all, which is nice!

  23. Super love this school girl look!! The uniform kinda blazer looks perfect with the AA pants and the loafers <3 <3

  24. yes, you should definitely go check it out! the quality is pretty much like H&M, the only frustrating thing is that they often only have the nicest items in a couple of sizes left, but maybe that's not that bad after all, since it keeps you from spending tons of money haha!

  25. Love this look! I especially love the shoes, amazing find!
    I recently bought some scrunchies too! they're great :)

  26. This look and whole post is toooo cute! Love your blog!

    Kylie x

  27. this outfit looks so cute on you! for some reason i can't pull off blazers, they're just not my thing, but i think they look great on other girls. :)



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