Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I'm not usually one for instigating new trends, but when it comes to matching your hair to your bag, it's a fashion statement that I take full credit for. Not that I think it really took off, but hey, it gives some sort of novelty to my outfit. This was my outfit for a super hot day in London (truly a rare occurrence) which gave me the perfect opportunity to debut my new dress, which is absolutely beautiful, with a watercolour effect to it which really stands out against my new hair. My purplish hair was an impulsive move, spurred on by my friend Sean's offer of a bleaching kit and the Directions pots gathering dust in the corner of my room, due to my own nervousness about dying my hair a sort of 'out there' colour. I used a mixture of Dark Tulip and Plum, both frantically applied to my hair after I had the dodgiest of all hair bleaching jobs. I absolutely love having purple hair that goes a little further than my usual tint, and it's nice to finally have that teenage phase I've so clearly lacked.

 photo 85c34618-6a70-41cd-b489-37cd68f63431_zps1f8af6e1.jpg

Dress - Primark
Bag - Zatchels
Shoes - Primark

 photo 049_zps3dae0c9d.jpg

This dress is a surprise Primark buy. The minute I saw it I absolutely fell in love with it, and parted with my money (a relatively expensive £15 in Primark terms) immediately. I love how colourful it is, and the fabric itself feels lovely and light (perhaps a little too light, I had a very undignified Marilyn moment when taking these photos much to my photographer Sean's amusement). I paired it with my Zatchels bag again, as it has inevitably become a bit of a staple for me.

 photo 041_zps5fddad2e.jpg

Are you considering dying your hair any crazy colours? And what dress are you most excited to wear this Summer?

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Purple hair, I love it. I've had the same haircolour and will recommend Directions anytime. It really suits you! x


  2. I love your whole outfit!
    Especially the very lovely purple hair :)

  3. aww you look lovely :D you really suit that hair colour too :) xx

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  5. Oh my gosh that dress! Love the bright colours. In prim ark as well!!! Good spot lady! Your hair looks great purple, summer is the best time for dying hair I always think.

    Laila xxx

  6. Your hair is awesome sweety! It does really suite you. Used to have my hair that color as well :D

    The dress is beautiful and lovely on you! I have a watercolor skirt from H&M I fell in love with I'll have to show it off!
    Glad to see your enjoying the weather just as much down there :)

  7. I have to say, I really really love how you've written this post. You're such an eloquent writer and you seem like a person with such a vibrant personality! I think that purple hair really suits you, I can tell you really love the colour purple, it's one of my favourite colours too! love the dress you're wearing here too, it's so pretty and so are you! Definitely following you now!

  8. You are just so ridiculously beautiful! Just read about a million of your posts! Love how you write! Will be reading intently :3

    Love Madison xxx


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