Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weekend Wonders - Columbia Road Market

Despite living in London for almost two years, before today I had never ventured down to see one of East London's most famous markets. I've seen Brick Lane, Roman Road, and West London's Portobello Road, but I never quite reached Columbia Road Market, in East London's Bethnal Green. This is probably due to the fact that it is on a Sunday, a day exclusively reserved for lounging around in typical student style. Columbia Road is a flower market, but don't be put off if you're more of a vintage clothes fan, or just prone to hayfever, as the stalls are surrounded by many vintage/antique shops and cafes. It certainly doesn't feel like the rest of the East End when you enter the market, the whole place has an inherently boutiquey, 'yummy mummy' feel about it. That's not to say it's not a raucuous, slightly chaotic affair, especially if you rock up at the peak time of about one, where the sound of folky buskers and East End market traders makes for a gloriously authentic and enjoyable experience, if a little too cosy. My flatmate Luke and I had such a lovely time, I'll definitley be visiting again!

 photo 021_zpsbaebfa1d.jpg
The market is so wonderfully colourful, no wonder it is a fashion blogger's dream!
 photo 018_zpsa531e3a8.jpg

photo 019_zpsb6f6cc91.jpg

 photo 006_zpse9c55eab.jpg 
photo 037_zps28e08cee.jpg

 photo 0a61ac3c-0c72-4267-895f-46c46d21e42f_zpscc9829cc.jpg

 photo 3deb5606-0c79-498d-8617-52efa9a650b7_zps30c7ddee.jpg

Dress - Whitepepper via Asos
Bag - Zatchels
Sunglasses and Socks - Primark
Shoes - Russell and Bromley (via Charity Shop)

This was the first outing of my Whitepepper dress, they're an East London brand, so pretty appropriate for a jaunt up Columbia Road. I've been salivating over their dresses for a while (not literally!) I teamed it with my new Zatchels bag, which I bought for 50% off in their recent birthday sale. It's absolutely beautiful, and it's lovely to finally find a pretty bag that fits my camera!

 photo 035_zps3e947abc.jpg

 photo 036_zps562f7445.jpg

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. really pretty flowers.
    Love the spotty dress.

  2. Your dress is so cute! I would love to visit a flower market like that... the colors are so pretty! Your satchel matches the bright purple flowers perfectly. :)

    xo sage and spice

  3. Lovely bag! Your blog makes me miss London!


  4. This market looks so fun, except I have allergies to flowers so I'm not sure how good of a time I'd have, haha. Love your dress, I've definitely been eyeing up some WhitePepper stuff as well. And another satchel! I'm jealous, I totally didn't know they were having a sale.

  5. Oh Bel you look so lovely! Whitepepper dresses look awful on me, I look about size 22 in them but you look so sweet. I worked at the flower market when I was about 15 during summer holidays but haven't been for years, I'm going next week on my day off though! So exciting! Have you tried Camden market (aka my ends) come and visit. xXX

  6. Oh my the flowers are so beautiful a sea of colors!

    Your outfit its really cute to my dear hoorah for practical/fashionable bags!

  7. Amazing flowers and outfit! makes me miss summer in England :)

    - Meike McCartney

  8. Those shoes are amazing - what a great find!


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