Thursday, 18 July 2013

Blog your dreams.

As I walked into my garden this morning, with bleary just about made up eyes and a forehead stained by pink hairchalk, I was adamant that I would be doing another outfit post today. Then I realised something, without my blogging buddy Luke here to take pictures of me awkwardly standing beside our garden wall, I was left without sufficient photographing conditions. This resulted in me getting creative with my setup, using out garden table, a few chairs and my cardboard Sylvia Plath oven from last Halloween as a rather crude makeshift tripod. I must have looked totally demented to anyone who could see into my garden (and that's a few people) but for the services of blogging, I'm not scared to make a fool of myself. Well alright, maybe I am a bit. Anyway, this is the result, and probably one of my rare moments of sustained Summer dressing...
 photo 78acc6dd-f1ba-4bf0-92cf-83895db264fa_zps6f335737.jpg

Dress - Henry Holland for Debenhams (old)
Shoes - Converse via Coggles
Sunglasses - Primark
Bag - Berksha (sadly sold out)
Scrunchie (next picture) - Ebay

Today has been one of the hottest days of the year, so I thought I would dress for the occasion with yet another burst of floral colouring, I've genuinely become mildly obsessed with anything floral. Alongside this I paired my Converses, which rather inevitably I literally refuse to take them off of my feet (ew) due to them being so damn comfortable and going with my large selection of tea dresses, unlike pumps, which might look pretty but can cut into my poor feet if I'm walking round a lot. They're becoming battered already with just a few weeks wear, just how they're meant to be!
 photo 159_zpse307c6d9.jpg
'Log your dreams' for all you budding loggers out there.

 photo f9a75d3a-865b-42f7-98d3-0218a2e04a22_zps71bacc09.jpg

 photo b4303c0d-a52b-49a5-9bc9-81164215e487_zps15f44896.jpg
And now on to my hair (possibly the most ubiquitous internet phrase ever). I've put my poor hair through a lot in the past few months, finally deciding to throw caution quite spectacularly to the wind and bleach the holy life out of it. I became pretty sick of having brown hair, even with a slight purple tint, and decided to test run the rumours as to whether blondes have more fun. Of course, my hair didn't bleach completely blonde on the first go, so I was led to decipher whether orangey browney pinks do indeed have more fun than anyone else. Despite this, it gave me the first opportunity I've had to try the Kevin Murphy Colourbug hairchalk, the mother of all hairchalks (if indeed they have a mother) on my fringe. It actually worked really well, despite staining everything it touches, and faded to a lighter pink as the day went on, which worked well for me.

 photo b83522f6-cc5e-44f7-a834-1cf561ed9c67_zpsd4089eb1.jpg

And of course, the bag is the main centrepiece of this outfit. I fell in love with it after seeing it posted on tumblr and found that it was just £10 on Berksha sale, naturally I snapped it up and it now takes pride of place opposite my bed (i.e my main blogging space). Though I blog myself, I like the idea of blogging your dreams, as this is very much a creative outlet for me. Alongside this, I'm tentatively embracing neon, something I would NOT have seen myself doing three or so years ago, with my penchant for Peter pan collars, pink and black and my Claire's Accessories Nirvana wristband (which I hid from my mum for fear that she would realise my intense rebellious streak). I'm wearing Barry M's gelly collection nail varnish here, which is a lovely colour and stays around for a surprisingly long time.

So this was my outfit! I'm now off to see Devendra Banhart, who I'm hoping will appreciate my colourful get up and take me away with him. Seems mildly unlikely, but hey, I can dream.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Your outfit looks great! I always love a good floral and that bag is seriously awesome :)

  2. I love floral, always have always will! Suits you, you look beautiful:) & I love your dress!
    Danielle xo

  3. Love this outfit. Cheerful/summery/comfy exactly what's needed for these disgustingly hot days. I also wear either vans or chucks with almost every outfit. They're way more comfy than anything else for me anyway.
    Also, might I suggest an investment into a tripod. I would have to do the same thing for a long while.. I bought a pretty cheap tripod and couldn't see myself not have it anymore :)

  4. Love your outfit!
    I am very familiar with the awkward self timer photos!
    They look great.

  5. I LOVE your hair! :D
    xx Meike McCartney

  6. What I can not say? For some reason I loved the color of your hair and I want to eat him because he reminds me cotton candy. Haha, just kidding. Your dress is gorgeous and you're still using All Star and I love it ♥

  7. You look so fantastic Bel. And if there's one thing we need to be told in a regular basis it's "Log your dreams". I'm sure all your beaver readers will appreciate.

    Also, pink hair yay! Has the bleaching damaged your hair?! I'd love to bleach mine but am scared it will just all fall out or something (obviously I can see that's not what has happened here but my hair might be wimpier then yours who knows) XXXX

  8. Lookin good hun! Your rockin this outfit and your hair so much your going places I've never dared!
    I work in Debenhams snore!

    Your sunglasses are so cool and suite you I spent like 20 mins in primark one day trying loads on but didn't suite any of them boo!

    And totally know what you mean about trying to take fashion photos on your own it can be so tricky and I get so shy if anyone catches me!

    Barry M is truly the best at nail colors eh?!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to return the love and just say your pink hair totally suits you! I don't know if you read dainty squid's blog but she has a great tutorial for bleaching/dying hair crazy colors:
    Hope you're able to pick up a tripod soon! It helps out so much. Same with a remote. I got both of mine from Amazon for like $25 total and they're good enough quality. Check it out if you get a chance :)
    And keep blogging your dreams! I love that sentiment.

  10. Such a sweet outfit! It screams summer. And your hair looks amazing, I have seriously been tempted to bleach my hair just for the temporary color potential.

  11. Oh man, you are the second person I've seen today with this bag. I must have it. But it is sold out and I can't find it on ebay or anything. I am sad.

    Corinne x

  12. You really are so lovely! Your haircolour is like a beautiful sunset and it looks gorgeous with your dress too. By the way, I am a HUGE Angela Carter fan! <3 xoxo

  13. I've just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and so happy I did! Your background is super cute and I love your style. It's quite similar to mine as I'm also a fan of floral prints and colourful clothes. Reeeally want your clutch bag! x

  14. Such a nice colourful summer outfit! I'm loving the pink hairchalk too, it really suits you :) xx

  15. Cute outfit! And I love the bag!

  16. I love your summer outfit the bright florals, the sneakers and the awesome bag! :)

  17. I love your hair!! so cool xx

  18. I love how you write your blog so much more interesting than most blogs I read! You have such a unique style! B the way that bag is so cute x

  19. Ahh love your bag! And your dress is ridiculously pretty! Thank you for my comment sweet! x

  20. This is such a cute dress and I'm glad you snatched up the bag- it has a great message!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  21. Even though you didn't have the photographer you were looking for, the photos still turned out great!
    I love how bright your outfit is and your sunnies are just adorable!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  22. I love everything about this but especially those amazing sunglasses! incredible! xo

  23. Gutted that dress is 'old' :(

    Other than that, keep the writing coming!! )

  24. hahah LOVED reading about your makeshift tripod- you're such a trooper. and i'm in love with this whole look- those sunnies are ah-mazing, and so is your pink hair!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  25. Firstly I love your blog header it's brill! Secondly I love that bag cant believe they've sold out ): what a shame! Check out my blog if you like x

  26. Such a cute look! Very colorful :) And of course, I'm loving that clutch
    Fashion, Trends & More

  27. Hi love, I am so happy that I stumbled across your blog- it is so so cute! I'm obsessed with floral prints, too, and I love this dress on you. Adorable!

    Xo, Hannah

  28. Love your new hair and your styling is perfect as always xx

  29. Love your pink hair!! And your bag! Lusssh!
    Fancy following each other?

  30. I've never heard of hair chalk, but it sounds good! Your hair looks brilliant, I love the combination of pink and orange, and your dress is lovely! xx

  31. I;m in love with this bag! and your blog :D
    I have nominated you for the Liebster award, check it out on my blog :)

  32. you look great in that dress! x

    followed you on bloglovin! let's follow each other?

    Check out my fashion/travel blog:

  33. That clutch is amazing! What a great find! And your dress is super cute too.

  34. Wow,amazing look...I really like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  35. I always love all the colors you wear! And that bag is so cute! :)
    Also, I used to love wearing scrunchies especially because they don't pull on your hair.

    -Victoria xo

  36. I had truly enjoyed what you had to say about Jute Bags These comments have really supported my zeal in writing for several of the newest topics.

  37. I really love your hair here and that bag is AWESOME!

    Maria xxx

  38. This bag is SO cool! Man, I wish I had seen this when it was on sale. It's amazing. And this is such a fun summer look! Love your blog!

  39. Ah, your hair! It looks incredible - plus really makes for such a summery look. Makeshift tripods are the bane of my life too at the moment (although more due to my clumsy misplacement of the essential tripod plate, oops) but these photos look trés bien, such a lovely outfit too. Hope you had fun at Banhart's gig (can't have been a bad view either!!) X

  40. Your hair is pretty amazing! That bag, I wish I had it. Your dress is beautiful! LOVE this post!

    Style Blog // Photography Blog // Photography Facebook

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