Friday, 5 July 2013

Flowers as Accessories, or 'Hayfever chic'

If people were to describe my character in 3 words, I would guess that 'happy' 'optimistic' and 'colourful' would not be three words that would be used. Now I'm not a complete Debbie Downer, but I'm hardly children's tv presenter material either.  I know this, and I've come to accept it. Yet recently, I've really embraced colour into my wardrobe, from pastel to shades of neon (queue audible gasps from the audience), not something I would have ever considered before. I've looked at some of my style icons, such as Gwen Stefani in her Harajuku phase to the dear departed Anna Piaggi, and learnt that clashing and block colours really are the way to go. Seeing as we now appear to be in the Summer months (it's been a tentative reintroduction but I can occasionally see the sun peeking coyly from behind a cloud) I've gone overboard on colour, namely that of florals. Before we all start remembering the wonderful line from The Devil Wears Prada ('Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.') floral print can actually come in many different guises, such as watercolour, digital, or the kind of faded floral print more commonly found on granny skirts which Shoreditch girls can fight tooth and nail to own. Believe me, I would know.

A trend and fashion statement I've always rather loved is that of carrying flowers around as an accessory. Ever since I saw Morrissey (perhaps not someone to be emulated in all respects, but certainly for his style choices) whirling a rather withered collection of flowers around in a 80's TOTP performance of 'This Charming Man' I've always wanted to carry around my own flowers on a casual, day to day basis, though barriers of hayfever and looking like a bit of a prat held me back from this. But since my discovery of fake flowers, easily accessible in your local Poundland or haberdashery, my wish has been able to come real. Start wearing flowers, stuffing into the side of your bag, putting them in your hair, or the back of your jeans, I realise I sound like a new age hippy, but it surely might brighten your life up a little bit. Or at worst, attract all manner of summertime bugs.

 photo c72c2a38-886c-4766-a88e-a383cc9d84e9_zps0dd866d2.jpg
Dress - Charity Shop
Shoes - Converse via Coggles

In my quest for a floral epiphany I picked up this dress in one of the charity shops in Oxfordshire. I absolutely fell in love with it and feel relieved that I bought it (I nearly didn't, shocker!)  I wore it for a barbecue/tea party the other day as it's very light and easy to wear, and I'm not likely to show more than I'd wish to every time I bend down. Though having said that, it is buttoned all the way up the front, so many a time when I've been walking  I've realised that I'm unknowingly working the new trend of the crotch high dress. The things I do for fashion.
 photo 292162e7-7d08-4e0f-916b-c87460ae13eb_zpsdce2110c.jpg
These photos were some of the inspiration for my floral outfit post. Bjork was clearly partial to a sunflower, and being as she is a little 'weird' the art of carrying flowers surely comes naturally to her. I love the idea of carrying a floral bouquet in your bag as an enhanced fashion accessory, and it would look especially good, as it does here in the right picture, if it was a leather bag, or one made of tough material, because you all know how much I love a good contrast when it comes to fashion. I'm a walking oxymoron, or its alternative name, pretentious idiot.
Of course, no floral fashion post would be complete without the wonderful Morrissey. Championing the unconventional, alternative man, he surely questioned quite a few preconceptions with this outfit. Though whenever he went to sit down, surely the floral dream would be at risk of being over. A good fashion tip kids, wear your floral enhancements in practical places...
 photo 43e8bcd7-f93d-46a4-94de-00b5d5da7026_zps612b6a7a.jpg

 photo 8b5ef0f5-8fe6-4adf-ab31-04beaf2765dc_zps1e0a13c5.jpg
Incase any male readers need convincing (Sean, Luke, Dan and Bradley I'm looking at you, well, actually less Sean) the fantastically talented JW Anderson centred much of his F/W 2010 men's collection around floral accessorising. I would love to be able to make these floral combat boots myself, as they bring a wonderfully romantic element to a shoe more typically associated with bikers and long arduous treks across mountains. I'm definitely going to be collecting floral adornments and decorating my accessories with them this Summer, that's for sure.

And to play us out...

Morrissey photos lovingly stolen from We Need a New Man, All other photos from Tumblr.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Nice inspiration and ootd post :) I'm beginning to like floral.

  2. Thank you for your comment lovely, I'm glad you stumbled across my blog as I really enjoyed reading yours! It's so well written and put together :) your flowery dress is beautiful, I'm glad you didn't leave it behind because there'll probably not be another like it. I love the idea of flowers as accessories, but I worry about bugs attacking me even when I'm wearing a floral perfume so I'm not sure my poor anxious self could hack it haha. Those flower adorned military boots are flower heaven though! xx

  3. I promise you that next year I will wear florals to at least one lecture.

  4. I love your dress!
    I want it

  5. You have a beautiful blog here! I love your hair colour and that dress is absolutely beautiful! Also loveee the smiths! Thank you for your lovely comment! x

  6. such a pretty outfit and flowers :D
    also love that smiths song! xx

  7. I adore your dress, I love anything floral! I was so happy when I saw Morrisey, he is so amazing, great song choice too!

  8. Oops, i think my comment got deleted somehow! Anyway, I just said you're too kind and know how to make someone's day! I have to agree about the flowers. Have you seen the ones they sell in Tiger? Also really cheap and just wonderful. Fab for the bedroom too. :)

  9. Beautiful floral dress :) And I love it with the converse!

  10. You look stunning, I love the combination of florals, chucks and your hair colour!

  11. I love this outfit! Florals are definitely one of my favorite prints and I just feel like they are so versatile (they can look dressy or casual for winter or summer). I never get tired of florals :)

  12. Lovely blog sweety I love your pictures <3 what about following each other on Bloglovin? <3 also B if you want Let me know I will follow back for sure
    Today on my blog new fagrance from Jean Paul Gaultier : Limited Summer Edition


  13. You look absolutely beautiful in your dress! The flowers go perfect as an accessory!

    Yinyin xx

  14. Great outfit! I love how you paired it with converses! And I always think of the Devil Wears Prada line too! haha! :)

  15. love that dress on you and the colour of your hair. bjork is so beautiful and her music is incredible.

    little henry lee

  16. I love the nostalgia this conjures. And your visual styling is lovely by the way.

  17. OOOO i love your dress, so romantic xoxo

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  19. oh wow your hair is frickin amazing

  20. This outfit is incredible! Love this post too :) sunflowers are my favourite flowers and I love the idea of using them as an accessory! perfect :)

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  23. such a lovely post!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  24. this is such a sweet idea! i love the flowers tucked into Morrissey's back pocket, i might try that!

  25. that dress... love it! what an amazing find! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  26. I adored your hair so much! And loved your dress and the way you wear converse with him <3 This is my kind of style. Anyways, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and i'm following you now :)

  27. I am obsessed with your hair colour! It's amazing!
    I hope that doesn't sound creepy, hahah
    Lovely post :)


  28. So pretty! I love all the color -- especially your hair.

  29. Um...YES to floral combat boots! non-children's show presenters: unite! Bubbly personalities are overrated.

    I commend your attempt at donning floral. You look great!

  30. Oh, I love this outfit! I like how you made floral work for you - it's good to remember that it doesn't always have to be so twee! Looks fabulous on you. :)

  31. Lovely outfit and great post! :) xx

  32. I think that if I wore flowers on my shoes I would be constantly losing them... I mean, I can't even keep my shoes tied for a full day


    New Post!

  33. This maxi is so stunning on you, I've been dying to find a long, floral dress for months! Your style is so inspirational and I just love that you carry flowers around as an accessory.

    Xo, Hannah

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