Monday, 29 July 2013

We'll walk the streets for no reason maybe.

This outfit post is marginally less colourful than the last few.Despite what seemed to be an eight month Winter, I'm a lot more in tune with Winter wear. I have a lot of black garments and everyone around me will tell you that I really enjoy a good coat. As the weather gets a little bit greyer here in England, it seems my day to day outfits have followed suit.

These photos were taken on a misleadingly windy day, by which I mean I thought I was perfectly still when I took these snaps, and then, skipping merrily between the camera and the wall, I realised that I look like an extra in the tornado scene of The Wizard of Oz. So, I suppose I should say that I apologise for my slightly peeved expresson, but hell, I'm not going to apologise for my face, call it experimental motion fuelled outfit blogging. We like to break outfit posting boundaries over at Rags.
 photo e7f26888-d658-4242-a840-e6add4350344_zps2ed10b5b.jpg

Dress - Topshop
Boots - Asos
Bag - Handmade

I've been lusting after this Topshop dress for quite a while. Lusting might seem hyperbolic, but a lot of my love for dresses does include a fair amount of lust, which may sound slightly insane. This was in the Topshop sale, which I picked up in the St Pauls branch (easily the best Topshop in London, it always has an amazing sale section) reduced from £48 to just £20. It's suitably girly and I adore the skirt. I've been wearing a lot of these sorts of skirts recently, as they totally deter the danger of bending down and revealing just a bit too much (and if you're tall like me, that happens more than occasionally). They're apparently called Mullet skirts, which sort of makes sense!

 photo 015_zpsf291d56f.jpg

 photo deb310cf-2bcc-4d12-a78d-38b79cd3be87_zpsa4c8fda4.jpg

 photo 1a8247ab-b541-4b39-8252-7e8ec4ccdcc0_zpsb954a998.jpg
Beanie - H&M (very old)
For my face, I paired my wonderful beanie with some dark eyeshadow from my Sleek Au Natural Pallette and purple lipstick from my favourite makeup people, Topshop. I found this colour in the sale and it is a proper purple, wonderful for Winter, which is a shame because it's high Summer, but I've always been one to dream of Winter when it's super hot, maybe I'm the worst sort of person.
 photo d0d6e602-a935-42f1-93b9-ac5361a9458a_zpsd38493d1.jpg
I've been meaning to photograph this bag for a while. Shopping with my mother at my local charity shop, I found these pretty tapestries for just £2. I asked my mum whether it would be possible to make them into a bag, to which she said yes (my mum has always liked a challenge). With a bit of motherly help (probably too much) I had a brand spanking tapestry bag, something I've wanted for quite a while. I absolutely love the pattern on this one, and it helps me in serving some medieval chic realness. Because that's what English students do.
 photo f9e73e87-c9be-4e19-9a0f-9a555b04def0_zpsb5d5cb60.jpg
This link bracelet was a gift from my grandad when he visited Australia. It's kind of weird to think that this came from somewhere so far away. I have to say I'm really getting into Australian culture at the moment, although this doesn't really extend past listening to the Vines, incessantly quoting Summer Heights High (probably my favourite show) and wishing I could visit Melbourne.
 photo e28fc802-4995-4556-9f97-2b05a3e1a4e2_zpsde88bd7b.jpg
And lastly, these beautiful, wonderful new boots from Asos. They're called 'Astonished' and are Asos's main stab at doing the cut out boots trend. Being notoriously stingy and cynical, I wasn't about to shell out £100 plus on a Jeffrey Campbell pair, and needless to say that the original Balenciagas worn by celebs such as Mary Kate Olsen were a very distant dream. So I was glad to find these, at a slightly more student friendly price of £50 (if like me, you're a student who's content of living off basics just to buy more clothes). I've got plenty of wear out of them recently, as the beauty of these boots is that because they're cut out, they're a lot more suitable for Summer wear, and go with my large selection of dresses like a treat.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. I love your bag! I want a tapestry backpack now!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great outfit! I love the tapestry bag!

  4. I'm dying over your bag! It is so beautiful! Reminds me of The Canterbury Tales. It's so gorgeous and looks great with that outfit; it's such a cool pop of color!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Love that dress! You look gorgeous!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. That dress looks amazing on you and I absolutely adore your bag! Such a great DIY! x

  7. I agree with Luke I want one of those bags! Also this is the first time in my life I've seen a mullet dress and not thought "that looks ridiculous" so in my dream world the priviledge of wearing them is reserved for you alone Bel. XXXX

  8. That handmade tapestry bag is AWESOME!! what a talented lil thing you are! and go you for spotting such a gem of fabric and having the idea to turn it into a beautiful bag. I'm loving this dress on you! and i too lust after dresses for a while and pray they go down in the sale so holding out for this lil beauty was totally worth it! Can't say I've been to the st pauls TOPSHOP but I will be now!!

    xxxx Rebecca

  9. Your dress is so gorgeous! Although I love summer, I am also much more suited to winter wear. I just find it so much easier. Your bag is amazing, I cna't believe your mum made that for you! xx

  10. I'm loving the dress but those bootssss! OH, the boots! I'm totally head over heels for those. The tapestry bag is super cool. What a neat idea.

  11. Beautiful Bel! I loved all the little personal stories to your accessories and making that bag out of the tapestry was a fantastic idea!
    You have such unique style *style crushing*
    Know what you mean about winter clothing find it so much easier for styles.
    Take care on the windy days my dear!

  12. I love your dress and the bag is lovely!

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  15. Head of heels in love with that bag... and even more so for your 'medieval chic realness' comment. Your witty one-liners always put a smile on my face!
    Hope you're well- love the new purple hair!
    Celia x

  16. I can see why you love this dress so much! It's gorgeous and it looks lovely on you. The purse is also an excellent find :)

    xo Kristina Rose

  17. This is SUCH a pretty dress! I can imagine wearing it in the summer time too :)
    Saadiya x

  18. I love this dress,and thanks for your sharing

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