Saturday, 17 August 2013

The 'slightly larger' Mermaid.

One little confession before I begin, The Little Mermaid isn't actually one of my favourite Disney films, infact, all my Disney VHS's remain in my parent's loft gathering considerable dust. Having said that, I've always had a significant pre disposition towards fantasy, which started when I would make up stories as a young child and has remained with me. There's always been something very beautiful about Mermaids. Even if they are leading sailors to their deaths, they're still maintaining an enviable pastel hair colour and a practically dayglo tale whilst they're at it, and that's what we all want right? For a sea themed night the other day, I decided to finally wear my beautiful new Motel dress, which looks like a mermaid's tale (although whether mermaids actually have sequins on their tales is still an ambiguous issue in popular legend). But genuinely, this is probably the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

Today's Mermaid inspired outfit comes with an element of seapunk too, another Tumblr neologism that describes a subculture of 'alternative' dress inspired by sea imagery such as our mythical fishy friends. In other words it means dying your hair ridiculous colours and inspiring enhances eye rolling from all your friends. Turns out I'm quite good at that!

 photo 6115928b-d7ee-46a2-811a-88a9d6663f7c_zpseef4464a.jpg

 photo ec577bc0-9a8e-4156-baf6-8ab2f58c05f7_zps0a4e395c.jpg

Dress - Motel (Originally bought through Ark but has sold out apart from in Nude)
Shoes - Asos

I think that my long term obsession with coloured hair was encouraged in some part by a particular version of The Little Mermaid, a Russian adaption named Rusalochka, from 1976 (images below). There was a period of last year where I became a bit obsessed with Eastern European films, which generally reflects my love of anything Eastern/Northern European as a whole. Rusalochka describes a beautiful pastel haired mermaid who has the chance to become a princess and marry the prince, but if she cannot persuade the prince before the spell of her feigned humanity wears off, then she will die. You can watch it here if you're interested, it has plenty of Tumblr worthy hair, beautiful cinematography and a few jaunty songs to lead you through. I would like to think my outfit here is a particularly modern adaption of some of the bright colourful imagery associated with Rusalochka in the film.

 photo 725458fe-9b84-4734-833c-8b9d79f0d81b_zpsd67d732f.jpg

 photo 13ef4e2f-fac3-478c-9648-147941022be5_zpsa6cc3e14.jpg
The makeup for my mermaid inspired look involved a lot of greens, blues and glittery silvers. For my eyes I used a mixture of Dainty Doll eyeshadow in Jungle Green (from Poundland!), Urban Decay Mildew, and silver and green tones from my Sleek 'Bad Girl' pallette (slightly cringey name, bloody awesome palette). Alongside this I used my trusty Topshop Sunshower eye crayon (no longer available, but any eye crayon in gold works) to bring some interest to the inside corners of my eyes. For my lipstick, I used Revlon's Black cherry as well as a purple Topshop lipstick, for that 'I've just sucked the souls out of some unsuspecting sailors' sirenia look.
 photo 4d6dba2d-a55f-4098-b7e6-5afd708af469_zps6b7af2aa.jpg
Rings - Asos
These rings are a dupe of the Balenciaga stacked gold rings from the trusty Asos, although frankly they're not that trusty as they changed from Gold to Silver the first time I wore them, and left my fingers as green as my dress. They're still quite a cute little detail though. My photographer Sean told me to do a pose as if I was punching the camera to make myself appear 'cool'. I should have realised this wasn't obtainable.
 photo 4533ea19-8aaf-4dd5-a4ce-15d8236437bb_zpsfa74b8f5.jpg
And lastly, my hair, probably the crowning glory of any self respecting mermaid. Surprisingly I was actually going for a purple with this dye job, but after using Crazy Colours in Violette on bleached hair, it went a very vivid blue. Well actually, thanks to Luke's lovely dad for doing this colour for me or else it would have come out as a particularly patchy blue. I'm usually quite adventurous with my hair so the fact it went this vivid didn't bother me at all, and I'm actually really enjoying it at the moment. It certainly makes an interesting contrast with the green dress. It's also holding up pretty well, after I learnt the divine knowledge of keeping hair colour bright, that of washing it in cold water and cold water only. It makes so much of a difference and I wish I'd known about it before.
 photo 6511e8f8-9937-4779-9946-577c7ce6ecf1_zps5c4bdff6.jpg

 photo 513f4a38-3ecf-4887-b5db-d5b4620f1ef4_zps47d8fbb5.jpg

 photo 063_zpse74c3076.jpg

Thanks very much again to Sean and Maire for helping me take these photos, even when slightly drunk, they did a good job. Hope you enjoy my themed playlist too!


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  1. Loving your mermaid theme!
    Blue hair is looking good. Dip dying mine blue this week :)
    Love your piercing too.

  2. Love the outfit, and your blue hair is wonderful!

  3. The Little Mermaid, as in, the Disney version - was (is) my favourite all time Disney film. When I was a kid its all I thought about.......I'd get upset that I wasn't a mermaid and just drew pictures of Ariel. Needless to say, I was a tad obsessed!
    Love the hair colour - I actually bought that colour the other day to try out at some point. It looks fab on you :)
    Love the dress also, I have a sequin one from topshop in black very similar - but I prefer yours!
    I also never realised that washing hair in cold water pre-longs colour - thanks for that tip :D

    Emma (Dear Thirty) x

    p.s. I'm also intrigued to watch that mermaid film - the pictures look amazing!

  4. Gorgeous!! Adore the dress and you look absolutely amazing!!

    Toni (Lemon Freckles)

  5. I love those rings! And those pictures from the film are so gorgeous and VERY tumblr. Ha I love tumblr hair. You look great. That dress fits you like a glove and it is stunning! I love your style.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  6. Aw wow hun you look amazing you carry this look so confidently and the hair is looking beautiful it suites you great!

    Know what you mean about the whole Mermaid culture their is something about it that's is endlessly beautiful about them.

    I'll have to check out that Mermaid film I love old fantasy/foreign films fell in love with valerie's week of wonders a couple of years ago and other oddly beautiful films.

    Hope you had a great night hun look forward to your new looks!

  7. Love this look on you! I definitely agree with you on the whole mermaids thing. I've been obssesed with them since I can remember. The Disney version of the Little Mermaid is probably my favorite Disney film ever made, I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. It's one of the last VHS's I still keep around for no apparent reason other than I just can't bear parting with it. Well that and Clueless. Anyways looks great on you, you pulled the look off perfectly

  8. ooh ill have to watch that movie sometime.

    i always hear people talking about washing your hair in cold water only but i feel like that depends on the types of dye you use. obviously dont use super hot water, but i always use warm water because i just cant handle super cold water, and my hair tends to stay pretty vibrant. for example, i redyed the teal in my hair around this time last year and only now is it starting to just look pretty green. so its been pretty chill to not have to have dyed my hair in a year. i did mix two dyes, but i always use hair oils to keep my hair on check. so i think overall it just depends on the quality of you hair dye. also if you're already not doing this, you should mix some conditioner into your dye when you dye your hair, not so that its equal parts (because that will lighten the color you want) somewhere where its like 75% dye 25% conditioner. it does wonders it keeping your hair healthy.

    at this volume

    1. Hey Leeds,

      Yeah that makes sense. I have super fine hair so you might be different! And thanks for the tip, I've heard about the conditioner thing and so I'll definitely try it next time! :) xx

  9. Oh!! I find the concept of Seapunk amazingly interesting! And your take on the Li'l Mermaid look is so very chic!! Specially love the hair color & green sequins!! <3

    P.S.: Thanks for dropping by on my following you! :)

  10. love your hair!! :)

    check out my fashion/travel blog:

  11. You look like the perfect modern mermaid!! Beautiful post :)

    xox Sammi

  12. This outfit is so awesome! I'm a sucker for sequins and really love these green ones!

    Ladyface Blog

  13. You are very pretty. Love your hair and the rings are freakin awesome! Thanks for sharing, I hope they still have more in stock! haha
    Just followed you and hope you will too.
    Keep in touch
    ♥Stacey Nguyen

  14. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and it means I've now found yours yay. Looking amazing in those mermaid green sequins! Great minds think alike, I've done a mermaid post in the last few weeks too, which had me walk into the sea in a long dress, do let me know what you make of it!
    Look forward to following you and staying in touch. Emalina

  15. Before I read this post, I saw the pictures and immediately though that you looked very sea punk :) This would be the perfect outfit/hair for a Grimes show - you look great! I've always been intrigued by mermaids too and this movie looks awesome.

  16. Who doesn't want to be a mermaid ?! This dress is so fab on you I wish I could pull off a dress like this. I have to follow your blog now xx

  17. Very mermaidy! I love the color of your hair, and I'd heard that about washing in cold water only but can't imagine doing that unless it's hot outside. It would be freezing in winter! My hair color always fades anyway. I've never seen that version of The Little Mermaid but those screen shots are making me want to check it out! Anyway, thanks so much for your sweet comment and stopping by my blog. <3

  18. You look stunning -- a gorgeous mermaid!

  19. I love your dress! & your hair is gorgeous.

  20. This is THE most wonderful outfit! I am so in love with your dress, and your hair. I used to have bright blue hair and these pictures are making me tempted to dye it back. Also, you're right, none of those screenshots owuld look out of place on tumblr haha xx

  21. Oh my god! I couldn't love this post harder if I tried! Your dress is amazing and your hair is absolutely stunning. Wow! I'm really glad it came out blue, you really have achieved a true mermaid colour here. You look gorgeous :) And Rusalochka is one of my favourite films! Cara xxx

  22. Those pictures are stunning i love the dress it is gorgeous and the russian pictures are absolutley beautiful i WANT TO DIE MY HAIR!

  23. Oh and by the way i have just discovered your blog and cannot get enough! x

  24. I love lolve love your dress! The shine in it is absolutely perfection!

  25. You look fantastic I have a love for seapunk too :) I need to check out this Rusalochka film

  26. cool your outfit and hair are awesome :)

  27. That dress is seriously amazing! I love it. And your hair looks so nice! Hope it doesn't start to fade too soon! I know what a pain coloured hair can be! I try my hardest to wash it in cold water only but it's so cold, I just can't handle it in winter haha!

    I've followed you back on bloglovin too. Love your blog (:

  28. SEApunk -- love it. That dress is amazing and I love the different shades in your hair.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  29. You make a fabulous mermaid! I love the dress and the colour of your hair. I once had some blue that colour in my hair!


  30. I think we're totally the same person -- I want to be a unicorn, I have my nape pierced, and my hair is blue?? So funny. You're killin it.

    Amen Fashion †

  31. Thank you so much for your sweet comment today! I just checked out your blog for the first time and I immediately started following on Bloglovin' :) Your dress is beautiful and I learned an awesome new term-seapunk! That's so cool! Oh and I'm definitely going to check out Rusalochka!

  32. Seriously dying over your hair and dress! I have a sequined dress just like yours, but more of a turquoise colour so I also call it my mermaid dress. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm glad I found your blog!

  33. cool dress, you look amazing

  34. I absolutely adore this post! From the whimsical and witty writing to your gorgeous self/photos. All I want to do now is skip off and paint some people with pretty coloured hair (why have I never done this before?!), I'll let you know if I do what with you being my inspiration and all. I love the sequin green dress, green has always been one of my favourite colours and you can't beat shiny sequins. Also, I don't know why I hadn't noticed before, the Luella quote underneath your profile picture - words to live by! I have become quite a plain Jane (sorry Janes of the world) in my older age, no more multicoloured hair for me. I definitely need to shake things up more! xx

  35. So gorgeous oh my goodness!

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