Friday, 13 September 2013

Holiday Snapshots

Sometimes we all need a break from the dizzying world of fashion. This includes taking a break from any sort of fashion sense whatsoever, which is something I seem to have done on my recent holiday.
I've always seen holiday recaps posts as comparable to that moment when one of your relatives subjects you to 300 slightly off kilter photos of some famous landmark on the tv from their travels. But I wouldn't inflict that upon you, primarily because lugging a DSLR across an extremely hot country isn't entirely comfortable (yes, I am often struck down by disgustingly 'first world' problems) so I didn't actually take that many.
The last twelve days I have been in Turkey, staying at my friend Bradley's house, who was kind enough to let myself and four others come, including my lovely food blogger friend Luke of Chew Kamu and skincare overlord Daniela from Couture and Crumpets. Being what could only be described as a country bumpkin, I'm not particularly well travelled. My last proper holiday abroad was aged two in Northern Italy, where I apparently charmed Italians with my blonde hair and smiley nature (how times have changed) and sat next to Yoko Ono. So being able to go to a faraway country was a truly special experience from me, from the plane ride (I really really enjoy takeoff) to the totally different climate (minimum 30 degrees!)As a consequence I didn't give much thought to my fashion choices, and I packed ridiculously lightly. Generally I packed floral dresses, my new £1 kimono from a charity shop and shorts. I decided to keep makeup to a minimum, giving my face a rest from foundation for a week and only using a mixture of Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer and tea tree moisturiser, to let the tan do its work. Anyway, here are just a few snapshots before normal blogging services resume in full force!

 photo 3e56c706-9ae8-4f1c-a90e-0afa7c703b4c_zps40d4200a.jpg

Left - Bodrum Castle, Turkey: Dress from Primark, Converse shoes. Right - Kos Ampitheatre, Greece: Top from Willam Belli Merchandise, trousers from Primark.

 photo c8582f3e-4a18-47c1-9073-b95d71331a77_zps0dc9b83e.jpg

A big beauty staple on my holiday was a recent rather guilty purchase I made with my friend (I've since learned that it's quite dangerous to go into Mac when you're angsty), that of Mac's Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I originally saw it in Sunbeams Jess's videos and thought it would be a perfect holiday lipstick. You can see it more vibrantly in my post about natural beauty, it's such an amazing colour and really brings out my (extremely gradual) tan. Also, Mac lipsticks are £3 cheaper in duty free, something to consider if you're jetting off any time soon.

 photo a4ba7466-bc80-472a-b1da-94627a27b55c_zps6c01ffbe.jpg

Kos, Greece

 photo 7e8cddab-a41e-414d-8416-a4ef4f166ba5_zpsba08b8ca.jpg

'What's in my beach'
Toni Morrison 'Beloved', Topshop Lipstick in purple, Asos Cat Eye Sunglasses, River Island Pyjama style top (for when my swimsuit gets a bit cold on its own), EOS lipbalm, Disposable Camera.

 photo 2af0a73e-a951-422f-bce4-ee93a5964aa9_zps7d818307.jpg

And so it's goodbye holiday from me, hello mundane final dregs of further education!

Where did you go this Summer? And did you give your otherwise impeccable fashion sense a break when you were there? Come on, make me feel better here.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Fantastic round up post of the holiday. I think you looked fab throughout!


    1. Sorry for double commenting but I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely comment that you left me! I've come a long way since those egg cakes 'ey? ;P


  2. stunning, hope you had a great holiday! :) xx

  3. Cool summary :) I've been to Budapest (Hungary) for this year's vacation. To answer your second question: you can never take a break from your style, you can only tone it down or adjust it ;)

  4. How beautiful! You and the places you visited :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Looks like you had a great time! You look lovely :)

    I wish I'd gone on holiday this summer, that last shot is gorgeous!


  6. nice dress! thanks for the comment.

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous of your travels, I've (sadly) not made it to Europe yet, and even worse, I didn't get to travel really at all this summer :/ BUT when I do travel, sometimes my style does slip a little (its hard to keep up with without a huge closet to choose from)

    Anyway, so excited to have found your blog, following on BlogLovin :)

    Have a lovely Sunday!

  8. So many fun colors! Love the dress :) You look amazing!

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy

  9. Haha, it kind of sounds like what little travel you have had was pretty amazing, though. These photos are SO cool!

  10. Your photo's are beautiful, I love that one of you in Bodrum Castle, all the colours and the pretty light! You look gorgeous. I also love your paisley trousers, they were definitely a good fashion choice :) I am NOT good at fashion in the hot weather, I mean if you're at the beach, all you need is a good selection of bikinis right? xx

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