Sunday, 6 October 2013

If I could change your mind, I would hit the ground running.

There was this really common tip in a pre teen magazine from when I was younger that I've always remembered: Never show your chest, midriff or legs off at the same time, it's just not 'classy.' At the time I nodded wisely, as if I'd been let in on this wonderful secret of 'how to be sexy AND classy' or, in hindsight, it's actual meaning: 'how not to be seen as a slut'. I think about that now, and it irritates me how much I, and pretty much every other teenager, was conditioned into thinking of people who dress revealingly as sluts, something that may seem like a relatively harmless thing to think at the time, but what can have inherently awful consequences. I say this, because my outfit here, kind of breaks that rule. A crop top and a high slit might make me a devil woman, but it's surprisingly comfortable, although it's been slightly amended to cope with the cold weather. By which I mean some thick tights and my new Commando hat. But I would encourage anyone to be willfully inappropriate with their clothing choices without freezing to death. I think that's somehow a better tip than: 'don't show off your body as you've got no damn right to.'
 photo 2377fed4-3439-4b0d-9b3b-713ad465f720_zps37572fc7.jpg

Top - Primark
Skirt - Primark
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Zatchels
Beanie - Commando

 photo 784c7725-bb7b-4a1d-a8e6-324808fb5e35_zps0032e1d5.jpg
Seriously trying to cinch my stomach in in these photos! A bodycon high slit skirt doesn't lie.

We decided to take these photos on Brick Lane, but as it's incredibly crowded at weekends I felt a bit self conscious snapping outfit photos in the swarms of people. So I decided to shoot them on the comparatively quieter Princelet Street, which I'd actually learnt about last year on my London historical literature course. It's a truly beautiful street with some amazing 18th century houses, which if you peek into seem to be owned by fantastically rich people or artists who use them as their studios. Yes,if you live on Princelet Street, that was me with my nose pressed against your window. I want to live there more than anything! Anyway, this was part of a day out with Luke, Maire and myself where we ate at an amazing French restaurant that Luke gives a great little review for on Cook Chat Smile.. After this we went for cocktails at Montys, after Maire made the entirely correct observation that 'if it's past 5pm, it's time for a drink.'

 photo ca58392a-9799-4021-afd8-dc3ca9b89ff6_zps2013ef6a.jpg

As with the clothes, the bulk of the outfit is Primark. I'm always totally blown away by how fashion forward Primark is, and how good they are for basic stuff. I'm always in this grey shirt and the leopard skirt was an impulse buy, though having a huge slit on your skirt has its issues, the amount of times I have to hoik it round so my butt doesn't show is frankly unreal. I'm the epitome of class. Alongside this I paired it with my Zatchel, which I love beyond words and which has saved me when it comes to carrying books and coursepacks to lectures. A new addition is this beanie, by Commando, who I heard about when reading Look Magazine back in July. It's run by a group of entrepreneurs who are either in school or barely out of it, and they've been worn by David Beckham of all people, who quite obviously is a constant style inspiration to me. Anyway, I'm pretty jealous of their enterprise, but if you can't beat them, wear their branded hats.

 photo 094_zps28630176.jpg
Thanks so much to Luke for taking these photos and to Maire for waiting patiently whilst I indulged my vanity!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. This is definitely one of my favourite looks of yours to date, so pretty! The crop + leopard maxi combo is awesome and don't get me started on your stunning hair colour and matching satchel! <3

  2. LOve this !
    do you reckon a bag from Zatchels is worth getting? in need a new uni bag x

    1. Thank you Victoria! I absolutely love mine to pieces, but they are pretty pricey. I was lucky enough to buy one when they were having a half price sale so mine wasn't nearly as expensive as they appear on the website. But they are certainly very strong, durable bags and mine fits all the books I need!

  3. I love how your bag matches your hair color!! And that skirt is incredible. If I wasn't so shy, I would totally buy one. I love how far the slit goes, although it mus be kind of uncomfortable at times. Anyway, love love love the outfit!
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  4. damn gurl. you so beautiful.

  5. Coloured hair is so cool and I love the maxi skirt.

  6. Gorgeous. Grey and dark purple is my favorite color combination and you are rocking it here. I am obsessed with those bags! I've seen them on a few blogs but this purple one is my favorite! You look gorgeous as usual!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  7. Your outfit is amazing and you have such a beautiful smile <3

  8. I love that skirt! Dressing like a devil woman is my fall goal :]

  9. This was such a nice little trip out. C: Although I'm secretly disappointed that the pictures of Maire attempting to escape my street styling gaze didn't make the cut!


  10. That's the coolest outfit I've seen today!! Love it!!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know,
    Hugs :)

  11. Very cool look.
    Hope you had fun in London.
    Love that satchel.


  12. I personally think Devil Woman is a look to aspire to ;) you look lovely! those boots are fantastic.

  13. You make that skirt look so expensive, I was shocked when I saw it was from Primark!
    By the way I just ran into your blog and I really like it, you rock those purple hair! xxxx

  14. This is such a good outfit! Also, your bag looks great with your hair. I love the leopard print and grey with pops of purple :) You definitely don't look "too revelaing" here, but I agree thise rules are so silly and they just teach girls that it's our responsibility how people react to the way we dress which is really stupid! xx

  15. Beauutiful outfit! And I really dig your hair colour, I'm very envious of it.<3

  16. I love the beanie I need a new one! Got to agree primark have gone pretty amazing recently and it's just the price you want when following trends x

  17. I like the vibrant colour of your satchel. It makes a nice change from the usual classic shades.

    I bought a coat from Primark last year and ended up wearing it all winter. It's one of my favourites. They do produce some good items. I just can't stand the super strong smell in store, or the one you sometimes find comes with their jeans.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  18. I loveee the skirt and the zatchel. I'm in love with satchels!


  19. Oh my god, Bel, not even joking I have that skirt in the form of a wide-leg jumpsuit which I found in the charity shop. That exact leopard print! Please can we go somewhere together and be sort of twinsies? X

  20. ahhhh this is such a cute outfit and i really love your hair colour ^^

  21. Such a sweet look - loving the bright hair too! Mine is gradually going redder, dye is addictive! Completely agree with your point on 'revealing' clothing choices - although I tend to dress like an old woman half the time, I think if other people wear completely different things, go them! It takes confidence and courage, not promiscuity. You look lovely anyway - particularly liking the satchel bag! Have a great week. X


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