Saturday, 19 October 2013

Stand back

Today's outfit is surprisingly understated. I've usually been one for muted colours when Autumn rolls round, so my new venture into colour has come as something of a surprise. Many times I'll go out of the door for a lecture, realising half way up the road that I actually look a lot more ridiculous than I'd actually been intending. It's hard not to look ridiculous with purple hair and an orange fur coat y'know, but I like it nonetheless. I don't know whether my love of colour is just an attempt to constantly appear cheerful, and whether indeed that will translate itself particularly well to Autumn.
Having not done an outfit post for nearly two weeks (yes, I suck) I decided to bite the bullet today, although it wasn't worth showering for. Instead I sprayed my hair with some dry shampoo (from the new Bleach London range, hair care and dye review to come)and skipped out into the garden with my new Topshop dress on, a sales pick from my trip to Stratford yesterday.

 photo 8e656c8d-afd0-4fa5-8674-0624c4b52608_zps1709a085.jpg

Jacket - New Look
Dress - Topshop (sale)
Boots - River Island
Bag - Cambridge Satchel
Watch - Born Pretty Store*

I love the print on this dress so much, and the shape of it is pretty simple and easy to wear (I had envisaged a battle in the topshop changing rooms to get it over my rather broad arms)! The back (below) is probably the feature that drew me to it the most. Alongside this I paired with my yellow satchel (which has been a little neglected of late since purchasing my purple 13" one!) and my new watch from the lovely people over at Born Pretty.

Born Pretty very kindly offered to send me a watch to review, an opportunity I snapped up immediately, and I had a selection of beauty bits to choose from (I've never been one for fake eyelashes and nails myself) as well as a huge selection of bracelets and watches. I decided to go for a simple but super lovely looking orange silica watch, which for only $6 is seriously good quality. Infact I was amazed by how good quality it was! It's a super lovely neon colour so a distinctly less boring addition to my dwindling accessories collection. They do a range of other colours too which I'll inevitably be purchasing sometime soon to go with each individual outfit.

If you fancy one of these watches or any of the others in the collection (which despite coming all the way from Asia actually came really quickly for me) then you can use the code BELPHOEBEC10 for 10% off! So don't say I never give you anything.

 photo d4d9829a-7bec-484b-baa5-59f8f5b5571a_zpsed0678af.jpg

 photo 2b0690a8-209e-4cee-83ea-b61ca3317347_zps518bf0f6.jpg
Hair update: Doing pretty well but needs a serious new colour! I've really enjoyed the purple, so I think I'll be sticking with that for a while. And my neck piercing is still holding out pretty well, despite not actually being permanent piercings (yeah, I was meaning to tell you that mum).
 photo a822ea89-8e69-4fed-a554-a78485ed3516_zpsa7ba2284.jpg
Thanks for reading guys! Remember to use my code, BELPHOEBEC10 for 10% off watches at Born Pretty! Okay plug over, but go buy some watches, I'm serious.

And to play us out, with one of my favourite female vocal performance in a song ever, Stevie Nicks...

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. You look wonderful in colours! The detail on the back is cool is there a silk lining to it? The hem is really nice! I need some colour in my wardrobe !!! X

  2. I love all of these bright colors! I hope you keep rocking them out all fall!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. The more coloutful, the better! Your dress is gorgeous, and it looks lovely with your purple hair and yellow satchel :) xx

  4. Just come over after #lbloggers chat! Love your look, I think bright colours suit you so well, definitely not ridiculous! You look too damn cool for that! Following you now on bloglovin'!


    Fragile Bird |


  5. Love the colors! I need to remember to be brighter now that the weather is getting cool.

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  6. Love your blog and am following since adcionei it in my favorites page ♥
    visit my blog?

  7. OMG that dress is awesome!!
    xo Noor

  8. lovely blog :)

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