Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tartan Tales

I don't think it could ever be said that I'm a punk (there's a shock). I live a fantastically dull existence, and I'm very softly spoken. Occasionally I get wild furies of 'sticking it to the man' but then I realise that I'm a middle class white girl who's been reading too many tumblr posts. There's not so much I'm rebelling against exactly, as at the age of 20 I'm in that rather convenient stage where I can do more or less what I want within the restraints of law, and the most rebellious thing I've probably done in the last year is sneak off on a family visit to get a neck piercing (Mum, I'm sorry). Despite this, I was really interested in punk as a teenager. There was always some documentary on BBC2 about the Sex Pistols and the Malcolm Mclaren 'Sex' shop on the Kings Road, which in itself shows that times have seriously changed. My dad also fired up my interest after giving me a Ramones CD as well as introducing me to bands such as the Buzzcocks and the Damned. No joke, my folder for school was adorned with the 'Nevermind the Bollocks' Sex Pistols cover, except my mother had to put cellotape over the 'bollocks' part. Pretensions to punk don't tend to go down that well in Oxfordshire.  photo 694ad0c2-de19-4a88-8217-84a3770c069d_zps75f6003b.jpg
Jacket - New Look
Top - Primark
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Cambridge Satchel

I was pleased then, to see a staple of that era, that of Tartan, explode back onto the scene this season. I bought this lovely silky pair a while ago in River Island sale, after lusting over the JW Anderson for Topshop ones. Yes, I'm going JW Anderson kerazzzy over here on Rags, I wore one of his pieces in my last post too. The rest of the high street have only just latched on to this trend in preparation for Winter, interpreting Tartan as rather more Christmassy than Punk. Well I say flip that. I actually wore this outfit to lectures the other day and I noticed that I loved the mixture of the statement of the trousers and boots with my undercut. Alongside it I added a bright satchel as red and yellow is probably one of my favourite colour combinations - McDonalds chic. And of course, no self respecting punk would be seen dead without a leather jacket, and this one is more than perfect for the job, as its battered and torn beyond belief. If only I'd thought to put some safety pins on it, but that might be going a bit far.
 photo 931f6dd4-e782-420c-b542-05d9f93f1aef_zpsae6cbdfb.jpg
 photo 3561407d-fae9-4533-89bd-6de073531dc3_zps03fc1229.jpg
Eyeliner - Collection 2000
Lipstick - Limecrime
 photo 075_zps01f04431.jpg
Unicorn Ring - Miss Selfridge
Dangling Cross and Planet Ring - Topman (as a set)
Double Cross Ring - Dahlia

I wanted to include some rings too, just to give the outfit a little weight (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds kind of fashion journalism-y, maybe it will take off?). I seem to have collected a fair few cross rings, although I'm not actually religious, as well as my unicorn ring, which was only £3 in Miss Selfridge. And yes, the hair is back to purple! I think that is where it should be for a while now, otherwise I will end up completely bald, and punky as that would be, it's a little bit nippy to be going round without hair ya know.

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Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bethnal Green

It's getting pretty cold in England. The sort of cold which means every conversation that you'll have for the next few months will start with: 'Gosh, isn't it cold?'. It's also the beginning of a flurry of university deadlines for me, and I'm slowly realising how intense third year really is. As a little break from work on Saturday, my friend Leigh and I decided to go for a walk up to Bethnal Green. I wanted to visit a place that I'd heard good things about, the Gallery cafe, a vegetarian and vegan cafe (don't roll your eyes). I took this as a good opportunity to wear one of my favourite Autumnal outfits. This JW Anderson for Topshop skirt exemplifies the continuance of my paisley inclination,it's just beautiful, and the fact that's it's quilted makes it a practical choice for Winter, although as its a pencil skirt it's likely to make you waddle rather than walk (it certainly does for me). Alongside this I paired it with a Primark men's green jumper and the most perfect pair of brogues ever (thanks to Leigh who got me a hefty discount on them). We snapped these in the passage adjacent to the Museum of Childhood, a place where I've always thought would be good for a bit of street style, though I don't know if you've noticed exactly, but I was at a total loss as to how to use this lamp post prop (do I lie against it, prop a hand on it, ignore it? I just don't know).

 photo 98b59135-4dae-4704-be58-fc0a949ddddb_zpse8760dcd.jpg

Jumper - Primark
Skirt - JW Anderson for Topshop
Shoes - Clarks

 photo 0dc09fae-b7b5-452d-986b-a8f150944c82_zpsf83b4039.jpg
Yes, I have grey and brown hair. No, not deliberately.  I'll leave that sorry story for another time.
 photo 170fa125-a07d-4118-8734-e016a00bdc3c_zps06c6e4e1.jpg

A pretty adorable squirrel hanging around the bins in the passage (it refused to cooperate with being in my outfit post though, bastard).

 photo c6e27788-1e14-4b43-948c-52fcad008698_zps07c181be.jpg

 photo d93b4055-d1e0-4d69-967a-e61997ac0d63_zps60322381.jpg
Just some shots of the Gallery cafe. It's probably the only place I've ever been where I've gone in and genuinely wanted to eat everything on the menu. I plumped for meatballs though, because Italian food is pretty much my main love. I should just move to Italy really. I will definitely be going back and trying the rest of the menu, probably all at the same time, like one of those tv shows where they have eating competitions except mine will be really smugly non meat eating.

Thank you again to Leigh for snapping these pictures of me!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Paisley Angel

It's funny how much I can see my style change as the weather transitions.I find myself automatically shying away from bright colours, and going for something more muted, which probably is a bit of a shame. Infact, you might notice I'm looking a little different here for various reasons. After a botched bleach job (just look at the ends of my hair and you'll see what colour my whole head went) I had to do an emergency dye back to brown with dip dye tips. I've never had proper coloured dip dye before so I suppose I'm fulfilling that wish, but corny as it sounds, I don't really feel so much like me anymore. I loved having bright hair so much, ever since my hair (accidentally) came out a bright blue I've felt a lot more confident with myself and my style, and I've been planning lots of different super bright colours. Sadly I really need to let my hair recover for a bit (alongside lots of deep conditioning) and I should be able to go back to crazier colours. Until then I'm not myself!
 photo 8afe21d1-3272-48e9-a3fe-a5ac92aa12a5_zps9b61ce51.jpg
Dress - The Whitepepper (No longer avaliable in grey but avaliable in Denim, Pink etc)
Collared Shirt (Just seen) - Charity Shop
Bag - Cambridge Satchel
Shoes - River Island

This is a pretty simple outfit, but I wanted to show you my new Angel dress, yet another Whitepepper buy from their sale. I literally want one of these dresses in every colour, they're loose fitting but super flattering. I really love the shape especially because it reminds me of some of Charles Anastase's creations, that sort of 'Victorian schoolchild dress made for adult woman' look has been my thing for many years now. Underneath I wore a recent charity shop buy, a yellow paisley shirt from H&M. I really love paisley, as it reminds me of psychedelic prints, and this shirt was just bright enough to make an addition to my otherwise darker outfits.
 photo 8316c736-52c9-4adc-a3a7-e071c0b836f6_zps2ecb3504.jpg

 photo 839995c1-d44a-4699-8635-0cddc477a89f_zps589b1293.jpg
So that's my Sunday morning outfit! I won't lie to you, after photographing this I was straight back into my Minnie Mouse onesie, it's seriously cold here in London. See you next time!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea

Okay, the title is a bit of a lie. I do, sort of, though honestly I feel more comfortable East than in the world of perfect manicures and ridiculously posh cars. It's just everytime I go I get the Elvis Costello song in my head of the same name, so it seemed like an appropriate title.

So do you remember when I said in the last post that a Halloween costume would be forthcoming (or are you, like me, a bit of a skim reader)? Well, turns out it is not, as I forgot to ask anyone to photograph it, which is frankly a bit of a shame, but just imagine me with cardboard ears that are meant to be horns and a rather unflattering dress and green stained eyes (I was a troll, DUH). That said, the second part of my blog promise, that of two special guests, will be very much fulfilled. This weekend, my two best friends from home, Lucy and Emily, came for their second London visit. I've known them since the early part of secondary school, and if anybody is going to be able to make me collapse into uncontrollable laughter, it's those two. As with their last visit, we decided to go to King's Road, the night after my flat's Halloween party, for a bit of shopping and to gawp at all the insanely rich people walking down the road. We took these pictures outside the Saatchi gallery, before heading off to Patisserie Valerie for a meal between lunch and dinner (Linner? Dunch?), then back to East London for yet more dinner (we eat a lot when we're together).

 photo e547c721-f57a-4275-8b5d-57411573070b_zpsd89d05d5.jpg

 photo 381eee8b-5bfd-461e-9343-54c1f7f77482_zps3a49e92d.jpg
Standing to attention!

Dress - The Whitepepper (Currently sold out on the website as well as asos annoyingly)
Socks - New Look (old)
Shoes - Thrifted, originally Russell and Bromley

 photo 057_zpsf544f788.jpg
Coat - Topshop
Satchel (just seen) - Zatchels

I've wanted to photograph this Whitepepper dress for quite a while, as I absolutely adore all (and I mean all) their clothes, this sailor dress stood out to me immediately when I found it on the Asos website. As with my other dress from them, it's loose fitting, meaning it's difficult to wear things with, and ultimately it looks better by itself. However, so that I didn't freeze, I partnered it with my sailor coat from Topshop, which was a appropriate choice, and my purple satchel. It also gave me a lovely opportunity to wear my Russell and Bromley loafers, which are one of my absolutely favourite finds in a charity shop ever (only pipped to the post by my incredible Paul Costello coat). I had wanted these exact loafers for ages, but for around £200 it was completely out of the question. Lucky I found these for £8 in one of my favourite charity shops - Llamas Pyjamas in Bethnal Green! Seriously, if you're around there you really should go, but don't grab too much of the good stuff!

 photo 980a060a-c43a-4c80-a575-753981da8525_zpsa0809cf4.jpg
Chipped nails and poorly applied lipstick, this is why I am not a beauty guru!
 photo 0b5b7e45-ea30-48d0-8842-ed85dda47cd1_zps27726971.jpg

 photo 85d54e49-8559-4ab2-8840-bc009288130b_zpscccbdab4.jpg

 photo 075_zps1d287275.jpg

 photo 071_zpse6ccab66.jpg

 photo 070_zpse3800a7c.jpg

I'd say Lucy, Emily and myself have pretty different approaches to style. Theirs is a lot more classic (and probably more suited to a wander down the Kings Road than mine). Lucy is wearing a Topshop Gold chain borrowed from me, which looks really awesome with collars, alongside some studded H&M boots that she bought on her last trip after braving Oxford Street in the rain in ballet shoes. You can say a lot for her, but a practical dresser she ain't. Alongside this she's wearing Morange by Mac which she talks about in one of her youtube videos. She's apparently pretty big on Youtube I hear, not as big as me, but she'll get there. Emily is wearing a River Island scarf and the pride and joy of her life, her Zara bag (which Lucy and I cajoled her into buying after she was deliberating a large splurge in Oxford's Zara last Summer). Emily has a blog that she's not updated for a while so please visit that and nag her to write another post, goodness I've tried.

Thanks to Emily for taking the majority of my outfit photos and to Lucy for being my personal stylist (sort of).

So now two of my nearest and dearest mates have packed off back to their uni towns (By the way, I was the one weeping, waving a hanky with a 50's headscarf around my head at Paddington on Monday on their departure) I'm left to continue slogging through uni deadlines, but new posts shall be forthcoming!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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