Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bethnal Green

It's getting pretty cold in England. The sort of cold which means every conversation that you'll have for the next few months will start with: 'Gosh, isn't it cold?'. It's also the beginning of a flurry of university deadlines for me, and I'm slowly realising how intense third year really is. As a little break from work on Saturday, my friend Leigh and I decided to go for a walk up to Bethnal Green. I wanted to visit a place that I'd heard good things about, the Gallery cafe, a vegetarian and vegan cafe (don't roll your eyes). I took this as a good opportunity to wear one of my favourite Autumnal outfits. This JW Anderson for Topshop skirt exemplifies the continuance of my paisley inclination,it's just beautiful, and the fact that's it's quilted makes it a practical choice for Winter, although as its a pencil skirt it's likely to make you waddle rather than walk (it certainly does for me). Alongside this I paired it with a Primark men's green jumper and the most perfect pair of brogues ever (thanks to Leigh who got me a hefty discount on them). We snapped these in the passage adjacent to the Museum of Childhood, a place where I've always thought would be good for a bit of street style, though I don't know if you've noticed exactly, but I was at a total loss as to how to use this lamp post prop (do I lie against it, prop a hand on it, ignore it? I just don't know).

 photo 98b59135-4dae-4704-be58-fc0a949ddddb_zpse8760dcd.jpg

Jumper - Primark
Skirt - JW Anderson for Topshop
Shoes - Clarks

 photo 0dc09fae-b7b5-452d-986b-a8f150944c82_zpsf83b4039.jpg
Yes, I have grey and brown hair. No, not deliberately.  I'll leave that sorry story for another time.
 photo 170fa125-a07d-4118-8734-e016a00bdc3c_zps06c6e4e1.jpg

A pretty adorable squirrel hanging around the bins in the passage (it refused to cooperate with being in my outfit post though, bastard).

 photo c6e27788-1e14-4b43-948c-52fcad008698_zps07c181be.jpg

 photo d93b4055-d1e0-4d69-967a-e61997ac0d63_zps60322381.jpg
Just some shots of the Gallery cafe. It's probably the only place I've ever been where I've gone in and genuinely wanted to eat everything on the menu. I plumped for meatballs though, because Italian food is pretty much my main love. I should just move to Italy really. I will definitely be going back and trying the rest of the menu, probably all at the same time, like one of those tv shows where they have eating competitions except mine will be really smugly non meat eating.

Thank you again to Leigh for snapping these pictures of me!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Oh I love this outfit, the green and brown colour combination is so pretty! I was recently in Bethnal Green for a uni trip, we went to the Museum of Childhood. Next time I will make note to stop at the Gallery Cafe, looks delicious! xx

  2. The gallery cafe sounds like my sort of place- I think I would try the meatballs too for the sane reason :)
    Love your shoes (yay for discount) and I'm glad I'm not alone with the lack of prop know-how
    Can't wait for your grey hair story

  3. Yum, that food looks amazing! I'm jealous! I love that color palate on you, it's lovely :).

  4. I love this outfit! It's very casual cool and perfect for this time of year :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Love the combination of the skirt and jumper, they go so well together! Those meatballs also look amazing, you've put me right in the mood for them!

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

  6. That is one cute and adorable squirrel. Inlove with the detailing on that skirt.


  7. You look great! Hope you stay warm!!

  8. Such a pretty skirt! And that cafe sounds awesome, I think I'm going to have to go there at some point.
    Beauitul pictures :3

  9. Just found your blog and I absolutely adore it!!


  10. I love your outfit ! The jumper and the skirt are very beautiful ! :)


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