Sunday, 10 November 2013

Paisley Angel

It's funny how much I can see my style change as the weather transitions.I find myself automatically shying away from bright colours, and going for something more muted, which probably is a bit of a shame. Infact, you might notice I'm looking a little different here for various reasons. After a botched bleach job (just look at the ends of my hair and you'll see what colour my whole head went) I had to do an emergency dye back to brown with dip dye tips. I've never had proper coloured dip dye before so I suppose I'm fulfilling that wish, but corny as it sounds, I don't really feel so much like me anymore. I loved having bright hair so much, ever since my hair (accidentally) came out a bright blue I've felt a lot more confident with myself and my style, and I've been planning lots of different super bright colours. Sadly I really need to let my hair recover for a bit (alongside lots of deep conditioning) and I should be able to go back to crazier colours. Until then I'm not myself!
 photo 8afe21d1-3272-48e9-a3fe-a5ac92aa12a5_zps9b61ce51.jpg
Dress - The Whitepepper (No longer avaliable in grey but avaliable in Denim, Pink etc)
Collared Shirt (Just seen) - Charity Shop
Bag - Cambridge Satchel
Shoes - River Island

This is a pretty simple outfit, but I wanted to show you my new Angel dress, yet another Whitepepper buy from their sale. I literally want one of these dresses in every colour, they're loose fitting but super flattering. I really love the shape especially because it reminds me of some of Charles Anastase's creations, that sort of 'Victorian schoolchild dress made for adult woman' look has been my thing for many years now. Underneath I wore a recent charity shop buy, a yellow paisley shirt from H&M. I really love paisley, as it reminds me of psychedelic prints, and this shirt was just bright enough to make an addition to my otherwise darker outfits.
 photo 8316c736-52c9-4adc-a3a7-e071c0b836f6_zps2ecb3504.jpg

 photo 839995c1-d44a-4699-8635-0cddc477a89f_zps589b1293.jpg
So that's my Sunday morning outfit! I won't lie to you, after photographing this I was straight back into my Minnie Mouse onesie, it's seriously cold here in London. See you next time!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. Love the paisley. It's freezing here too! I pretty much change into warm clothes immediately after taking photos too.
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages
    ps. Your hair rocks!

  2. love ur hair and look in this post

  3. I honestly love this hair! A happy mistake if I've ever seen one!

  4. your hair turned blue accidentally? i gotta hear that story. well, for what it's worth, you look top notch nurf style and i'll miss your blue hair.

  5. I still absolutely love your hair like this! I've been lusting over a whitepepper smock for ages and you've styled yours perfectly, the collar detail is oh so cute! xx

  6. I hope you can color your hair again soon the way you want it :D I think it looks wonderful this way too ^-^
    And the outfit is wonderful as well. The dress is stunning, I adore the sleeves of it so much!

    xxx The Mad Twins

  7. I love your cute dress, and you hair is always lovely. xx

  8. I'm sorry to hear you don't feel yourself with your hair this way, but I have to say I honestly think it looks so beautiful and still very mermaid-like! I love the smocks from The Whitepepper, I've looked and longed far too many times xxx

  9. I need to get my hands on some whitepepper dresses they are so lovely.
    I think your hair looks super cool here, especially with the bright blue bun.


  10. What about hennaing your hair? Actual henna is basically all Indian women use to wash and condition their hair which is why they all have crazy soft and shiny hair. Henna on black hair doesn't make a colour but on western hair colours turns the hair russet red, bright orange, tomato red etc. On my hair it just goes ever so slightly redder than normal. You can get proper plant henna from like any Indian beauty shop/corner shop and there are shit loads in East London :)

    Also GREAT collar, at first I thought it was part of the dress and was like, wow, whitepepper, going out on a limb there, but no it was your amazing styling. Lovely. X

  11. great look my dear! love the collar and the bag together!

  12. The dress is super cute and the boots are great too! I really like your hair color! I want that too <3

    SHE WALKS Blog

  13. I am in love with the hair!!

  14. Lovely dress :) I like the detail of the shirt. Here in netherlands it´s so cold also.

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