Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tartan Tales

I don't think it could ever be said that I'm a punk (there's a shock). I live a fantastically dull existence, and I'm very softly spoken. Occasionally I get wild furies of 'sticking it to the man' but then I realise that I'm a middle class white girl who's been reading too many tumblr posts. There's not so much I'm rebelling against exactly, as at the age of 20 I'm in that rather convenient stage where I can do more or less what I want within the restraints of law, and the most rebellious thing I've probably done in the last year is sneak off on a family visit to get a neck piercing (Mum, I'm sorry). Despite this, I was really interested in punk as a teenager. There was always some documentary on BBC2 about the Sex Pistols and the Malcolm Mclaren 'Sex' shop on the Kings Road, which in itself shows that times have seriously changed. My dad also fired up my interest after giving me a Ramones CD as well as introducing me to bands such as the Buzzcocks and the Damned. No joke, my folder for school was adorned with the 'Nevermind the Bollocks' Sex Pistols cover, except my mother had to put cellotape over the 'bollocks' part. Pretensions to punk don't tend to go down that well in Oxfordshire.  photo 694ad0c2-de19-4a88-8217-84a3770c069d_zps75f6003b.jpg
Jacket - New Look
Top - Primark
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - River Island
Bag - Cambridge Satchel

I was pleased then, to see a staple of that era, that of Tartan, explode back onto the scene this season. I bought this lovely silky pair a while ago in River Island sale, after lusting over the JW Anderson for Topshop ones. Yes, I'm going JW Anderson kerazzzy over here on Rags, I wore one of his pieces in my last post too. The rest of the high street have only just latched on to this trend in preparation for Winter, interpreting Tartan as rather more Christmassy than Punk. Well I say flip that. I actually wore this outfit to lectures the other day and I noticed that I loved the mixture of the statement of the trousers and boots with my undercut. Alongside it I added a bright satchel as red and yellow is probably one of my favourite colour combinations - McDonalds chic. And of course, no self respecting punk would be seen dead without a leather jacket, and this one is more than perfect for the job, as its battered and torn beyond belief. If only I'd thought to put some safety pins on it, but that might be going a bit far.
 photo 931f6dd4-e782-420c-b542-05d9f93f1aef_zpsae6cbdfb.jpg
 photo 3561407d-fae9-4533-89bd-6de073531dc3_zps03fc1229.jpg
Eyeliner - Collection 2000
Lipstick - Limecrime
 photo 075_zps01f04431.jpg
Unicorn Ring - Miss Selfridge
Dangling Cross and Planet Ring - Topman (as a set)
Double Cross Ring - Dahlia

I wanted to include some rings too, just to give the outfit a little weight (I have no idea what that means, but it sounds kind of fashion journalism-y, maybe it will take off?). I seem to have collected a fair few cross rings, although I'm not actually religious, as well as my unicorn ring, which was only £3 in Miss Selfridge. And yes, the hair is back to purple! I think that is where it should be for a while now, otherwise I will end up completely bald, and punky as that would be, it's a little bit nippy to be going round without hair ya know.

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Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. you look kick ass bels! im seriously eyeing up those trousers....

  2. Love this look and your first paragraph made me giggle!
    'Occasionally I get wild furies of 'sticking it to the man' but then I realise that I'm a middle class white girl who's been reading too many tumblr posts' - my favourite part.


  3. I used to have a pair of tartan trousers like that, back in the day........I wasn't punk-ish at all. I wonder if I have them still, somewhere in the dark depths of the loft. River Island have sold out :(

    (Dear Thirty)

  4. ho. ly. craaap! when did you do that to your hair?! how did i miss this?? it looks great!!

  5. The yellow bag absolutely pops against the tartan trousers ahh in love with this outfit! Your hair looks amazing too <3

  6. You're definitely a bit punk Bel! Takes one to know one. XXX

  7. Also yellow and red - brilliant combination! Mustard and ketchup. X

  8. AH YOU ARE SO CUTE! I love crop tops and you look fantastic. (Your apology to your mum made me giggle.)

  9. Oh my goodness those rings and those shoes, the bag and just your whole outfit I adore!!

  10. I love the tartan trend to! Your trousers are really gorgeous, and they look great with your crop top and your yellow satchel :) I love that the satchel makes this outfit really colourful as well as a little punk. xx

  11. you've got really bad skin

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