Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dayglo Rockabilly

The funny thing about retro is that the very word seems to cover an inordinate amount of ground. As a result, if something is retro it could be either a stunning example of forties fashion or made 5 minutes ago. I'm pondering this because I'm not sure where this 'retro inspired' outfit can be placed in the timescale. The headscarf and quiff effect says 40's landgirl, whilst the pencil skirt and boyfriend coat say 50's dance a la Grease (I imagine an idealised version of the 50's, but damn great for fashion inspiration nonetheless). Either way, my typical injection of colour gives this look a bit of an update.

So a few weeks ago the lovely Carly from London Edge contacted me to tell me about their amazing exhibition and fashion show, held at the Olympia in London, which I'm lead to believe. is the only worldwide show dedicated to the ol' alternative fashion scene. At this my ears pricked up from under my purple locks, with various dreams of beautiful tattoos, intricately created sailor dresses and tartan by the bucketload spinning through my head like a scene volcano. Much as I loved visiting the Clotheshow many moons ago, the thought of a clothes show dedicated just to the alternative fashion side was so exciting that it took me back to the bebo days of gawping at beautiful girls on the internet with raccoon hair and piercings. As a celebration for this glorious event, I will be styling up some 'alternative' inspired outfits in the lead up to it on the 2nd-4th February. The show itself is going to feature garments from brands such as Hell Bunny and Bettie Page, and though I've not got many of those lining my wardrobe, I'll give imitating the look a bloody good go. .

 photo 1f5d1002-5970-4b54-a22e-e402ca4ab2ff_zps1e024078.png

And this was my result!

 photo fadef9d8-19ed-46e2-aa3a-a8986970f7d2_zps0eb71dc3.png

Top - Olive
Skirt - Primark
Coats - Topshop (No longer on the website but kicking about in a few stores)
Grey Socks - New Look
Shoes - Converse

 photo c666fa08-2eae-4785-8775-47ebc67df17f_zps583ccb29.png
This coat purchase is extremely new. Wandering through Westfields yesterday looking for a Secret Santa present, I noticed that Topshop was having a 30% off sale. I've been absolutely loving their coat collection recently, and I had my eyes on this beauty for a while. Though still at the top price range of what I'd want to pay, I figured it was worth it, seeing as I had wanted it for so long. The camera doesn't do it justice, it is the most incredible colour. The masculine cut complements this particular look perfectly, which I counteracted with the feminine inclusion of the Pencil skirt. I've really been getting into wearing pencil skirts with casual shoes recently, as they'd usually be styled with heels. They are incredibly flattering and I love wearing them as normal wear with a pair of Converse as seen here. It also, dare I say it, brings a little bit of a Madmen twist to the outfit (yes, I'm jumping on that bandwagon). Or in this case, Bonkers Girl. I'm just so random and kooky that sometimes it hurts my soul. Oh dear.
 photo dedeaea9-08b2-4481-ad18-69f42f71da32_zpsb47c35b3.png
And of course, what's a retro/rockabilly inspired outfit without a headscarf? I've only very recently started putting my hair back into a little baby quiff. Beforehand I was paranoid about having a large forehead, and hid behind an unflattering fringe for most of my teens. But with this scarf I really like the look, and have always admired it on other people, so why not try it on myself? With this I slicked on some red lipstick (Topshop Lip Bullet in Rockabilly, rather fittingly) and I was alternatively dressed for the day.
 photo 70ad2f57-d7a0-4043-82f0-9d0a6cfc478e_zpsbdb366d3.png
Thanks to the wonderful people at London Edge for inspiring me to get my retro on, if you're interested in going to the show in February, go to

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I will be attending the show in February as a result of it but have not written it in exchange for payment. Would I do that to you? Probably. 

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. That yellow coat is gorgeous!! Love the combination of colours! Thank you so much for my comment meant a lot you took the time to read my blog lovely! x

  2. you pull of prime colors like no body's business! this whole outfit looks amazing

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Lovely post! Such a unique and stunning outfit! :)

  4. Love this outfit! That yellow coat is gorgeous!

  5. Ooo love that coat!
    And your hair is so cool. Love the purple.


  6. You have such an eclectic style, love the colours! Thanks for visiting me at

  7. ah, your winter coat is so neat! i love the color!

    lindsey louise

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