Friday, 13 December 2013

Who Wears Short Skorts?

Why yes, I do occasionally wear dark colours! No, my one style gimmick isn't just wearing garish coloured outfits that stand out against my hair! Oh dear, starting to refer to myself as a 'gimmick', this dizzying blogging fame is going to my head.
To tell you the truth, I am on a mission to show you how fashion forward I really am, and what better way to do it than to wear the season's blogger favourite, a pair of skorts.
Initially I was very against skorts. I thought they looked plain odd and a bit silly. A mixture between a skirt and shorts seemed to me inherently untrustworthy. I must admit I had found myself in the rare quandary of being perplexed by a piece of clothing, something that hasn't happened for me since Crocs (not a look I've rocked on the blog just yet). But my determination to spend as much money as possible prevailed, and I got in on the skorts act. I say a lot of money, well these were picked up in the Daisystreet sale. I had set my sights on a tartan pair so as to correspond to this season's tartan mania. Though they're not exactly warm, they look surprisingly good with a pair of chunky knit tights and some boots. I mean I say surprising, I'm still not entirely sure about them. I can't see them ageing too well and still being fashionable come next Christmas. But yes, today I am a skorts wearing fashion blogger, for your pleasure.
 photo 38eeb0e9-4285-4182-b3bb-b260200044ff_zpsf546c9eb.png
Coat - Paul Costello (Via Charity Shop)
Top - Primark
Skorts - Daisystreet
Bag - Zatchels
Shoes - Olive and Frank

Surprisingly, this is the debut of my one of my favourite coats, and I have A LOT of coats, so this is something of an accolade. It's a real wool Paul Costello coat that I picked up in a charity shop near where I am originally from. The charity shop itself is the sort of place where you have to climb over children's toys, Boyzone annuals and sold as seen televisions to get to the good stuff, but this was a spectacular find, at only £7.50. Unlike the skorts, it is incredibly warm, and fits like a glove. I reckon that everyone has their one charity shop/second hand/grandma's attic find that is absolutely perfectly tailored made for them, and I'm pretty sure that this is mine.
 photo 6f90c232-9a58-4834-9c66-c769365d223c_zps89022078.png

 photo c292f9ac-e0fb-4aac-b69b-ad9d1e29f926_zps5dd7b3bf.png

 photo a06a86e7-5276-4be4-befb-a2cfe8239ad9_zps68132e48.jpg
Alongside this outfit is a lovely time to debut a new pair of boots, presented here beautifully near a box of unidentifiable sludge, my photography skills blow me away sometimes. They are from Olive and Frank, a gorgeous online shop (and I mean gorgeous, I honestly could have bought everything) who I found out about after they followed me on twitter. after which I proceeded to buy these absolutely gorgeous boots. I've wanted a pair like this for a while, as I would seem them a lot in editorials being worn with the floaty smock and Peter pan collar dresses that made up the majority of my wardrobe. I've not worn them out just yet, as I'm not so confident with heels necessarily, but I'm pretty sure I'll pluck up the courage soon enough.

Now before you all head off, just a heads up of some rather exciting collaborations that I've been doing recently with some other bloggers! Head over to Jaime at Hard Crimson's blog to read about my relationship with thrifting (also if you haven't seen below we collaborated on a rather awesome thrifting tips post), and Marie's blog where I share a Hollywood inspired Christmas party look, regulation beauty blogger right here!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. I never wear heels because I am tall enough as it is and would just tower pointlessly over other people but those shoes are great. Also you look so wonderful in these pictures! Total east london hipster babe. XX

  2. I loved skorts when I was 12, so I'm not sure about wearing them again. The new ones look really good though, so I might end up trying a pair too :) If you wear it with a long coat like that you can't even see that it's not a skirt. That coat is perfect.

  3. loving that skort ! what a great outfit !

  4. Skorts! I was a little confused by them at the start also, but they grew on me (unlike crocs ;) )

    Tartan! Yes!!! I love tartan, I'm actually wearing a skirt VERY similar to the pattern and colour of your skorts in my latest post.

    Good luck with the collabs and enjoy your weekend!

    Corinne x

  5. beautiful boots

  6. Yes yes yes!! I love this look on you and those shoes are perfect.
    I have yet to buy a skort but I've been debating it for a while now!!

    Jaye x
    The Life of JP

  7. I haven't said the word skorts in a long long time! I used to wear them when I was little back in the 90's and never thought about wearing them now. I have to say that it looks amazing on you! I may even buy myself a pair. Honestly they should definitely come back. They don't as bad as people thing! That coat is gorgeous ans definitely looks like it keeps you warm! I love those boots too! I need to get myself a good pair of boots especially with winter here where I'm at!

  8. Love your tartan skort! X

  9. Love the look!


  10. Omg your hair is fabulous, and I love this outfit! (that skirt <3)


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. I love this look, the coat is my favourite part of it.

  12. Such a beautiful skort! I'm very jealous of it.
    The whole outfit is just beautiful!♥

  13. I brought my neck line up by about two inches for my new dress, still I had a plunging neckline, but I was really comfortable wearing it. I did invest in some petals; I needed a little coverage in the front.
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