Sunday, 12 January 2014

Offend My Eyes Lookbook

I have to say, it's usually not my intention to offend people in what I wear. But there are obviously some people who wear clothes to warrant a response, from the obvious (Lady Gaga's Meat Dress) to your Average Joe on the street, wearing one of those callous slogan t-shirts which tend to have something to do with fellatio. But this really wasn't what I was going for in these outfits. More 'I'm a little shy but through my styling choices I hope you bloody well know where to go.' It's safe to say I have a pretty English approach to offending people.
When the lovely Jack from Offend My Eyes contacted me, I was really impressed by some of their beautiful designs. They are an alternative clothing brand in the vein of companies such as Drop Dead clothing, not a style I've really tried before, so I was super excited to be given the opportunity to style up some t-shirts. Obviously it's not for the faint hearted, but there's something to suit most tastes, ranging from t-shirt adorning the 'Offend My Eyes' slogan to very intricately illustrated designs of Octopus's and female genitals. Though perhaps the latter was a little outlandish for what I'd say was a generally family friendly blog, there were two designs which especially stood out to me, which I've styled here, with both a colourful outfit and a dark outfit.
 photo fd860b74-0313-41b7-a84b-9e691a0082e9_zps3ac79b6e.jpg
So I call this one 'Christmas elf gets coloured in.' I fell super in love with this t-shirt, I've always been into anatomical designs which is something you'll be able to recognise in both my choices of t-shirts. The slogan 'it takes guts to be me' is both gutsy (couldn't help the pun) and cute, a combination of things that have always appealed to me. I really love the statement it makes. It was the perfect t-shirt to pair alongside my American Apparel disco pants (I know, they've died a horrible death in the world of fashun, but I'm still going to wear them to death) and my incredible new coat from Asos. This coat is absolutely my new favourite thing, my mum summed it up perfectly when she took one look at me and said: 'You look like a yeti on LSD.' I mean, who wouldn't want that?
 photo 33674915-19f2-4b40-87c4-eb5ae4041ae2_zpsb57a7ceb.jpg
T-Shirt - C/O Offend My Eyes
Coat - Asos (in the sale, get in while you can!)
Disco Pants - American Apparel via Charity shop
Shoes - Converse
 photo 0e8f9152-38ea-4f50-8aaa-425ca9abbf11_zps5862375d.jpg

 photo 380142f8-cf71-41fa-b5a0-e79e88eab49b_zps1c2f5651.jpg
T-shirt - C/O Offend My Eyes
Hat - C/O Offend My Eyes
Skirt - American Apparel via Asos (sold out)
Shoes - Olive and Frank

My Second outfit veers very strongly towards the dark side, Halloween round two! Except in January, too early? This second t-shirt is probably my favourite, I love the little details of body parts, again it manages to be mildly adorable but oddly grotesque. I will inevitably be wearing this until it is literally a rag as I love it so much (yep, that was the most cheesy inclusion of my blog name ever). Alongside it I paired it with my long sheer American Apparel skirt (shorts are mandatory for this look kids) and my Olive and Frank boots. The perfect completion of the outfit was my Offend My Eyes Beanie, which not only keeps your head snug but invites people to offend you on the street (although I wouldn't worry, people don't tend to take beanie slogans seriously, but think of it as a social experiment)!
 photo cc24ebe7-0f70-4025-b3e4-a315088f6dbc_zpsda60f3d7.jpg
Beauty Bits
So what's the hair up to this time? What have you done to it Bel? Well dear reader, I'm in the process of stripping my colour and bleaching my roots so as to get a more vivid and even colour when I next dye it purple, so it's in a state of transition. With my newly blonde (and slightly green) fringe I took the chance to put on my Kevin Murphy Colourbug hair chalk in pink. If you're looking to spruce up an outfit and you have very light hair, I really would recommend these, as people always comment on it! It's like having first day dyed hair but whenever you want and without the commitment. I am planning to buy more in every colour.

So thank you again to Offend my Eyes for allowing me to style up these beautiful alternative pieces, and if you're looking for your own fix of 'out there' t-shirts, visit their website.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. omg you look totally RAD on all those pics. i think you just made me spend more of the money i don't have XD anywho, you totally rock it girl <3

    cheeers :3

  2. Bel! You look fantastic - we love the post! You really did our gear justice. :)

  3. I bought that asos coat full price! I wish I waited! Great styling choices

  4. That fur coat is perfection, especially with your pretty hair xx

  5. You look seriously amazing in all of the photos! That coat is seriously the most niftiest thing I've ever seen! (Do people even day nifty/niftiest these days?) I love that long black skirt! I've been dying to get my hands on one of those myself! Your hair looks lovely as well!

  6. I am 110% with you, don't let the disco pants die! I love them too. And those shirts. And your hair. So generally everything, really. :)

  7. okay i totally laughed out loud at yeti on lsd hahaha. anyway, those shirts are so cool. i looove the second one so much!

    at this volume

  8. Hey! (: Love ur blog and ur sence of style! I really like the Sleek lipsticks to! what shades do u have? I bought the fuchsia but i don't think it really suits my skin tone ): Thanx for your time! xox <3

  9. You look soo cool in these pics!! I am green with envy over that lovely jacket (which is much nicer in real life and in your pics than the pictures on the ASOS website) and your rad pink fringe. 10/10 bels xx

  10. what a champ! these outfits are incredibly cool, you look fantastic!

  11. You look sooo goooood! I wear my disco pants all the time too, who cares if they're not "this season" anymore. Your ASOS coat is one of the best things I've ever seen, and it looks fantastic with your colourful hair! (As does everything.) I think the second t-shirt is my favourite. It looks so good with all black xx

  12. Oh my gosh Bel, this is going to sound like a am a complete idiot but this post makes me feel like I have seen you grow from a child (well not child but at least younger teenager with satchels, peter pan collars etc) into a fully fledged east london hipster with cool make-up, coloured hair and AMAZING clothing and beanies. You look SO GOOD in all of these photos xxxx

  13. I love your blog

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