Friday, 21 February 2014

London Retro Glasses and Giveaway

I have to say, when I received these glasses, a certain lyric from the infamous 'Being a D**khead's cool' sprang to mind: '20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames.' Truth is, I don't actually need these glasses. Ok, glad we got that little embarrassment over with. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the way they highlight some of my sterling eyeshadow work, and though I wouldn't wish for slightly impaired sight it's pretty clear that if you're forced to wear a pair of specs that there's an option or two out there to look super stylish.

When MyOptique got in contact with me to sing the praises of a glasses brand named London Retro, I was very excited to see a range so inspired by London, especially it's swinging 60's vibe. Basically I'm a sucker for anything London inspired, if you're particularly eagle eyed you'll see below that I have a tube station inspired bedding. London Retro's glasses cover all aspects of the metropolis, from Carnaby to Chancery, with all sorts of different specs shapes to suit different faces. Their most recent collection is named after tube stations, so you can pick your favourite (for me, it has to be the District line).
 photo 0d557fd0-40ed-4075-89a1-dfc3cd2f98bd_zps5c16bb8b.jpg
I picked up the Fitzrovia glasses, a pretty traditional rounded pair which suits all face shapes (confirmed when all my flatmates passed them round in the inevitable 'try on someone else's glasses' game). They're a really classic shape and do wonders for highlighting your eyes.
 photo 6329fc4c-a7b8-4f23-a7ed-bb245be0a3bb_zpsc1436161.jpg

 photo 5c6222ef-e74d-42b7-8706-621b4d4540ca_zpsf7286fe5.jpg
 photo b62a31bf-b380-4994-ac8a-92a6f8cb930d_zps1c8e8190.jpg

Fitzrovia Glasses - C/O London Retro at My Optique

 photo e34e6db0-286a-420d-ace1-4d156bcdde90_zps9c520680.jpg

 photo ebfe9adc-e5ca-440b-98dc-1929f886abe6_zpsd34f9be5.jpg

Now here's the thing. I am hosting my first giveaway on this fair blog! Yes, you heard right. It's your chance to win a pair of specs of your choice from the London Retro range at MyOptique worth £79.00, so you can pick up a pair of Fitzrovia glasses like mine or go for something a little different. It's open to everyone, whether you need them or not (you can send your prescription and they'll create the lenses for you based on that).

So how do you enter?
♥ Use the (ridiculously easy) Rafflecopter widget below! You can make up to 7 entries!
 The mandatory entries are that you must be a follower of Rags of Love on GFC, then leave a comment down below saying where you've followed/have been following! Also, you must give MyOptique a like on facebook!
This competition is open internationally! 
*If you're under 18 please ask permission from your guardian before entering.*
If you win I will contact you through the details you entered into the RaffleCopter widget! I aim to do this within 5 days after the deadline.

 photo 42c0b7db-2302-45b1-89a8-93260831af7e_zpscfe1590a.jpg
 photo 49edaeb1-7608-466f-b60a-9bc52998d155_zps46b8b7e2.jpg
Thanks to MyOptique and London Retro for collaborating with me on this post, give MyOptique a 'like' on Facebook here!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Going Bananas

I love a good offbeat print. Something a little weird, and dare I say quirky, will immediately draw me in. As a result,you have no idea how long I have wanted to show this particular garment off. Do I even need to say which one I'm talking about in these pictures? It's not everyday that you shell out your hard earned *cough cough, student loan* money on a banana print jacket. Of course, my love of anything bright and a little bit odd will mean that I am much more likely to part with the pennies (the sentence 'shut up and take my money' springs to mind). And it's been quite the asset to my wardrobe, let me tell you. It's a piece of clothing you could definitley imagine would result in a mad rush of photographers running at you on the cobbles of Somerset House. Not that this has been a reality for me just yet (but you just wait), but being adorned with bananas certainly makes me feel super high fashion, darling.
 photo d59acdd0-2c03-4225-ae28-7a637a2ae60a_zpscbe508a5.jpg
Jacket - Topshop (sold out)
Shirt - Olive (sold out)
Jeans - Joni by Topshop
Shoes - Charity Shop
 photo b5ef5697-a621-4f17-886f-1d9b59ccb058_zps35de7e8d.jpg
Ring - Museum of London Docklands
How gorgeous is this ring? I'm not usually a big ring wearer but I knew I had to have this one. I found it in the pirate themed section of the gift shop, and I had to pick up this particular piece of buried treasure. Tyler thought it looked rather tacky, but I actually think it looks really stunning and is surprisingly well made for a plastic ring! I especially adore the emerald colour.
 photo 9a5cdc49-7a36-49e3-a86c-a204f078f2ef_zps219be44f.jpg

 photo 94f77805-65f1-4893-8f91-2ec83083d199_zpsc5703886.jpg

 photo 3c12f543-e364-4321-a98d-a3cfcdb1a2c0_zps521043af.jpg
The 'pretending to walk off into the light' set of pictures!

Hope you liked this! What is the weirdest print currently on an item of clothing in your wardrobe? I need extra style inspiration!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Iridescent Adolescent

Will I soon be blitzing the world of youtube, batting Tyler Oakley from the top spot and compiling enough haul videos that it starts to become mildly offensive? The answer is, probably not. Video editing (or indeed anything involving a mild skill) doesn't come easily to me, and so far I've been dipping my toe into the murky waters of youtube with little success. But I soldier on, editing this ootd into video form for no particular reason apart from sheer determination and a qualification in procrastination (Did I just rap)? Watch and subscribe if you will, and I may even do the cinnamon challenge (I will not be doing the cinnamon challenge, or indeed any other challenge).
There is one trend, and one trend only that I can honestly say that I am super excited about. Usually I feel like that's an exaggeration reserved for fashion journalism, but this time I can honestly say that it is very much the case. Iridescent clothing has been peeking it's head up over the fashion horizon recently, and with my aggressive penchant for colourful clothing, I instantly fell for it. The way that it creates so many different colours depending on the light makes me feel like I'm some sort of shiny beacon of rainbow colours, like in science or something, I don't know. All I know is that anything which slightly changes colour and tint will be in my wardrobe before you can say 'gullible fashionista.'

 photo 1e74637a-790f-4de1-8cee-036633a1fe3b_zps1b376cd9.jpg
This dress is such a find for me (find out more about it in the video!) It fits like a glove and I'm glad I 'stole' it from my mum before she put it on ebay. The asymmetric skirt gives off mermaid vibes, which is a look I've been obsessed with recently (see my other mermaidy post from August). It would be great to wear for a family gathering, a date, or as I've been wearing it in the daytime layered with a longsleeve top.
 photo 92627d13-0f76-4206-9f9c-19fab1563392_zps34fbeb91.jpg
Do I even need to sing the praises of this coat again? Probably, I mean, why not? It is that incredible. I'm so glad I snapped it up in the asos sale! It's honestly been one of the funnest things to style ever! I feel like this specific look pertains to updated Hollywood glamour, although unlike many of what stars of old would have had draped around their shoulders, this ain't real.
 photo f8e7210c-81c2-4ccc-9785-7901366c114f_zpsdefae02f.jpg
Another note on the hair - I'm really thrilled with how it has been lasting at the moment. I think I may have cracked the code on long lasting hair colour - at last! I'm thinking of compiling a series of hair dye posts (and maybe youtube videos when I get over my crippling awkwardness) as I'd like to share some of the things I have learnt on this hair dye Odyssey. I think purple may really be the colour for me...for now *vanishes into a puff of smoke*.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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