Sunday, 2 February 2014

Iridescent Adolescent

Will I soon be blitzing the world of youtube, batting Tyler Oakley from the top spot and compiling enough haul videos that it starts to become mildly offensive? The answer is, probably not. Video editing (or indeed anything involving a mild skill) doesn't come easily to me, and so far I've been dipping my toe into the murky waters of youtube with little success. But I soldier on, editing this ootd into video form for no particular reason apart from sheer determination and a qualification in procrastination (Did I just rap)? Watch and subscribe if you will, and I may even do the cinnamon challenge (I will not be doing the cinnamon challenge, or indeed any other challenge).
There is one trend, and one trend only that I can honestly say that I am super excited about. Usually I feel like that's an exaggeration reserved for fashion journalism, but this time I can honestly say that it is very much the case. Iridescent clothing has been peeking it's head up over the fashion horizon recently, and with my aggressive penchant for colourful clothing, I instantly fell for it. The way that it creates so many different colours depending on the light makes me feel like I'm some sort of shiny beacon of rainbow colours, like in science or something, I don't know. All I know is that anything which slightly changes colour and tint will be in my wardrobe before you can say 'gullible fashionista.'

 photo 1e74637a-790f-4de1-8cee-036633a1fe3b_zps1b376cd9.jpg
This dress is such a find for me (find out more about it in the video!) It fits like a glove and I'm glad I 'stole' it from my mum before she put it on ebay. The asymmetric skirt gives off mermaid vibes, which is a look I've been obsessed with recently (see my other mermaidy post from August). It would be great to wear for a family gathering, a date, or as I've been wearing it in the daytime layered with a longsleeve top.
 photo 92627d13-0f76-4206-9f9c-19fab1563392_zps34fbeb91.jpg
Do I even need to sing the praises of this coat again? Probably, I mean, why not? It is that incredible. I'm so glad I snapped it up in the asos sale! It's honestly been one of the funnest things to style ever! I feel like this specific look pertains to updated Hollywood glamour, although unlike many of what stars of old would have had draped around their shoulders, this ain't real.
 photo f8e7210c-81c2-4ccc-9785-7901366c114f_zpsdefae02f.jpg
Another note on the hair - I'm really thrilled with how it has been lasting at the moment. I think I may have cracked the code on long lasting hair colour - at last! I'm thinking of compiling a series of hair dye posts (and maybe youtube videos when I get over my crippling awkwardness) as I'd like to share some of the things I have learnt on this hair dye Odyssey. I think purple may really be the colour for me...for now *vanishes into a puff of smoke*.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. just fierce! this coat with your hair make a perfect combo, omg! and even though I'm into darker color again, I'm trying not to lose my old love for colors. I just got an amazing iridescent nail polish and this type of stuff is SO great. and looks amazing with black.
    you go girl <3

  2. Your hair is so freaking amazing:)

  3. Wow, amazing look! Love the dress and the photographs are stunning xx

  4. You hair is amazing and I love the fur jacket!

  5. Purple is the colour for you and I'll be forever envious of yiur bright purple hair. After a chunk falling out fir no reason what so ever my sister will never bleach my whole hair again so I'll never achieve your colour, so I'll just be living my hair dreams through you.
    Plus it adds to the mermaids vibe you have in which totally justifies you buying a lot of irredesent clothing

  6. :D
    That coat is lovely, you pull it off so well too!
    Love the little video :)

    (Dear Thirty)

  7. Amaaazing!! I'm so in love with both your hair and your coat!! :)x

    The Belle Narrative - Enter my fabulous MAC Makeup Giveaway

  8. real unique look! x

  9. Hey hey your hair is simply gorg!!
    I'm very happy you liked my little space - Preppy Lemonade. Many surprises are being prepared so put a like on the official page( of the blog and follow the blog trough bloglovin ( you don't miss anything!!
    With love, Bárbara

  10. I'm so envious of your ease to put an outfit together like this - I'm such a wimp when it comes to wearing colours, nevermind mixing and matching them! Your coat is so fabulous, it looks like it's been dipped in watercolours and that makes me want it. Probably just to look at, I'm not brave enough to pull this look off! You however, look amazing lady. I'm glad you saved the dress from Ebay, I recently 'saved/stole' some things of my mum's that she'd set aside for Ebay. Being similar sizes to siblings and mothers is a blessing! xxx

  11. you totally look like a mermaid, i love this look!

  12. This has to be one of my favourite of all your outfits! That dress is such a lovely colour and I can't get over how amazing your jacket is!

  13. Definitely not what I was expecting your blog to sound like but great post - video is awesome! Love this dress and agree you look like a Hollywood starlet in technicolour. X

  14. Your outfit is fantastic! I love love love your coat (still) and it looks great with your dress. I'm obsessed with everything irridescent / holographic too. I think I need to invest in more holographic clothes before the trend passes, ha! xx

  15. love your lip colour so much!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a high-end skincare giveaway on my blog, click here!

  16. Omg WOW! this outfit is fantastic!
    love the hair, the lipstick and the coat :D


  17. This jacket is gorgeous and looks so good on you!

  18. LOVE that dress and the jacket is beautiful!

    Have just done a post about wearing metallics/iridescents on my blog without looking too daring, if you're interested in taking a look!

    Ellie at

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