Sunday, 23 March 2014

What to Wear to a Gig (with Chvrches)

I was genuinely so thrilled the other day to be contacted by Seatwave asking if I'd like to attend one of the gigs they were currently selling tickets for. I went for Chvrches, an electronic synthpop Scottish band who have been rising to fame recently, and whose tunes I had been humming on and off for a few months now. Luckily, my flatmate Luke was also a worshipper of Chvrches (that was terrible, I'm so sorry) so we decided to go along together.
 photo 4560eadb-329c-4c45-ad97-0fdfc06fde15_zps4e2dbb41.jpg
To make it more relevant to the blog, as my ability to review Chvrches on their musical skills are somewhat limited (although they were really good, don't you worry), I've decided to focus on helping you dress for a gig. I don't know about you, but I'm always perplexed on how to dress for a concert. There are many obstacles to get over. For a start, where do you situate yourself between 'going out' wear and 'casual' wear? And how do you make sure that you're both warm enough to descend into the night after the gig whilst also being cool enough in the gig where it WILL get sweaty?
 photo 89963d5e-e4d6-4649-80b6-9de52d884dcd_zps8548a2e2.jpg
Hat - Commando (currently out of stock), Jacket - Luke's, Shirt - Charity shop, Dress - H&M
Tights - Henry HollandShoes - Converse, Bag - Homemade by Mum

After a lot of rifling desperately through my wardrobe, I created, what I think, is a relatively good gig outfit. Luke has also kindly shared his efforts so we're incorporating two options for whatever your clothing preferences may be!

Top gig wear tips

1. Go for a short dress, jeans or shorts, long Lana Del Rey style gowns or any sort of restrictive clothing will hinder your excellent dance moves.

2. Thrown on a lightweight shirt or jacket over the top. Luke kindly lent me his as I'm very limited with jackets at the moment.

3. Dress thematically depending on the band. I didn't really do this, but if you're going to see the Horrors or something you could go for the Victorian goth look. It's good to get into the spirit!

4. The most important tip? Comfortable shoes! You already knew this one. Heels are only for the brave!

5. I find that I can't go anywhere without carrying all my stuff in a bag, so pick a small one, and don't take any large photo equipment, your phone will probably suffice!

6. As illustrated by both Luke and myself, hats are a lovely addition to your gig outfit. We are representing a spectrum of hipster hats here...
 photo 8898e86a-867a-4524-b7c7-1c416492e3ef_zpsf88ba9a9.jpg
Baseball jacket and shirt: Asos, Snapback: Primark (very kindly lent by me)
 photo 2a9ad691-9f86-4edc-adc9-a52c5e1d992d_zpsf696b0b6.jpg
Thanks to Luke for the first photo and helping me take outfit shots!
Seatwave would also like me to let you know about them selling tickets for the Kylie Minogue tour if electropop isn't for you and you're more into your Aussie songstresses! Everyone likes a bit of the locomotion after all.

Chvrches - 'Lies'

Chvrches - 'Gun'

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Snapback Part Two

I had to say I had some anxiety going on when I decided to give my Primark snapback its first outing in Colour Clash. I've always felt this sort of hat is reserved for certain heads, and certainly not mine. But as we all know, I'm something of a rebel (in the most mild, non threatening way possible) so when I went out the next day on a Sunday afternoon jaunt to Camden I was confident of my snapback wearing abilities. Not that it takes skill, but you know. Which way should you wear it? That's an art form in and of itself.
So here's another outfit post against *shock, horror* another set of coloured pastel houses.
 photo 9thmarchjpgjpg_zpsef3ba15b.jpg
Top - Olive
Dress - Charity Shop
Shoes - Converse
Hat - Primark
Glasses - "Raybans" from Turkey
 photo 9thmarch2jpg_zpsa9870593.jpg
I did a rare thing regarding this look and gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back because I really really like it, and I'm not sure why. You know when two things that aren't meant to go just sort of click? The combination of the slightly more formal evening dress, the converse trainers and the hat in this outfit might have spelled disaster but I actually really like the contrast.It sort of reminds me of the whole ballgown and trainers look that Lilly Allen became known for at the start of her career (that and writing questionable things about other celebrities on myspace). Alongside this I could actually wear my new glasses for the first time in months, some absolutely definitely not real Rayban glasses that I picked up in Turkey this Summer. If I didn't have a luggage allowance and had about 1000 more lira I would have come back with every sort of 'designer' product out there!
 photo 9thmarch4jpg_zpsaffe8ca0.jpg

 photo 9thmarch8jpg_zpsf332ad67.jpg

Thanks for reading!

Belphoebe x

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Colour Clash

'Colour coordination really isn't your thing is it?' said an antique vendor to me as I strolled along Portobello market in fluro trainers and an orange fur coat, looking like I'd rolled through a highlighter factory. As we know, I like to mix up my colourings now and then. Even so, I have to say this outfit was a bit of a departure for me. For a start, I always thought Sports Luxe would be a trend that would pass me by. But as per usual, my love of trying different styles and my 3am trawling through Asos resulted in a whole new look. I think I may be addicted to internet shopping, and that's bad, very bad.
This was the first outing of my Primark snapback, alongside my luminous Nike trainers, which may give me the 'street' look, but really my presence on the 'street' is considerably limited.  photo 8thmarch7jpg_zpsa331a283.jpg

Coat - Whistles (via charity shop)
Dress - Charity Shop
Leggings - American Apparel (via charity shop)
Shoes - Nike via Asos
Hat - Primark

 photo 8thmarch8jpg_zpsf642aa89.jpg
Alongside my colourful accessories, I wore this nebula dress which I found in the same charity shop as the orange coat. Nebula may be very 2011, but I really loved that print and I feel like I don't own enough galaxy print clothes. Under this I wore my disco pants, which are fraying really badly at the crotch and unfortunately can't be worn as trousers any more. Though I've bought a few things from American Apparel in the past, I've not had good experiences with the Easy Jean or the Disco Pants as both of them frayed or ripped. Nevertheless they are super comfy and I'll probably still wear them till they tear completely!
 photo 8thmarch9jpg_zps9290c960.jpg

 photo 6bdf7ba4-d388-4533-9a8f-6c5ea175f959_zps27eebadd.jpg

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Behold the next Supreme...

Following on from my witchy themed Halloween post, it seems that I am once again subscribing to the fashion choices of the Coven. And there's one reason only for this, (two if you count my already slightly witchy inclinations) and that's a little show called American Horror Story. Yes, once again I've just about scrambled on to the bandwagon in time, and I have to say, this show pretty much encapsulates everything I could want from a programme about some bad ass witches (see what I did there?). The styling is of course impeccable, with lashings of black courtesy of Jessica Lange and some truly excellent hats. Myrtle Snow, the flame haired witch who dresses a bit like a mixture of an eccentric old woman, the mad hatter and David Bowie, also deserves a mention, but seeing as I could never compete with that hair I've veered somewhat more towards the dark side. And though I can't exactly conjure up any magic any time soon, I've been indulging my true power in the only way I know how - ordering clothes off the internet. What resulted is this crafty outfit, which serves 'eye of newt supreme realness' - probably.
 photo 3eb05d75-aacc-4ab7-b61d-31515f58c984_zps09787c9e.jpg
Cape/overthrow - H&M
T-shirt - Etsy
Shorts - H&M
Hat - H&M
Socks - New Look (old)
Shoes - Olive and Frank (sold out!)

This rather excellent t-shirt is an etsy find, directly inspired by American Horror Story as you can see from the font.As with many of my clothing choices, I saw a picture of it on tumblr and concluded that I absolutely had to have it. There's a joke between my friends that I'm a little bit of a witch so I guess this confirms it.
 photo 0c76b707-1acf-410c-bab0-3b2bb659f62b_zps534907e5.jpg
Most of the jet black clothes here come from H&M, who can always be depended on for a slight dash of Scandinavian minimalistic indifference. The faux leather shorts are very much out of my comfort zone, but they're actually surprisingly flattering! And I'm always stunned by how reasonable H&M is, this silk cardie was £6! Perfect for looking all floaty and ethereal in whilst listening to Stevie Nicks, every witch's favourite musician.
 photo 6cf73ba8-2cdf-435e-8377-50538af0f865_zpsec3cc7a7.jpg

 photo d44752b6-41fe-405c-9ecf-44f159607a1a_zps5634a85d.jpg
No 'Outfit of the day' video for this one guys, which is a shame, as I really need to get to grips with the rather time consuming activity that is video editing. I'm currently working on two essays and have about 20,000 words due in for the next few months, but fear not, my blog will not fall to the wayside, I simply wouldn't allow it.

Gather round the bubbling broth of my cauldron children, it's still giveaway time here on Rags of Love! You can win a pair of super cool London inspired retro glasses! Click here or just scroll down your page, it's that simple. And if you don't enter I can't promise that I won't curse you.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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