Sunday, 2 March 2014

Behold the next Supreme...

Following on from my witchy themed Halloween post, it seems that I am once again subscribing to the fashion choices of the Coven. And there's one reason only for this, (two if you count my already slightly witchy inclinations) and that's a little show called American Horror Story. Yes, once again I've just about scrambled on to the bandwagon in time, and I have to say, this show pretty much encapsulates everything I could want from a programme about some bad ass witches (see what I did there?). The styling is of course impeccable, with lashings of black courtesy of Jessica Lange and some truly excellent hats. Myrtle Snow, the flame haired witch who dresses a bit like a mixture of an eccentric old woman, the mad hatter and David Bowie, also deserves a mention, but seeing as I could never compete with that hair I've veered somewhat more towards the dark side. And though I can't exactly conjure up any magic any time soon, I've been indulging my true power in the only way I know how - ordering clothes off the internet. What resulted is this crafty outfit, which serves 'eye of newt supreme realness' - probably.
 photo 3eb05d75-aacc-4ab7-b61d-31515f58c984_zps09787c9e.jpg
Cape/overthrow - H&M
T-shirt - Etsy
Shorts - H&M
Hat - H&M
Socks - New Look (old)
Shoes - Olive and Frank (sold out!)

This rather excellent t-shirt is an etsy find, directly inspired by American Horror Story as you can see from the font.As with many of my clothing choices, I saw a picture of it on tumblr and concluded that I absolutely had to have it. There's a joke between my friends that I'm a little bit of a witch so I guess this confirms it.
 photo 0c76b707-1acf-410c-bab0-3b2bb659f62b_zps534907e5.jpg
Most of the jet black clothes here come from H&M, who can always be depended on for a slight dash of Scandinavian minimalistic indifference. The faux leather shorts are very much out of my comfort zone, but they're actually surprisingly flattering! And I'm always stunned by how reasonable H&M is, this silk cardie was £6! Perfect for looking all floaty and ethereal in whilst listening to Stevie Nicks, every witch's favourite musician.
 photo 6cf73ba8-2cdf-435e-8377-50538af0f865_zpsec3cc7a7.jpg

 photo d44752b6-41fe-405c-9ecf-44f159607a1a_zps5634a85d.jpg
No 'Outfit of the day' video for this one guys, which is a shame, as I really need to get to grips with the rather time consuming activity that is video editing. I'm currently working on two essays and have about 20,000 words due in for the next few months, but fear not, my blog will not fall to the wayside, I simply wouldn't allow it.

Gather round the bubbling broth of my cauldron children, it's still giveaway time here on Rags of Love! You can win a pair of super cool London inspired retro glasses! Click here or just scroll down your page, it's that simple. And if you don't enter I can't promise that I won't curse you.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. You look a fierce as fuck Hermione Granger. Werq!

  2. Love your hair!!

  3. I'm in love with your outfit! American Horror Story is my favourite. I need that shirt and love your shorts!

  4. This is absolutely amazing, I love the cape so much! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. I love this, your hair looks so amazing too! I love the 'bitchcraft' tee, it's so cool!


  6. amazing outfit, I've just finished asylum so I'm about to start coven :D

  7. I have that kimono too! Funnily enough the one time I've worn it, I paired it with a slogan top and shorts too! Love how much of a bargain it was! You look fab xx

  8. hahahah LOVE that shirt! but seriously, this is some witchy realness and i DIG it!

    at this volume

  9. your kimono is so nice! love the whole outfit!

  10. I love this outfit! I think I'm going to have to buy that t-shirt now I've seen how cute it looks on you!

    Rennie | Fashion Dust

    P.S - my bank doesn't like you.

  11. that t shirt is freaking awesome and the overthrow is definitely very AHS coven! x

  12. Oh my I've been inspired by witches myself recently and this outfit is now a little crush of mine! Thanks for sharing hun this is really awesome! I might go paint my nails like little pumpkins to tide me over ha ha! xxx

  13. i love that show! i think it's so interesting that every season they use the same actors but have a completely different story arc--but even though i loved season 3, i think the first season has to be my favorite!

    great post, great look!


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