Thursday, 20 March 2014

Snapback Part Two

I had to say I had some anxiety going on when I decided to give my Primark snapback its first outing in Colour Clash. I've always felt this sort of hat is reserved for certain heads, and certainly not mine. But as we all know, I'm something of a rebel (in the most mild, non threatening way possible) so when I went out the next day on a Sunday afternoon jaunt to Camden I was confident of my snapback wearing abilities. Not that it takes skill, but you know. Which way should you wear it? That's an art form in and of itself.
So here's another outfit post against *shock, horror* another set of coloured pastel houses.
 photo 9thmarchjpgjpg_zpsef3ba15b.jpg
Top - Olive
Dress - Charity Shop
Shoes - Converse
Hat - Primark
Glasses - "Raybans" from Turkey
 photo 9thmarch2jpg_zpsa9870593.jpg
I did a rare thing regarding this look and gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back because I really really like it, and I'm not sure why. You know when two things that aren't meant to go just sort of click? The combination of the slightly more formal evening dress, the converse trainers and the hat in this outfit might have spelled disaster but I actually really like the contrast.It sort of reminds me of the whole ballgown and trainers look that Lilly Allen became known for at the start of her career (that and writing questionable things about other celebrities on myspace). Alongside this I could actually wear my new glasses for the first time in months, some absolutely definitely not real Rayban glasses that I picked up in Turkey this Summer. If I didn't have a luggage allowance and had about 1000 more lira I would have come back with every sort of 'designer' product out there!
 photo 9thmarch4jpg_zpsaffe8ca0.jpg

 photo 9thmarch8jpg_zpsf332ad67.jpg

Thanks for reading!

Belphoebe x

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  1. Such a cool outfit! You can put the most quirkiest clothing together and it always looks amazing :D

  2. Those houses! <3 <3 <3
    And loving your hair color too! :)

  3. Major hair envy, love this outfit!

  4. This look is absolute genius, love everything about it! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. I love the outfit, Wouldn't wear it myself (I'm a boring outfit woman) But always respect for those who dare to wear those amazing colorful outfits!

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