Sunday, 23 March 2014

What to Wear to a Gig (with Chvrches)

I was genuinely so thrilled the other day to be contacted by Seatwave asking if I'd like to attend one of the gigs they were currently selling tickets for. I went for Chvrches, an electronic synthpop Scottish band who have been rising to fame recently, and whose tunes I had been humming on and off for a few months now. Luckily, my flatmate Luke was also a worshipper of Chvrches (that was terrible, I'm so sorry) so we decided to go along together.
 photo 4560eadb-329c-4c45-ad97-0fdfc06fde15_zps4e2dbb41.jpg
To make it more relevant to the blog, as my ability to review Chvrches on their musical skills are somewhat limited (although they were really good, don't you worry), I've decided to focus on helping you dress for a gig. I don't know about you, but I'm always perplexed on how to dress for a concert. There are many obstacles to get over. For a start, where do you situate yourself between 'going out' wear and 'casual' wear? And how do you make sure that you're both warm enough to descend into the night after the gig whilst also being cool enough in the gig where it WILL get sweaty?
 photo 89963d5e-e4d6-4649-80b6-9de52d884dcd_zps8548a2e2.jpg
Hat - Commando (currently out of stock), Jacket - Luke's, Shirt - Charity shop, Dress - H&M
Tights - Henry HollandShoes - Converse, Bag - Homemade by Mum

After a lot of rifling desperately through my wardrobe, I created, what I think, is a relatively good gig outfit. Luke has also kindly shared his efforts so we're incorporating two options for whatever your clothing preferences may be!

Top gig wear tips

1. Go for a short dress, jeans or shorts, long Lana Del Rey style gowns or any sort of restrictive clothing will hinder your excellent dance moves.

2. Thrown on a lightweight shirt or jacket over the top. Luke kindly lent me his as I'm very limited with jackets at the moment.

3. Dress thematically depending on the band. I didn't really do this, but if you're going to see the Horrors or something you could go for the Victorian goth look. It's good to get into the spirit!

4. The most important tip? Comfortable shoes! You already knew this one. Heels are only for the brave!

5. I find that I can't go anywhere without carrying all my stuff in a bag, so pick a small one, and don't take any large photo equipment, your phone will probably suffice!

6. As illustrated by both Luke and myself, hats are a lovely addition to your gig outfit. We are representing a spectrum of hipster hats here...
 photo 8898e86a-867a-4524-b7c7-1c416492e3ef_zpsf88ba9a9.jpg
Baseball jacket and shirt: Asos, Snapback: Primark (very kindly lent by me)
 photo 2a9ad691-9f86-4edc-adc9-a52c5e1d992d_zpsf696b0b6.jpg
Thanks to Luke for the first photo and helping me take outfit shots!
Seatwave would also like me to let you know about them selling tickets for the Kylie Minogue tour if electropop isn't for you and you're more into your Aussie songstresses! Everyone likes a bit of the locomotion after all.

Chvrches - 'Lies'

Chvrches - 'Gun'

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x
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  1. I always struggle with what to wear at a gig.
    You don't want to many layers because you can to carry them at the gig!


    1. I know, it's the bane of my existence! Thanks so much for commenting lovely xx

  2. I've seen Chvrches last year when they were a support act for Two Door Cinema Club, I've been obsessed ever since...! I love what you both wore!

    1. Thanks so much hon! They're amazing aren't they? xx

  3. you two look so great. I want that beanie! perfect gig outfit ;)

  4. How awesome! Love both of your outfits :D I always try to stick to a good dress for dancing!

  5. The outfits are both amazing! I usually just wear a tank top and some good denim shorts and a leather jacket.
    xx, Malena

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