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Brighton Pier

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There's something very bittersweet about writing about a holiday you just went on, but are now back from,with the experience of sun, sea, sand and adorable little vintage shops gradually becoming a distant memory. The experience I feel is particularly intensified by the fact that I am in the midst of my last month of university, trying desperately to ignore impending deadlines. But it's good to have a break every now and again isn't it? I've just had four days in Brighton with mostly glorious weather, and spend a lovely few days getting reacquainted with old haunts. As usual I documented the occasion, although unlike my last Brighton post it's less of a guide and more of a fond remembrance with outfit photos.
 photo b3288041-2c96-4d16-9c1b-12ed2484d5e0_zpsefaad546.jpg

Coat - Whistles via charity shop
Dress - American Apparel via Asos
Glasses - Romwe

Shoes - Clarks

First a little rundown of the outfit on Brighton pier. I wore this orange fur coat on my trip to Brighton last year as its so fun and colourful and almost certainly one of my favourite pieces that I own. Unfortunately the lining is going after excessive wear but I'll probably just deny that it's in its last days, as I don't think I'll ever be able to find a coat like it again.
I'd been eyeing up this American Apparel dress for a while on asos, and when a magical 20% discount appeared I snapped it up for the reduced price of £30, still pretty expensive for a Summer dress but even so. Alongside the coat, the look is so colourful and perfect for a sunny day on the pier and walking through the lanes.
Also, just a thought, Asos are pretty generous with their discount codes, and it helps to trawl discount websites occasionally to find them. If you want to keep on top of their offers Codesium is a brilliant website for asos discount codes!
The glasses are romwe, and I believe are inspired by a Wildfox pair of glasses, except those I imagine would be about £60 as opposed to a tenner. There'll be better pictures in my next post after this, but I just love how oversized they are, which may look a bit silly but nevertheless that's why I love 'em.
 photo b8d06f3e-6804-4a72-9482-2e429083eb32_zps8a2106d5.jpg

 photo 38c397ce-4428-4753-8fa8-11a81674efce_zpsdc524aff.jpg

 photo 5a28caf0-c64a-4065-9f81-0548f83c740d_zps66740de5.jpg
Ah, this bag. This bag is my new love. This bag makes me look like the cartoon character I've always wanted to be. I'd absolutely fallen head over heels with 2d bags recently, but seeing as they were quite expensive I put them firmly away in my wishlist archives (or 'the never ending story' as they're otherwise known). So when I discovered the amazing Choies and saw that they were selling them for $30, which is only around £18, alongside a %15 discount off my first order, I had to have one. I was a little bit sceptical about how it would turn out, as brand knockoffs can be really unpredictable, but I am just so pleased with it. Despite not looking spacious, it fits my camera and all my other little essentials, which is to me the sign of a good bag. It fitted perfectly alongside this outfit and I was on my way to looking like I'd been crudely coloured in and given my own comic strip adventure of antique shopping and achingly cool vegan cafes (I love you Brighton).
 photo 1f303ff6-817c-41da-8530-d34f87a6c69c_zps06ab0231.jpg
I have to say, though I think the pier is visually absolutely beautiful, that sort of entertainment isn't really my cup of tea. I love taking pictures of it but you wouldn't get me on the waltzers for love nor money.
 photo eb1d4f17-093c-4b33-bb7c-46804a2e6826_zps814752b1.jpg
One place that I can always get along with is anywhere that sells peculiar oddities and knicks knacks, particularly clothes. Enter Snoopers Paradise (surely the only shop where you enter via a turnstile) and you will find a department store of weird goodies. Of course it's a little overpriced, but not the most unreasonable place in Brighton by any stretch. Highlights of this trip included a seven foot knight statue, a one eyed baby on a swing and a Wurzel Gummidge doll that I myself had as a toddler (going for £25, so I may just dig it out again).
 photo 2a12dee1-7b95-4ef9-ac28-81e4be0e0830_zpsb0b89eba.jpg
Caption for this shot is 'quick, take a photo of me pretending to look thoughtfully at all of these clothes'

Stay tuned for another Brighton based outfit post! I mean, you can leave my blog, but do come back.

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  1. You look amazing, love this bright outfit and that bag is super cute! I've never been to Brighton before argh I need to fix this, always get so jell looking at beautiful photos like these! xx

  2. oh I love your dress, beautiful outfit, and pictures! x

  3. What a lovely dress! Looks you had an amazing time, beautiful pictures! (:

  4. Loved your bag & loved your blog. If you want we can follow each other
    via GFC & Bloglovin.
    Let me know!


  5. I love your dress (and a cheeky ASOS discount code can make all the difference!) and glasses. I've never ordered from Romwe but keep meaning to! Brighton looks beautiful, I've never been but every time I see photos of it I just want to jump on a train there immediately! <3

  6. Oh God, I just love Brighton !!!
    Makes me wanna goo!
    Your outfit is divine I love it, reminds of the holidays, sun and tiny wind :)
    Your bag is so cool, I'm gonna take your shopping advices gal;)

    By the way I'm yr new follower!

  7. sun, sea, and vintage shop are all my favourite! Would love to go to Brighton one day bc i've heard a lot about this city! xx

  8. I love your style. Just like a hippie, adore it. Check my blog.

  9. Love your style so much! That american apparel dress is so cute :)
    Great sunnies ! I'll be nominating you for the Company blogger awards for sure xx
    I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC. Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day ! xx
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  10. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had the most amazing time! And your hair s fabulous! :)

    M xx

  11. That dress is too die for, seriously! I love the color and the cut and the print! So beautiful <3
    xx, Malena

  12. Aww that dress is so perfect! Everywhere I've seen that has similar ones are super pricey. Awesome you got scooped it on a discount!!


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