Thursday, 3 April 2014

Embracing the Crop Top

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The prospect of Summer, after six months of what can only be described as frosty weather conditions, is making me feel very excited. As you might have already gathered, my sense of style doesn't necessarily translate itself well to the Summer months. This is probably why this outfit appears to be somewhere inbetween. But who knows, maybe in a few weeks I'll be getting more into the spirit. But being an English girl, I am intensely suspicious of positive weather changes, and it'll take more than a peek of the sun from behind the clouds to get me out of my tights.
 photo edf712b9-c29b-4541-a94a-4d4dd4cce03e_zpsaeb88f76.jpg
Hat - C/O Pieboy
Top and Skirt - Motel
Jacket - New Look (old)
Shoes - Olive and Frank
Bag - Zatchels

I thought it also might be a good time to address how summer clothing, which allows us to bare a bit more flesh, also forces you to stare your imperfections in the face, or in this case, the thighs, stomach, bingo wings - you get the idea. I would always avoid crop tops as a young girl, not just because it made me look less Miranda Kerr and more Winnie the Pooh, but because of a rather long scar across the middle of my stomach, from an operation I had when I was younger. Now, you can withhold taking out the violins for just a bit longer, but its just something I've been confronted with again now that I'm slightly more open to the prospect of wearing crop tops. Normally I just forget about it, or half expect everyone else to have one as well. But I guess I'll just have to put up with the one extra roll on my stomach!
 photo 45ef912d-0cc0-4aa7-89f5-d8d9049aa8d2_zpsbabfef2f.jpg
 photo df7a1268-6206-4f1a-b76a-dddc1278db2b_zps841768e9.jpg
Now on to the clothes. First mention goes to Pieboy, who are genuinely one of the loveliest companies I have worked with. They have a large selection of beanies to keep your head toasty, including a varsity line, so if you're at university you can wear the name of your establishment across your head with pride. I went for Urban Green, as I always find that green goes best with the purpley blue tones in my hair. The hat is so incredibly well made and I can sense that it will rarely leave my head for the last few weeks of cold weather!
My Motel combination is one of my new favourite outfits. People kill asking me if its a certain suspicious looking plant that is commonly smoked (I won't say it as I'm at least attempting the family friendly card) but this was not my intention when I bought it. It's actually sold as a 'palm leaf' print so make of that what you will. Motel are probably one of my favourite brands, their clothing is so fun colourful and young, and I'd wanted a top and skirt set for a while, and this will be absolutely perfect for Summer! I feel like this look is very East London girl, not a look that is necessarily becoming of me, but it's great for when the stubborn winter chill sticks around into June.

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  1. Amazing co-ord outfit! It looks fantastic on you :D

  2. You look amazing :)

  3. Your booty looks out of this world! I love this outfit so much, you definitely pull it off really well xx

  4. im loving this co-ord trend and you totes rock it girl! also i feel ya on the scar thing. i have a scar on my neck from a surgery when in was in high school and some days more than others im extremely self conscious about it. its probably why i keep my hair long even though i looove short hair. we need to embrace our battle scars! much easier said than done but we can do it one step at a time!

    at this volume

  5. You look absolutely amazing! I love how you're not afraid to show off a scar, I also have one on my tummy rom a recent surgery and have been gradually building up the courage to flash it in crops and such. So inspiring. Adore how the green print looks with your bright purple hair too! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  6. Wow I just love this outfit! So dope <3

  7. Very interesting look! Great colors :D

  8. Wow love the hair its amazing! And your style is crazy cool! :)

  9. I love this look! I've been eyeing up the motel coords for a while now....this one is so nice!

  10. You look amazing! Love this outfit <3

  11. if you're ever sick of people asking you if you're a smoker I can swap you this for something from my wardrobe? :D

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