Tuesday, 27 May 2014

School, university, what next?

So it's about that time again when I stroke my metaphorical beard (I've been trying to do a Conchita for weeks and I just can't) and write on the Rags of Love drawing board: 'Make a regular feature.' Many 'regular features' before this have crashed and burned in the space of a single post, but now that I'm free of all academic responsibilities I'm going to do my best to make it work, and bring a bit of blimmin' discipline to this goddamn place. It might not be as engaging as me squinting in an elaborately patterned dress but it'll have to do. I'm going to allocate a weekly place where I talk about ~deep~ topics such as confidence, anxiety and updates on life, all accompanied with an aggressively edited selfie. In this one I'm going to talk about my thoughts on finishing university. Right, and on we go...
 photo 27thmarch2jpg_zps601f58c9.jpg

What did university teach me? Well, it actually taught me some valuable lessons, including not to put a carton of soup in a microwave unless you want it to go up in flames, that throwing a bottle of lambrini is someone's face is not the way to settle an argument (disclaimer: this was not me), and that my mum had actually been doing the washing up for the last 18 years of my life and not a team of highly efficient but elusive house elves. Oh, and also, a little bit about poetry, theory and a few books.

I guess my point is that university was not so much an academic venture for me. I had come out of A levels, fresh faced and ready for a career in being all academic and clever and stuff, and now, aged 21, I've realised that despite its pulls, academia just isn't the thing that is going to make me want to get out of bed in the morning (before 11:30 anyway).

And now I've been thrown out on to the graduate job market, a pessimistic outlook of Dickensian proportions telling nightmare stories of an average of 3 million applications per job, and that was just to work in Starbucks. Some students have been able to rather more comfortably slot into a new career path such as teaching or a masters, but neither seemed like the place for me, which of course leaves me feeling just a little bit uncertain.

But there's something I like about that. It's only been now that I've not had that feeling of comfort and certainty in school or higher education, and the rest of my life has been laid out in front of me with a fair few questions to be answered and problems to be overcome, but hell, it's exciting. I haven't felt this excited about life in a long old while.

University gave me crucial social and living skills, and I need it to keep it at the front of my mind that I am so incredibly lucky to have been able to attend university, but it was not always an easy time and I often felt frustrated that I wasn't really able to go and pursue lots of the hobbies that I'd always wanted to.

I'm fully aware that there might be a fair few months of depressing unemployment and many many episodes of Jeremy Kyle, but I'm hoping with my new found knowledge of myself and this new manifestation called life that I'll be able to make the most the post graduate slump, maybe even do something, maybe even make things. Now that's an exciting thought to me.

Have any of you recently graduated? What were your thoughts on your uni experience, do you think it was worth it or could you have done without? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Saturday, 24 May 2014


Where the hell have I been? Well, I've been pretty much drowning under a sea of final essays and can now say that the dissertation is submitted and the degree completed, giving me ample time to get back into blogging. A few days after my deadline I went off to Prague with my friend Leigh, as we'd both decided a long time ago that we wanted to visit and thought we might as well hop to it as a post university celebration. Everything went super smoothly (which is good for me as I'm not very used to travelling), our hotel was absolutely brilliant, and the city was everything I had hoped for. I thought I would share the pictures with you as Prague is such a beautiful city, and there's a few outfits hidden in here too (oo).
 photo e813086f-04e5-440b-8f06-20f4543e293a_zps67a9cd63.jpg
Walking up the (many many) steps to Prague Castle!
 photo a1545148-75c7-4831-8939-50d83fc895d1_zpsac040d4c.jpg
The Astronomical Clock Tower. 
I have to say it was pretty underwhelming, though kind of sinister. Basically it goes off and all these skeleton and religious models start moving about which is pretty eerie but clearly it's a tourist favourite.
 photo 43c603e8-17d6-4a8a-b60a-87ca5265a818_zpsec5cab08.jpg
Day 1 outfit:
Co Ord set: Ark Clothing (appears to be sold out but I've linked their other co-ords!)
Sandals - Topshop (I think they're sold out?)
Seeing as it was going to be around 26 degrees for the whole 2 days we were were there I packed exclusively shorts and floaty summer dresses. I was really excited to wear this ark set as the English weather hadn't exactly allowed for it until now. Leigh and I spent a lot of the time walking round wondering why so many of the locals were wearing jeans and dressing in black. Apparently dressing in super skimpy summer outfits in this weather was equivalent to wearing a large sign with 'ENGLISH' written on it.
 photo 29d48151-e9e2-498f-a831-9199bf7e0ab5_zps59d018fc.jpg
View from Prague castle
 photo 70755580-d7b0-4653-b3e6-4da0aa8e96e3_zpsb9da71ab.jpg
Leigh was the designated map person!
 photo praguejpg_zpsebb0d1ce.jpg
...and I drank the cocktails! 
 photo praguepost3jpg_zps80e3d64e.jpg
Day Two Outfit:
Dress - Kate Moss for Topshop
Sunglasses - Asos

Bit of insider knowledge for you, I wasn't going to keep this dress, but I saved it from the clothing scrap heap at the very last minute. It is the famous Kate Moss pansy dress from her first collection for Topshop which I had wanted for so so long, and when I finally got my hands on it I was sort of disappointed by the feel of the material and the fit. I thought I'd give it one more go and I have to say I do like it a little more, although it's certainly not my favourite of my many many dresses.

 photo d5bf1c82-8a42-4813-9713-08bcbd625eab_zps0e055676.jpg
St George Basilica
 photo 9cf913ca-fb71-412b-aa5d-e74f096338c5_zpse560d059.jpg
Stained glass in St Vitus Cathedral
 photo 99e6a930-91ad-4a5b-9168-c2738b4e68f6_zps24b79aa8.jpg
View from Charles Bridge!

I hope you enjoyed my snaps! Expect a lot more from Rags of Love soon (not before time I know)!

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