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Inspiration Hour: How to be a #GirlBoss

'If you're one of the 60,000 girls on I added on Myspace back then, I'm sorry. Nasty Gal Vintage was run by a workaholic mutant dressed as the Easter Bunny.'  - Sophia Amoruso

I have always been a strong advocate of 'self help' books. I know exactly why this is, on one hand they can be the encouraging kick up the backside that is sometimes needed when one is feeling like they are getting stuck in a routine and a lull, yet on the other, I feel that sometimes I look to this form of literature as a quick fix to all my ailments. Sometimes I'll read one, such as Susan Jeffers 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' and Dale Carnegie's 'How to Make Friends and Influence People', put the book down and think: 'well that's great, but now what?' photo 647909be-5fb2-4229-b2e0-fd0ead945f3a_zpscd5d059f.jpg
This is why I was super excited to read about Nasty Gal entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso's new book #Girlboss. I've never actually shopped at Nasty Gal as it is an American company and the customs charges would be eyewatering, but this did not put me off. A book unashamedly targeted at the digital age, it promised a more relevant approach for young women who are looking to start their careers, and offered practical life advice, wryly commenting on the 'get what you want' quick fixes of old such as cosmic ordering (which is akin to bookmarking items in the Argos catalogue and leaving them in an obvious place for God to find).

I also feel that Girlboss is a particularly relevant term at the moment. In America, a campaign is going on to ban the word 'Bossy' when describing high up women in the workplace. Whilst male CEO's and workers are often described as confident and assertive, many people struggle to tell the difference between a female CEO telling you to finish that report and their 'naggy' wives telling them to put up some shelves. And that ain't right.

Sophia is clearly a woman who has climbed her way to the top. She expresses how she did not have a private education and worked many dull jobs before she started up an ebay business that would one day turn into a fully fledged shop with a turnover of $100 million. I found her approach exceedingly refreshing, a totally no nonsense attitude as she explains frankly how anybody can make it to the top, if they want it enough and are willing to put the hours in.
 photo e9244e93-2666-4dfd-ad9e-a4adce1c7860_zps1790dc1b.jpg
Cutting to the chase, this book really did make a positive impact on me. I personally have never had a real drive to make lots of money or become a high flying businesswoman, but Sophia accounts for those people too who just want to find the job that is right for them. She shows that you won't always get it right first time, that you might not fall into your dream job, and occasionally stumble along the way. She talks about the power of magical thoughts, and how we should not waste our time on negativity, as this breeds yet more negativity.

Being able to understand the motivations of a young businesswoman working in fashion makes it easier for young women to realise that nothing is out of their reach. It overrides that dichotomy of having a dream but feeling that it is inaccessible because of birth circumstances or lack of motivation, because for Sophia, she went from creating an ebay account to 'making $150,000 over lunch' in 7 years. It's inspired me, in my uncertainty as to what I actually really want from life, to move forward and make positive steps, to get out of bed in the morning and carpe diem. Sophia's writing style is honest but firm, reminding us that  in the workplace we are not special little snowflakes, reminding introverts that they should not feel like the work environment is not for them (particularly relevant to me) and that we should pursue what we feel is right for us, because life is too short to constantly work in jobs you dislike and spent endless amounts of time thinking about those who've done you wrong.

Life ultimately, is self invention, and centres around what we ourselves choose to create. Amoruso gets that, and along with a selection of testimonials from other Girlbosses and gorgeous fashion illustrations, she brings a new form of self help to the modern age.

#GirlBoss is avaliable in the UK on Amazon.

Have you read Girlboss and if so what did you think? What are your career aspirations?

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  1. I can't wait to get reading this, it gonna make us all turn business and success crazy though! xxx


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