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Oxford Eats: Georgina's Coffee Shop

The main rule of thumb on this blog is that I don't do food reviews. Yes, I can definitely eat it in plentiful supply, but ask me to tell you the different between asparagus and avocado and I'm completely lost. Don't even get me started on trying to pronounce 'quinoa'. I mean come on, it's quee-no-ah right?

But there's some places that I think deserve some more attention. I've very briefly shared this gem before in my Oxford at Christmas post, tucked up a secluded yet simultaneously hard to miss set of pink stairs in Oxford's famous Covered Market (which has recently been in trouble due to extortionate rent increases, shame on you Oxford council). A few weeks ago whilst visiting home I decided to go again with mum in tow. After climbing the day glo pink stairs you're greeted with an equally pink room plastered with movie and film posters, I have to say, it's probably the most jolly looking place you'll ever see - it makes the Breakfast Club look like your local Starbucks. And you'll be pleased to hear it's not simply style (though it's got a lot of that) over substance - the food is completely delicious as well.
 photo 23b2c9de-c84a-486c-a7d1-3ab4a07044b3_zpsea51c32a.jpg

 photo b4c9a929-8126-4474-b60a-e0c08c61ea2e_zpsc4c4301f.jpg

When you've got over how damn lovely the place is to look at, it's time for the food/drink, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the selection. Though a small food menu, it's generally got something to suit a range of tastes, and it's particularly good if you're a veggie and struggle to find places that do more than one veggie option. I took my mum along (who is very camera shy, which explains the lack of my usual selfies) and whilst she picked the soup, I plumped for the roasted veggie wrap. I'd had the chilli one before but being extremely white I found it just a little bit hot, but the roasted vegetable one was just perfect for me, in fact it was so delicious I am currently mentally reliving the experience as I write this. It came with two different sauces and a salad which were super complimentary. Mum spoke highly of her tomato soup as well. I've heard some Oxford locals complain that Georgina's is a little bit expensive, but I have to say I can't really understand that (maybe because I'm conditioned to London prices), most of the main meals range from £5 to £7, and I'd say that the drinks aren't necessarily cheap but still entirely reasonable (I've yet to try one of their famous milkshakes but they look amazing)!

 photo d21c1c9c-0245-4901-917d-fd97c43f078f_zps9d3d7839.jpg

 photo 6006b29e-066e-4cc2-b9d3-8bdaa607afc3_zpse97287a3.jpg

 photo 6018d7ba-1698-4d5b-9961-f6bf81a2488b_zpsb757eb5b.jpg
I just love everything about the place, from the atmosphere, the pleasant staff, the decoration, the endless conversation topics encouraged by the movie posters and magazines splashed everywhere, oh and the amazing food of course. If you're hoping to visit Georgina's I'd recommend not going during the Oxford food rush hour (it's a thing...which I've just made up) of say, Saturday lunchtime, as the place is slightly squeezed for space. But if you don't mind cozying up with fellow tourists and locals, I honestly couldn't recommend this place highly enough.

This post was done in collaboration with Goodmans for an Oxford guide curated by Oxford Business Park.  Thanks to them for letting me re explore one of my favourite places (and do what I should have done for the last 18 years and finally take mum out to lunch).
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  1. This place looks so cozy & lively!! I'm going to London next month & was thinking of visiting Oxford!! I must try out this place! :)

  2. I love the look of this place and the food looks great! The decor is just so cool and like you say, a conversation piece! I think the food prices are definitely reasonable and I'm not used to London prices and a tight wad when it comes to buying lunch out tbh aha.


  3. in love with the decor! so cosy!

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