Monday, 30 June 2014


Something that might strike you as odd if you know me in person or you're a regular blog reader, is that I used to hate the colour yellow. I'm naturally dark haired and I always felt that it didn't quite match up with my skin tone. Recently, I have absolutely embraced it. It seems simplistic to subscribe to that idea that dressing in bright colours actually improves your mood, but I have to say, it often works for me! And that is why you're being 'treated' to a sunflowery look today... photo 6b0b1483-ed69-4c87-97e4-81ca9a9f02c8_zps1b27d3d2.jpg
This floral dress was kindly sent to me by House of Fraser, and I absolutely love the intricate floral print. It is probably the ultimate tea dress, and thankfully, long enough so I don't have to wear shorts under it (a problem shared by tall girls across the globe). I dressed it down here for an outfit that I would actually, shockingly, wear outside of my back garden, which is more than you can say for most of my outfit posts.
 photo c10da010-5912-4268-a663-1b053881f4b4_zps8a3b0dea.jpg

Dress - C/O House of Fraser
Hat - H&M
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Kanken via Olive (sold out in yellow but available in purple and black)!

 photo 063cddd2-9f1f-4c88-9e7d-a9b8d451a44c_zpsfe2df064.jpg
Another thing I love about yellow is the way it goes with red, which may sound just a little bit Ronald McDonald, but I absolutely love the contrast and hopefully it doesn't look too clown like. Alongside my yellow beanie I wore my Mac 'Lady Danger' lipstick, which really is the perfect red. I promise you, I've actually found it, after years of searching! Also, this is the proper debut of my new backpack. Kankens seem to be the rucksack of choice now, as they come in an array of colours and are particularly useful for laptop users! Mine has been an absolute godsend and a wise investment for when I'm going away for the weekend or need to lug my laptop around.

What colours make you happy?
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  1. Yellow suits you very well! I think I do not own anything else yellow than yellow shorts (that I never wear).

  2. i LOVE yellow and you look gorgeous wearing it:)

  3. Yellow looks lovely on you! Absolutely adore this outfit, all the colours make me so happy and you look absolutely beautiful! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. I love that look ! It s so cool.
    Your hair suits the yellow color perfectly :)


  5. I love yellow! It's one of the most dominant colours in my wardrobe (after black and white) and I brought nearly all of them to the US. That bag is lovely and I so like your dress, perfect for summer :) xx

  6. Wow I love this dress !
    Saskia! xo

  7. You look fantastic! I really like that floral print, it's different to all the ones I've seen before.

  8. You really suit yellow! I love your dress too :) xx


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