Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dip Dying my Hair Pink with Bleach Rose

I've been flirting with the idea for a while of doing a beauty feature on this blog, despite knowing really nothing at all about beauty products except for how to order them on a worryingly regular basis. However, the temptation to start a feature called 'Bel's Beauty Bits' is strong.

I'd actually ordered a whole load of products from the 'Bleach London' line a while back. For those of you who aren't in the loop or down with the kids, Bleach London is an achingly cool salon in Dalston (where all the hip hop happening kids live) who became well known for their lust worthy unnatural hair colourings, which unsurprisingly grabbed my attention. When they released a selection of hair dyes and other products in Boots, I was the first one scratching frantically at the doors, demanding an array of impractical hair colours in super trendy packaging. It's only now that I finally got round to properly 'sorting out' (bleaching the living daylights out of) my hair and finally getting in on the dip dye trend (which I realise is now 'soooo 2012' but hell who cares) and I thought I would share a little review and the results with you!
 photo 47eb248c-908b-46a8-8e3f-856832e26d47_zps73c46d06.jpg
Now as far as semi permanent guides go, I can't pretend that I notice an inordinate amount of difference between them, so in many ways it can come down to the design, and even the naming of the dye. I love the way Bleach named their dyes (awkward peach being a personal favourite) and I thought that the bottle for Bleach Rose looked so gorgeous that it's actually been sitting pride of place on my dressing table for a while. The dye itself was easy to apply, and seeing as I was only doing the ends of my hair, I just applied it with my hands, which surprisingly worked brilliantly and I didn't miss any bits (I usually miss out a whole chunk of my hair without realising when I'm doing it alone).
 photo 3641c9fa-9ca0-4cd6-9d56-c12f595281b1_zps30bbeb63.jpg
The before and after! Peculiarly enough I appear to have developed a tan overnight as well, although it might just be the bronzer I use. 

Part of me hopes that putting the pink tones in my hair might help dull the green tones in my bleached hair (residue from a particularly stubborn blue), but for now I absolutely adore the pink and am pleasantly surprised/shocked by how well the dying process went.

You can buy Bleach London dyes in LOADS OF COLOURS at large Boots stores and online. A similar review of their hair styling products is to come.
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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bel and the Machine

'Festival, boho chic' my mind suggested to me whilst I was deliberating what to call this post. Sensible, relevant and possibly search optimising suggestions though they are, I thought I would make reference to a style icon I looked to in creating this outfit. So, 'Bel and the Machine' it is! Yes, I actually made that editorial decision.
I love Florence and the Machine and I have been fondly listening to her a lot more recently. I absolutely adore both of her albums (although Ceremonials is a clear favourite) and have been fortunate enough to see her awkwardly whirling about a stage with that incredible, incredible voice. She is so striking and statuesque, but nonetheless totally accessible to a clumsy, tall lady like me. Her style is amazing, long floaty gowns with intricate details which make her quite a sight to see when on stage, let me tell you. She seems to be taking a break at the moment but I'm excited to see her reintroduce herself, because though she is in many ways a mainstream artist, there was something so refreshingly different about her that I and many others could get on board with.
 photo 27d410a5-8843-4825-a39d-caa3f2f2360e_zpsd9df8077.jpg
I certainly felt a little bit Florencey in this outfit. The TK Maxx cardigan is very much a target at the festival season, although not being much of a festival goer myself I did wonder whether it would be an open invitation to get covered in mud. However, I love the way it feels to wear and it goes perfectly with this beautiful dress. It makes me feel like a princess, although truthfully I'm not entirely sure how a princess feels, but you know.
I'm super proud of this dress. Wandering round South Shields market (a large seaside town in the North East of England) I noticed a stall filled with beautifully curated second hand clothing, with the sign '2 for £5!' emblazoned across it. Let me tell you, I was excited. I picked out two dresses, including this one, and went away with the extremely smug satisfaction of knowing that they would be £35 each down in some horrendously overpriced vintage shop in London. I've actually got a post on Tyne and Wear vintage shops on the way!
 photo 384e5a91-a4bf-419a-9627-d999c444dd00_zps5f79774a.jpg
Dress - Secondhand
Fringed cardigan - TK Maxx
Shoes - Doc Martens
Sunglasses - Romwe
 photo a308acbd-e008-4e57-bfc2-c68c03f14b8f_zpsbfed9e9e.jpg

 photo 8a1b80bd-94e0-48b6-adf9-ae211d242581_zpsc3be3bee.jpg
This post is also the premiere of my new boots! These were a find in a charity shop in South Shields. My buying was accompanied by a backing track of a busker covering John Legend and Ed Sheeran, a sight made more captivating by the old age pensioner who took it upon herself to provide dancing accompaniment for AN HOUR (this actually happened, there was a lot of hip swivelling and creative wielding of her walk stick). I bought these almost new boots at the bargain price of £25! This was on the same day as buying the dress so my GOD was I smug.

(Regarding my brand spanking new hair, there will be a post about it this week!)
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