Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bel and the Machine

'Festival, boho chic' my mind suggested to me whilst I was deliberating what to call this post. Sensible, relevant and possibly search optimising suggestions though they are, I thought I would make reference to a style icon I looked to in creating this outfit. So, 'Bel and the Machine' it is! Yes, I actually made that editorial decision.
I love Florence and the Machine and I have been fondly listening to her a lot more recently. I absolutely adore both of her albums (although Ceremonials is a clear favourite) and have been fortunate enough to see her awkwardly whirling about a stage with that incredible, incredible voice. She is so striking and statuesque, but nonetheless totally accessible to a clumsy, tall lady like me. Her style is amazing, long floaty gowns with intricate details which make her quite a sight to see when on stage, let me tell you. She seems to be taking a break at the moment but I'm excited to see her reintroduce herself, because though she is in many ways a mainstream artist, there was something so refreshingly different about her that I and many others could get on board with.
 photo 27d410a5-8843-4825-a39d-caa3f2f2360e_zpsd9df8077.jpg
I certainly felt a little bit Florencey in this outfit. The TK Maxx cardigan is very much a target at the festival season, although not being much of a festival goer myself I did wonder whether it would be an open invitation to get covered in mud. However, I love the way it feels to wear and it goes perfectly with this beautiful dress. It makes me feel like a princess, although truthfully I'm not entirely sure how a princess feels, but you know.
I'm super proud of this dress. Wandering round South Shields market (a large seaside town in the North East of England) I noticed a stall filled with beautifully curated second hand clothing, with the sign '2 for £5!' emblazoned across it. Let me tell you, I was excited. I picked out two dresses, including this one, and went away with the extremely smug satisfaction of knowing that they would be £35 each down in some horrendously overpriced vintage shop in London. I've actually got a post on Tyne and Wear vintage shops on the way!
 photo 384e5a91-a4bf-419a-9627-d999c444dd00_zps5f79774a.jpg
Dress - Secondhand
Fringed cardigan - TK Maxx
Shoes - Doc Martens
Sunglasses - Romwe
 photo a308acbd-e008-4e57-bfc2-c68c03f14b8f_zpsbfed9e9e.jpg

 photo 8a1b80bd-94e0-48b6-adf9-ae211d242581_zpsc3be3bee.jpg
This post is also the premiere of my new boots! These were a find in a charity shop in South Shields. My buying was accompanied by a backing track of a busker covering John Legend and Ed Sheeran, a sight made more captivating by the old age pensioner who took it upon herself to provide dancing accompaniment for AN HOUR (this actually happened, there was a lot of hip swivelling and creative wielding of her walk stick). I bought these almost new boots at the bargain price of £25! This was on the same day as buying the dress so my GOD was I smug.

(Regarding my brand spanking new hair, there will be a post about it this week!)
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  1. So so perfect for the summers, this whole outfit! <3
    And I'm totally eyeing your boots!

  2. So in love with this outfit! The dress and boots look perfect together and your hair is a dream <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. This outfit is perfect, I cannot believe you got the boots for £25, lucky you! Beautiful! x

  4. I adore this outfit especially that cardigan! Florence and the machine are definitely pretty amazing! I love her energy on stage!


  5. I love what you've done with your hair! Goes really well with your shoes :)

  6. THEM SHOOOOOES wow <3 xxx

  7. Those boots are amazing!!! I also adore your hair! Perfection!

  8. This is such a cute outfit! I feel like I've overlistened to Florence and the Machine but I stll love her style. She has the most incredible wardrobe, and you pull of the Florence look so well! Your dress is gorgeous, and you can never go wrong with a tassely kimono. Your shoes are amazing, and very pink! I'm not going to any fetsivals this year but I wish I was, partly so I could get away with wearing "festival" clothes for a week. Also, my boyfriend is from the North East and the charity shops up there are pretty good! I swear by the Salvation Army in Durham xx

  9. Amazing hair! I love it so much! Thanks for sharing!
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