Sunday, 10 August 2014

Pencil skirts and trainers

Oops! I did it again...I forgot to blog. I say 'forgot', truthfully it has been in the back of my mind whilst a lot of different things have been going on, particularly graduating from my university with a degree in English Literature (first class, lord only knows how that happened), working full time at my job, and moving all my many dresses from one house to the other. I've currently shacked up with the annoyingly gorgeous Daniela of Couture and Crumpets in a blogger's house. I still don't feel entirely settled (I'm only staying there for a month), but I'm hoping I can get back into a proper routine by the end of August.
 photo ed65d6c4-92fd-4a23-a0f7-b5612bfd238c_zps61431328.jpg
Top - Primark
Skirt - Phoebe Lettice for Illustrated People
Bag - Kanken
Shoes - Nike via Asos (sold out I think)

But I have an outfit for you today! I wore this to work a few days ago and I absolutely loved the combination of the pencil skirt and trainers, which I never thought would actually work, but some what marvellously it did!
This Phoebe - Lettice for Illustrated People skirt is actually my new favourite. It is so flattering and the pattern is adorable. If you don't know, Phoebe was the eccentric dresser on Made in Chelsea who rolled her eyes a lot, something that I feel we have in common. I bought two pencil skirts from her collection as they are so practical and go with everything. This skirt has a junkfood theme, if you look very closely you can see little juice cartons on it.
 photo fbd76401-6017-405e-adfb-f98ca6068699_zpsea99870b.jpg
Alongside the skirt I wore these AMAZING nike shoes that I bought from Asos. Yes alright, I know they're actually meant for people who can run for more than 5 seconds without falling to the ground in a heap (hello, my exercise routine), but I completely fell for the neon colour. They immediately make the pencil skirt more casual, as well as being so comfortable.
 photo ecd6f362-bc66-4c39-84dc-e88b0c7fdccd_zps598314bb.jpg
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  1. Love this look, Big fan of pencil skirts and sneakers

  2. Great look! That skirt is so so flattering on you! :)

  3. I never would have thought to pair a pencil skirt with sneakers, but I really like it. The look is great on you!
    xx Tessie

  4. Congratulations on your degree! that is fantastic! :D
    Good luck with the big move and I love this outfit too :D glad to see you blogging again :)

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