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Inner City Mermaid - Rodarte S/S 2015 Inspired Lookbook

Sometimes it's a bit difficult to get excited about fashion. For some people, I realise, it's completely impossible. The new Gap ads which I keep seeing everywhere including the tagline 'stay boring' reflect that. This is why I usually only glance at the new fashion week collections, but as I saw last week with Shrimps, the new season fashion is bringing something colourful and exciting to the table. And this is, well, this is something else. Rodarte's S/S 2015 collection was a mixture of mermaid and pirate inspired pieces, displaying such an immense amount of detail that it would be damn near impossible to replicate on the high street.  The dresses are the main thing I'll be focusing on here, which can only be described as 'mermaid sport luxe', Rodarte clearly like to mix up their trends. Although let's be honest, I don't reckon many mermaids actually do much more sport than swimming, but try not to think too much into the odd concept. So unless you've got $22,000 (yes, your next expenditure could be between a couture gown and a car) to hand to buy one of these beautiful dresses, then you might have to stick about for my tips on recreating the look on a um, slightly smaller budget.
 photo 75fa8988-9b28-49d6-a58f-654df33d93ac_zps0a4fa037.jpg
 photo look1rags_zpsb53cf489.jpg
Cardigan - TK Maxx
Dress - Unif via Nasty Gal (only available in xs)
Bralet - Motel (sold out)
Skirt - Topshop via Ebay
Shoes - Nike via Asos

My first look incorporates the use of textures from the collection such as sequins and netting. I've created quite a layered outfit, with a Motel multicoloured sequinned bra under an equally multicoloured Unif dress. I've wanted this dress for a while (spoiler, this post also turns into half a Unif haul), and after seeing it on sale on American site Nastygal, I snapped it up (I also wrote a review about Nastygal founder Sophia Amoruso's book a while ago). I've paired it with my absolute favourite Topshop mermaid skirt and Nike shoes to complete the sports luxe look. The lace cardigan over the top was a last minute inclusion to the outfit, but I think it definitely adds something a little ethereal, as well as adding yet another texture to it!
 photo eb8c8fa5-e134-4a51-a4fb-5b8415c008f3_zps70f0c6f7.jpg

 photo 5c51b02d-57fb-44ad-ae32-5b34b727d21f_zps4603b919.jpg

 photo look2rags_zpsbe710da9.jpg
Dress (over top) - Unif via Depop
Shorts - Motel
Dress - Secondhand
Purse - River Island
 photo 116e1f8a-8aff-4077-b5fd-ea53767c5164_zps7ca8bded.jpg
My second look is less 'practical mermaid playing tennis' and more 'impractical mermaid about to down shots and probably fall down on her butt drunk in the street, but at least wearing comfy shoes'. I'm not sure what the designers at Rodarte would think of this one, but I felt that it pays homage to Rodarte's use of glistening fabrics by layering the sequins under the lacy dress. It's just a bit daring, but if I get too shy, I can always button up my Unif dream dress over it. This dress is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to actually wear it out, but for now I think it replicates the beautiful colours of the sea and the skyline. It's the only garment for mermaids to be seen in, don't you know.
 photo 31936a70-dd70-468c-8051-f068e041e2cc_zps041b121c.jpg

 photo 63247da0-16f2-492d-b90e-274f765c14c4_zpsd31cb469.jpg

 photo 52ac644b-f3c0-4693-82a0-57a0c6d9dc46_zps3d140c1e.jpg
So in conclusion, if you want to make yourself look like a couture mermaid for your next night out, then look out for netting, sequins, holographic fabrics and sporty accessories. I also added some beachy waves to my hair by spraying Bleach Swamp Spritz after washing. You can achieve the look of these lovely ladies here by layering all these textures on top and going for floor sweeping evening gowns. You could even copy the fish hook eyebrows but frankly I wouldn't recommend it. If you're near the seaside you could even go down there and pick some shells and other such fun things up and glue them to your outfit, although I take no responsibility for any damage to your garments as a result of that.
 photo bab4933f-7315-47cd-8e02-358d6e3e0ee4_zps9be054cc.jpg
Some inspiration from the collection!
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  1. You absolute babe! These outfits are just so amazing, I can't even... the colours, the textures, the layering! Absolutely perfect <3

  2. nothing else to say. simply awesome outfits, you have an amazing taste and feeling for fabrics & colours. flawless!!!


  3. Ok you have some fab looks on this blog but these are actually amazing. Your talent for styling is snowballing I swear.

  4. AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. following. I love these outfits! I wish I could pull these off.

  5. Omg massive love for these outfits!

  6. Interesting looks, love how you've taken inspiration from the SS15 catwalks xx

  7. I would love to be able to wear these outfits, look 2 is my FAV! amazing...xx

  8. You are so pretty <3

  9. Beautiful looks! I love all the color and sparkles you incorporated.

    xx E∆

  10. Have you shown Freyia this post because she would be all over it! You look great in these photos, also what the hell that bralet?! Is it bejewlled? Because I have one similar and we should totally go out as twinsies. xx

  11. STUNNNING! Mermaid princess. Love this daring look.


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