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My Hair Dye Saga: How I went from Blue to Blonde hair

You may have noticed that I dye my hair a lot. I have been almost every colour, starting off at the age of 16 with my mum helping me put a purpley red tint into my natural mousey brown hair (I have dad to thank for my naturally mousey, wispy, and cowlick-ey locks) and going through to blonde, green, pink, black, blue, and now white, silvery blonde. As you can imagine, this has not been straightforward. There have been total disasters, where my hair has ended up a grey, greeny, sludgy brown colour, yum.
But one of the great obstacles I have faced as a hair dye obsessive is getting blues and greens out of my hair that have stained over time. Let me tell you, going from blue hair to blonde is no picnic. It took months of strategic hard work, patience, blood, sweat and tears (I wish I was joking) and some extremely fortunate friendships with hair experts to get me to my desired white hair colour. I haven't seen a post that goes into this much detail about how to go from blue/greens to blondes on the internet, so I'm really hoping that this can help a lot of people!
 photo a72e3ed3-0de3-4b03-9099-5a070a1226ae_zps7b5e7256.jpg

From left to right: My starting point, blue hair, after stripping it three times, a greeny blonde, a blue blonde after further stripping, and now, a white blonde after stripping, two bleaching sessions and toning with purple shampoo. Et voila! 

 photo strippinghairbanner_zps142b0389.jpg

Before you get worried mum, I haven't been selling my body so as to fund my hair dye addiction. Stripping refers to stripping the hair of dye. This was a really significant step in changing my hair colour. The great thing about stripping your hair is that it is easy, and cheap, and you'll probably already have half of the ingredients in your house. With certain hair colours, such as pink, it might just take a wash with some cheap poundland dandruff shampoo. However, blues and greens stain the hair like nothing else - so I had to go for a more severe treatment. Luckily, I found this brilliant stripping treatment on Haircrazy. You'll probably feel like a witch mixing all these different ingredients together and putting it on your hair, but the results are genuinely astonishing. Other products I would recommend adding to the mix are Bleach Washing Out Liquid, which I included in the above treatment. I would leave the mixture on the hair for an hour each time, and I think I did this about 5-6 times. It took me to the light greeny blue that you see above - a much better base to bleach over!

 photo bleachingbanner_zps42cf3dd3.jpg

Unfortunately, bleaching can be a crucial component to changing hair colour when your hair has been stained by hair dye. But it's important to stress that bleaching your hair should be a last resort, particularly if your hair has already been bleached. I have to admit, I've nearly killed my hair many times by bleaching it, so it's important to be extremely careful. I'm lucky enough to have pretty resilient hair (touch wood!) and so I've not had any complete disasters thus far. After stripping my hair to a minty green colour, I got my friend Luke to bleach over it for me. I was slightly disappointed with the result (not in any part due to Luke's brilliant work) as my hair was still green (albeit lighter). I guess the important thing to take from this is that bleach is not the be all and end all, and certainly won't turn your hair into a perfect blonde on the first go. However, the important thing is that it made my base significantly lighter and was important to prepare for the next step...

 photo toningbanner_zpse6407bc0.jpg

If you dye your hair lots of different colours but aren't familiar with colour theory and the colour wheel, then it's time to swot up, because it could save your butt. This hair crazy article will tell you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of it. In my case, I was battling against extremely stubborn blues and greens in my hair that even lots of stripping and bleaching couldn't quite budge. So, when I look at the colour wheel, I can see the opposite colour to blue and green are red and pink tones. So, I needed to put something on my hair that has red and pink tones. This was a very gradual process, but after a few months I really did start to see my hair changing and most of the green disappearing. The products that I used over this time were Directions Cerise (I had a bit of a accident with this and turned my hair completely pink, remember to DILUTE with conditioner kids), Loreal Pink conditioner, and ketchup. 'Wait, hold up, ketchup??' Yes, ketchup is known for neutralising green tones in the hair. It wasn't quite the match for that amount of stained green, but it certainly helped.

 photo conditioning_zps7b95a3be.jpg

This is super, super important. Stripping, bleaching, and dying the hair can leave your hair feeling extremely dry, and essentially killing it. After every stripping and bleaching session, it's important to put conditioner on, and leave it on for up to three hours. This could help save your hair, and after all, the better condition your hair is in, the easier it will be to get an even colour in the future! I personally used this Alberto Balsam conditioner (which smells amazing) and this Bleach London reincarnation mask over the past few months.

After doing all of this, my hair still has tendrils of green, and is by no means even, but it's about as close to white blonde as I'm going to get. I've been using Touch of Silver shampoo and Bleach Silver conditioner to maintain the silvery blonde, as well as using my favourite beauty product Johnsons Baby Powder to refresh it between washes (the great thing about that product is that it makes my hair super white, as you can see in the last picture above!)

If you have any other questions about hair dye related things, let me know in the comments and I'll try and help as best I can!
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  1. Fantastic post!
    This is probably the best written (and best method) I've read in years. My sister is a hairdresser so I'm a bit if a hair snob but I can't fault this at all -I need to try these conditioners (I've been using Aussies 3minute miracle lately but I need a change) I only wish I had super strong hair like yours.

  2. ahahh it took me ages and quite a bit of bleach to get blue and green out :D


  3. cool story <3

    x Maria
    New outfit post up on my blog
    featuring MY NEW SMOCK DRESS

  4. I'd like to dye my hair a fun color but i think i would fail miserably at the maintenance, your hair looks great!!!

  5. Bleaching my hair was a last resort since I'd had some breakage last summer, so I ended up washing my hair with head &a shoulders shampoo for a few weeks.. I used a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and lemon on my hair a couple of times, and when I couldn't get my hair out of the mint green phase I put a red toner on it... My hair then turned a rose pink-red colour, which I liked so I stuck with it for a few weeks before putting a blonde box dye in my hair (I know, but there was a theory behinds it because I needed to lighten my hair and dye it anyway) and then a blue toner and now it's ash blonde which is what I was going for. :)

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  7. The vitamin C method (crushed up pills) in conjunction w/dish-soap & baking soda worked fairly well for me (started out w/a deep blue & turquoise/teal color).

    The only suggestion I have is to use cruelty-free products (there are tons of choices out there that don't test on animals). :)

    You're beautiful, btw.

  8. So my daughter bleached her hair then put teal on it looked green so we got loreal color remover and it left it light green so couple wks later she put Splat Teal on it but the green is still there mostly Teal this time around but She wants to go back blonde what is the Best way to accomplish the Mission? ? Please and Thank you Kindly


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