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Shrimps Inspired Faux Fur Lookbook

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Despite running ('running' seems a far too formal and professional word for what I do here but hey) a fashion blog, I'm not really very into designers. As I've said before, I've found it hard to fill the Luella Bartley shaped hole from when the company went into administration. I've had mild flirtations with certain collections, as well as amazing designers such as Orla Kiely, Charles Anastase and tumblr favourite Meadham Kirchhoff. One of my new flatmates used to work for Meadham Kirchhoff so I've been having a great time waxing lyrical about some of their amazing collections, although sometimes the looks are a bit bonkers, even for me.
London Fashion Week has just been and gone, and as usual I've been pretty terrible at keeping up with things. But there is a new brand (and subsequent trend) that has really caught my eye. Shrimps is a brand by Hannah Weiland that focuses on colourful faux fur coats. Now, I love colour, and I really, really like coats. I have quite a collection going! I was really excited to see snippets of the Shrimps presentation on Susie Bubble's mini documentary on BBC iPlayer. There was so much furry, furry goodness. I thought I'd make the most of my large collection of fur coats and do a little 'get the look' for the new Shrimps collection. I've got two looks for you - hope you like!

 photo look1rags_zpsb53cf489.jpg

 photo 664d9a46-8604-4e9b-b602-903e07431d9b_zps6729e004.jpg
Coat - Charity Shop
Top - Primark
Skirt - Daisystreet (out of stock I think)
Bag - Choies
Shoes - River Island (old)
Sunglasses - Gift Shop in Prague

There was a focus on leopard print coats at the Shrimps presentation. Luckily I picked up this one from a charity shop near me the other day for just £6! The Shrimps ones were accessorised with colourful collars, something I tried to replicate with a burst of colour from my purple ski goggles and yellow vinyl skirt.
'Wait, did you just say, purple ski goggles?' Yes, dear reader, yes. I saw these in a tourist shop in Prague and just could not resist. They haven't had an outing yet, and they look pretty bloody silly on, but I really love them. I think they make me look a bit like Tank Girl, or Crazy Frog, depending on how you look at it. You can of course recreate this outfit minus the ski goggles, but I think they're the icing on the crazy, crazy cake.
 photo 3b4ae8bc-1862-4908-b388-e3b37e827fa9_zps74884f20.jpg

 photo d2147921-dc57-431b-b894-a81896ed53a8_zps2891223d.jpg

 photo look2rags_zpsbe710da9.jpg

 photo 555a7311-4a59-4fcc-91ef-a03623b1bcd9_zps8c3ecfe5.jpg
Coat - C/O Sammydress (sold out)
Top - Primark
Skirt - Phoebe Lettice for Illustrated People (on sale at the moment!!)
Wallet - River Island (old sale item)
Shoes - Charity Shop

Ah, this coat. This coat is really, really amazing. It's from a Chinese company called Sammydress, and seeing as it was one size I was actually surprised that it fitted me when it came, but it actually fits like a dream! It's such a vivid colour, that really reminded me of the colourful bags and shoes that Shrimps were showing off at their presentation.
 photo 3f383aaf-a9c8-4c67-9318-84d4a12909a5_zpsa76f2e90.jpg

 photo 05a8980c-0608-4ec0-928a-54f858fe6972_zpse6fc06d0.jpg
I paired it with my second Phoebe Lettice skirt, which has an amazing, intricate dinosaur print on it! I think what I really like about Phoebe's collection is the details, which make for incredibly fun pieces of clothing (yes, pieces of clothing can be fun, don't question it). It's as if it was created to go with this coat!
 photo f38e0947-ced4-4dfe-ab69-860d6ede4269_zps103c471c.jpg

These are just a few photos of the collection! Lovingly borrowed from Telegraph, Tumblr and Seen.

 photo e32116e4-e55c-4bc2-82f5-9b98d34f3202_zps57f8c5fc.jpg

You'll probably be seeing a lot more faux fur inspired fashion from me over the Winter months! And I'll also be doing another fashion week inspired lookbook soon!
Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram


  1. Very cool post! This makes cat walk to highstreet look very easy to achieve! I'm a big fan of faux fur coats and can't wait to wear my leopard print one when it gets colder!!


  2. a) I think I have a new fav brand
    c) the pink fur coat x3333


  3. That Choies bag is awesome!!

    Ekaete x

  4. I love both looks but that yellow skirt is AMAZE!!


    Sade xo

    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?



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