Thursday, 9 October 2014

London Edge Street Style

Here's a confession for you - I consider myself as a bit of a crap blogger. This is something that I'm trying to amend at the moment, but in the past I have seen many personal blogs kick the bucket, I have been a ridiculously sporadic poster, and taken a selection of outfit photographs without removing the rather unattractive background props of a mop and bucket. Alongside my blog friend Laila (oo friend, blog friend) we joke that we're a new wave of 'crap bloggers', so as a result it was a real surprise when I started actually getting invited to proper events to schmooze with my fellow kind. Last month I attended London Edge, an alternative trade exhibition that shows in London and Berlin, for a blogger's meetup which included cupcakes, champagne, and most importantly, a gift bag. Oh, and also, other bloggers, who were all absolutely lovely. Did I take lots of photos? No, of course not, because I am useless. Luckily, I've found a few from the day that I'd thought I'd share with you, just so that you can see some truly top class outfits...
 photo 864a8c4b-3a6b-404a-baf8-b46e6b9e280a_zps07364da1.jpg
Jacket - Unif via depop (sold out otherwise)
Top - Adidas and the Farm Company from Urban Outfitters (sold out)
Skirt - Topshop via Ebay
Shoes - Nike via Asos
Bag - Choies

First off, my outfit. This is actually Andini's photo because I managed to not take a photo of myself for A WHOLE DAY. That's actually a lie because I instagrammed this look instead, ah well. I'm wearing a selection of my absolute favourite articles of clothing, including my mermaid skirt and the current holy grail of my wardrobe, my Unif jacket. I look like a proper blogger in this photo with my lanyard and DSLR!

 photo londonedge4_zps20a1035c.jpg
I was lucky enough to be able to meet the lady behind one of my favourite blogs, Andini of Adventures of an Anglophile. If you haven't seen her blog,then hop off of this one because hers is just amazing! The girl has an amazing sense of style, let me tell you, her blog really is one of the best out there. She is also photogenic as hell and is the sweetest person ever, so it was such a pleasure to meet her! People were commenting on her amazing colour coordinated outfit all day - pink and yellow is a colour combo that I can definitely get along with.
 photo londonedge3_zps4b8aa814.jpg
This lovely lady was at the Collectif stand. Collectif is one of the biggest brands that shows at London Edge, and the people who work there are clearly lovely, as I've ended up striking up a conversation with the people there at both the London Edge shows I've been to! I'm really annoyed that I've forgotten her name, but I snapped her outfit nonetheless. I love her makeup and the bright pink hair, as well as the contrast between the gothic strappy top and her cute rockabilly style skirt.
 photo londonedge2_zpse98bce5f.jpg
I took a picture of this lady at the Cyberdog stand. After she popped up on the London Edge Instagram the other day I realised that her name is Popi Atom, so go check out her instagram if you like her style! Her hair is absolutely beautiful, and actually made me miss my purple hair just a teeny bit. I totally adore the piercings and the eyebrows too, although I'm pretty sure my mum would have a heart attack if I tried to recreate this look. Ah well, if you can't do it yourself, live through other people.
 photo 60475f00-421f-48e6-80d5-ea86922522cd_zps31da23ab.jpg

 photo 67621b33-4028-4849-bcb2-4d106446b246_zpsa3db62c0.jpg
Bag and shoes- Iron Fist

All the bloggers made a beeline for this My Little Pony holographic bag at the Iron First stand - including me, I'm in love.
 photo 53e9e257-ae37-4495-86f7-9a407bda9416_zps02d6fe7a.jpg
Some awesome, awesome hair from Niamh (sorry I said your name wrong about 50 times) and Amanda.
 photo c46d9077-5d1d-4d50-979b-5d53d50a54b0_zpsa0a58148.jpg
Thanks so much to London Edge for an absolutely fantastic experience and for being so incredibly generous!

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram


  1. I personally don't think how often you post or the background defines you as a blogger, as long as you're happy with what you're posting then who cares? I love your blog for your unique sense of style, interesting content and down to earth personality, it really is one of a kind! So happy to finally know you in real life too <3

  2. Great post. Everyone has such amazing hair!
    Looks like a really lovely event. :)

  3. I was invited to my first ever blogger event the other day and I couldn't make it. They even delivered an invite with fancy teabags to my house. I was so excited.

  4. Let me just say, I loved your post with the mop. Added character! haha

  5. Er... crap bloggers isn't a joke, it's a way of life #crappbloggers #Ididntchoosethecraplifethecraplifechoseme #crapbloggers4eva #understandinghashtags

  6. nice #crapcomments #craplife #crapbloggers

  7. haha you´re way late :D lovee the photo of Miss Atom, she´s SO gorgeous! and pretty much my favorite iron fist stuff :) hope we meet at another event soon :) xo

  8. This was an evening event, so the setting was nice, warm and event management team was welcoming. The floors were dark wood with iron chandeliers above, leather club chairs and benches.


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