Friday, 17 October 2014

Not Jumping in a Jumpsuit

Yay, it's finally cold again! *Coughs* sorry, damn, it's cold again. And it's finally time for me to arrive back in my element - tights and coats weather. But the pressing question now is, how do I combine my rather bright sense of style with an Autumn wardrobe, which is typically full of dark hues such as burgundy, navy and maroon? I have to admit, it feels a little strange going out in cold rainy weather dressed like a deluded weather ignoring highlighter. Not just any old highlighter though, one of those ones that had multiple colours which you could change when you clicked the pen. I just want to look like a pen really.
 photo e80f7cb4-1a7b-4961-aefb-46dd97d5bf69_zps5b10dd2d.jpg

Coat - Whistles via charity shop
Jumpsuit - Motel
Shoes - Charity shop
Bag - Kanken via Olive (sold out)

I feel like this outfit is a pretty good bet for the transition from hot to cold weather. Sure, the the jumpsuit isn't exactly the warmest article of clothing in the world, but at least it keeps my legs covered when I'm bored of tights or can't be bothered to wrestle myself into jeans (which incidentally is most days because skinny jeans just aren't that comfy). I've always been a big fan of Motel too. They do really fun prints, and I love the generosity exemplified by their hefty discounts and brilliant sales. On top of this is my favourite coat, which has been with me for two years, and though it's looking a little, ur, raggedy now, I still love it.

 photo 8e936243-ab25-4ca8-b3c5-86d52aa17825_zps807bc5dc.jpg

 photo 4589a9bd-f999-4393-8f0c-0d66a7763c42_zps99b25413.jpg

And along with tights and coats there are of course...beanies! I have an extensive beanie collection. Some with hip to the scene slogans, some with London buses on them, and some with comically large bobbles. This particular one is from H&M, and ticks both the boxes of being jolly whilst keeping my head warm. I have very thin hair, so my head gets pretty nippy y'see.

This has just been a quick update post with what I'm wearing, but I'm hoping to have a couple of Halloween themed posts up soon! I hope you like my new super spooky background too.

Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram


  1. LOVE the jumpsuit! I definitely couldn't pull this off. Love the orange coat too, amazing.


  2. i like your personal style its great!!! i love the way you bring summer colours to autumn, i think its really unique x

  3. That jumpsuit is so fun! I really like how you have styled it up :D

  4. This outfit is so cool! Love all the colour!
    Love your blog layout !
    Followed back :)

    Emmie x

  5. YOUR STYLE HOLY MOLY! It's definitely not something I could pull off but you're killing it girl! I'm in love with that coat :)

    x Erin

  6. Love this look! Thanks for the comments, happy to have found your blog. Your boots are to die for! I want to post my new docs soon, you'll love em.


  7. its really cool that you're bold enough to wear a skin tight jumpsuit casually xx

  8. Really love the coat and jumpsuit - gorgeous outfit doll! x

    The Belle Narrative

  9. I love the coat!! the colours of the outfit all go very well together :)

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