Thursday, 27 November 2014

How do you like your eggs?

It's good to be spontaneous sometimes. When two of my best friends Luke and Bradley suggested a day trip to Brighton over the weekend, I immediately said yes. As you might be aware, Brighton has a really special place in my heart, as I've had some great experiences there. This time we mostly wandered around Snoopers Paradise, where I bought a Dala Horse and Luke bought some gauntlets (yes, gauntlets). It was also a great excuse to dress up, and wear something a bit, ur, different.  photo 16a4c671-29ba-4dd1-a568-998c9479ba2e_zpsc532c4dd.jpg
Top and Skirt - The Whitepepper
Shoes - H&M
Bag - Waterstones

I never used to like eggs. And you know what, I'd never really considered them for a fashion statement. But the Whitepepper's Autumn collection takes inspiration from food staples such as bread and eggs, which is certainly very distinctive. It's also great for slipping a few 'eggcellent' food based puns into your fashion blog, right? I don't get to do that too often. Truthfully, seeing the gorgeous Andini rocking this two piece drove me to purchase the exact same outfit and basically become her eggy twin. Now I'm just waiting for more food print fashion - my ideas include a Greggs sausage roll print dress and an Iceland pizza print top. I can definitely see that one catching on.
 photo 23nov9_zpsb35c4964.jpg

 photo 488d108e-4d0a-453c-af51-584179dc6e1a_zps20539eec.jpg

 photo 0921d999-9349-4786-ac63-b7adeabab0c2_zpsc5efa251.jpg

 photo 10710457_10152365817571755_7830025970210236981_o_zps82f4bf60.jpg
Just a cute photo from the Snooper's Paradise photobooth! 

Thanks so much to Luke for taking the pictures, and to Bradley for waiting patiently like the saint that he is.
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  1. LOOOVE that dress :D such a cool print.

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  2. Dress is super cute! x

  3. Love this egg print with your hair colour so much, you look amazing! xx

  4. Lovely blog, cute vintage style :)

  5. You have such a cute and unique style :)!! Love the font of your test as well! Brighton is always a fun day out :)

    Emma x

  6. Who would have thought that the humble egg could make such a lovely print! I love this dress, it's so unique and striking, great post. xx

  7. Such a lovely outfit! It's so quirky :)
    - F -

  8. Amazing blog and interesting posts!
    Want to follow each other? If yes comment on my blog. I will follow you right back!
    Would be really amazing xx

    Lots of Love, Dilan from DILANERGUL

  9. super a cute dress, i absolutely love the egg yolk idea its super adorable but at the same time not over the top :)

    The Proud Outsider

  10. Perfect outfit & perfect picture !
    Http ://

  11. That outfit is SUPER cute. I'm loving your style, it suits you so well. Wish I could pull that off!! Xx

    - Lots of love, Hira - xx

  12. OMG I love this!! Your hair looks really cute this colour too :) x


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