Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Blogging, Rags of Love, and 2014

'We must make do with what rags of love we find flapping on the scarecrow of humanity.' - Angela Carter, Nights of the Circus

How do I possibly even begin to sum up what has been the most extraordinary, most difficult, yet happiest year of my life? Well, of course it came with its usual obstacles. Not to mention more difficult, often terrifying, more traumatic ones. Yet somewhat unexpectedly, I'm ending this year feeling happier than I ever have. I addressed in a post earlier this year about the importance of loving and accepting yourself, and it seems appropriate to reaffirm how important that change has been this year.
 photo ragsimage20152_zps25044120.jpg
2014 was the year where I learnt the most about life, about other people, about relationships, about myself. The experiences that I have had this year and what I have taken from them are completely indispensable. It's taken a lot of cups of tea made by my brother from another mother Luke, an inordinate amount of bread, lots of confessional talks with my partner in crime Maire, a few tears, a few more belly laughs, some home truths, and continuous listening sessions to my musical rocks Sufjan Stevens and Foals, but I've made it through 2014 feeling better than ever. Lowlights of the year seemed plentiful at the time, but highlights included graduating university with an unexpected first class degree, having the opportunity to work on some exciting but challenging projects at my job, moving to a lovely little flat where I feel so much at home, continuing to write the blog and making new friends from that, and meeting tons of exciting new people in my non internet life. 2014 was also the time when I can safely say I became a more confident, happy person. I've still got a long way to go, but if this year has shown me anything, it's that I can do anything. Apart from possibly become an rocket scientist, as I might have left that a bit late.
 photo ragsimage20156_zpsf8d2ad07.jpg

These are some of my hopes for 2015 (in the vain hope that I can hold myself accountable by the end of 2015 when I'm sitting in a onesie, alone, mascara down my face, eating donuts):
That I'll be writing more regularly on the blog (I said that last year, and I've not been able to rack up that many more posts this year, but next year will BE THE YEAR, honest guv)
That I'll be writing on the regs more generally (and with phrases like 'on the regs' how could I possibly fail)?
That I'll spend less money on furry coats and more money on experiences.
That I'll keep up with all my friend's and family's birthdays.
That I'll learn a new skill, hopefully an instrument (I used to play the guitar and had designs on being the next Avril Lavigne, it could still happen)
That I'll not fall into traps of thinking of myself as inferior and inadequate, and go for things (and I could not have had a better grounding for such a mindset than in 2014)

I always love to hear other people's NY resolutions, so please let me know what your hopes for the New Year are in the comments! I really hope you all have a brilliant 2015 and that you'll stick with this blog for more questionable fashion advice!
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Saturday, 27 December 2014

A New Year's Eve Look

Oh dear, some how I managed to miss the Christmas post boat. I was very proud of my offerings last year, namely my exploration of Oxford at Christmas, but this year a demanding schedule and an intense hatred of Christmas jumpers seemed to stop my efforts in their tracks. So this takes us to New Year's, and I thought I would share with you an outfit that I will very likely be wearing. Though, having said that, I'm of the rather pessimistic view that NYE is always a disappointment as there's too much pressure to have fun, but hey, if I can look stylish during it, I guess that's a saving grace right?  photo a92085be-2d53-4e02-84f7-cad9d32ddc5a_zps12a425e0.jpg
Dress - Daisystreet
Jacket - Topshop (sold out)
Bag - Asos (sold out but there are some similar ones)

I absolutely love this dress, partly because it has the word 'mermaid' in its name, always an instant sell for me. It's also made of a super comfortable, tight fitting fabric, and I've been wearing it regularly day to day. It is the perfect match for this New Look bag, which is so incredibly beautiful and has been hanging pride of place in my room, typically catching the light in the morning and throwing lots of rainbow light across my room.
 photo d96e788f-aff6-462b-922c-6485d097b350_zps74be6243.jpg
Thrown over the dress is my banana jacket, which I really don't wear enough when you take into account how bloody AWESOME it is. I think it really adds to the colours in this outfit, contrasting with the blue as well as making the red lipstick (Mac, Lady Danger,) more intense. Altogether it's a very glamorous, but actually really comfortable look, so no shuffling around uncomfortably in itchy sequins or overly tight disco pants.
 photo b23caef2-e90a-47fc-9eb6-3acf8a55de14_zpsbc7eeda5.jpg
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Styling an American Apparel Crop Top

Hey, hi hello, it's been too long! Truthfully I feel as if I'm still in a stage where nothing looks quite right on me, and other concerns, other than fashion and style, have been on my mind. Although, having said that, I went mildly crazy in the Black Friday sales and picked up a few things that reignited that fire.  But ANYWAY, anyway, the crop top of this post was *adopts American voiceover accent* brought to you by T-shirts Online, who offered me a product to style on this fair blog. They had a little selection of American Apparel pieces, including this top, which I'd actually been meaning to pick up for a while, so thanks guys! I thought I'd style it up in two ways, although to be honest, it's a black top, so it pretty much goes with anything, but let's ignore that reality for a moment and pretend I'm done something clever... photo d2e198d2-9eff-4775-8617-2d7ea24f6b74_zps0da88c6e.jpg
Cardigan - American Apparel
Trousers - American Apparel
Top - C/O Buy T-Shirts Online
Bag - New Look via Asos
Shoes - H&M

Look one is all about American Apparel. Nobody is claiming they're a flawless company, my Easy jeans decided to rip open at the butt one fine day when I was travelling across London. But there's something about the fit of AA clothes which is always so perfect. They're just so incredibly flattering, and I don't feel that it's just in the case of those who have a very skinny body type. For instance, these AA riding pants make me feel super curvy, when in reality I'd probably describe my body type as 'curly pencil' (someone once described me as having a body like a Curly Wurly, which is interesting). Alongside this I have my new Boucle shawl cardigan, which I've rarely taken off since I've received it, although most of the time I'm wearing it over pyjamas and generally looking a bit of a slob. It's an unnaturally colourless outfit for me, but it made me feel very womanly whilst swishing around in it. Now I just need to find a horse, although getting one up my block of flats could prove tricky.

Also, how I could I forget the burger clutch? I am absolutely on board with the trend for novelty bags at the moment, and I have to say that New Look are absolutely killing it with their selection on Asos. Mostly I'm just using this one as decoration at the moment, as a testament to the fact that I am most definitely a girl who eats her feelings.
 photo 6ab3990d-2610-467a-85ed-647d7a837005_zpsb932fc1c.jpg

 photo 42d92b9a-9a36-438b-b152-0b1076e5bfd9_zps5319b762.jpg
Fur coat - Asos (sold out)
Skirt - Ark Vintage
Bag - Cambridge Satchel

Look two might be perceived as a little impractical for the current weather climate, but using my genius fashion filled noggin, I decided to put my multicoloured fur coat over it. It's very much a clash of colours, but as you might have guessed, I'm pretty into that ya know. This Ark Vintage skirt is probably my favourite vintage find, it's the perfect length and makes me feel like I should be spending months in the South of France painting a landscape on a canvas. It's also the ideal accompaniment to a crop top, and I can imagine this will a staple outfit once Summer rolls around again (yes, I realise that is awfully far away).
 photo 7ccb5284-c885-4650-8ef4-0a3b6324c8d6_zps6c6f0245.jpg
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