Monday, 26 January 2015


As I might have mentioned once or twice, I'm an Oxford native. My dad went to Oxford, and his father before him, and his father before him (wait, no, the last two are a lie, just my dad). Because of this, I've always treated Cambridge with plentiful disdain and suspicious side eyeing (imagine a Shelbyville/Springfield type dichotomy, Simpsons fans). However, since my sister's boyfriend became a researcher at Cambridge (we've just about managed to forgive him) it was the perfect opportunity to size up the competition and visit what is deemed by many to be a beautiful city - well, it's okay, I guess. I was only there for a day and a half but we visited most the important locations, namely the rivery bit and the Fitzwilliam museum, where there was a brilliant exhibition on the artistic depiction of mannequins through the ages. Okay Cambridge, you can have that one. photo marc jacobs cambridge 1_zpslg88cf9l.jpg
Top - Marc by Marc Jacobs via Net-A-Porter (sold out)
Cardigan - Primark
Jeans - American Apparel
Bag - Waterstones
Shoes - Clarks

What really seems to stick out about both Oxford and Cambridge is the very distinctive sense of style that both cities seem to have. There's a certain style that I always associate with Oxbridge, namely tweed, glasses, chinos, gillets and brogues. Since moving to London my style has become distinctly non Oxbridge, and I feel like this outfit it sort of a mixture of those things.

This t-shirt is from Marc Jacobs, and is a product of the new meeting of minds between Katie Hillier and a certain Luella Bartley. If you're a long running Rags reader, you'll know that a part of my heart died when Luella's own label went into administration, so to see her creating some amazing pieces for Marc Jacobs is a form of comfort I suppose. This particular shirt has everything, a riot girl message, multicolours, a samurai - I'm not entirely sure what is going on with this shirt but that's what I like about it.
 photo marc jacobs cambridge 2_zpsikgwmawl.jpg

 photo marc jacobs cambridge 8_zpsa2di4n1b.jpg
Alongside the t-shirt is my new orange cardigan from Primark, an absolute steal at £7 in the sale. Also, my American Apparel Easy Jeans, which I've had a difficult relationship with at times, after the material that covers my butt decided to separate. Luckily mum came to the rescue with her expert seamstress skills to patch up my derriere. Other than this glaring failing, they are probably the most flattering, and skinniest pair of trousers I have ever worn. You know when people talk about spray on jeans? Well, these are pretty damn close.
 photo marc jacobs cambridge 3_zpsobje0j4o.jpg

 photo ba100ed7-437d-4e43-a08d-0347772ac19b_zpsicmswmdb.jpg
Lastly, you'll notice that I've got my Room of One's Own bag. Virginia Woolf was strolling around Cambridge when she conceived the idea for this book, so it certainly seemed fitting!
 photo 4325ea57-bc2f-4938-a373-6ff81c59d4ef_zpsa88nq2fs.jpg
Thanks to my mum for taking these pictures!

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Multicoloured Birthday Looks

It's like how that song goes: 'It's my party and I'll wear cocktail parasols from Poundland in my hair if I want to'. So on January 17th I turned 22. Despite this, the song '22' by Taylor Swift wasn't sung at me nearly as much as I would like it to have been, but nevertheless, it was a good one. In the evening I was joined by some of my best friends, armed with various bottles of alcohol, hilarious cards and a selection of baked goods (forget sex and drugs, baked goods are the grounding of every good party). We then disappeared off into the night in the direction of Dalston, having lost all hope of sobriety, as well as my friend Dan's trousers, in the process.
 photo e87589f0-79ba-4987-9ac7-2c63ddd356fa_zps0bfc3156.jpg
Dress - Unif via Depop
Bag - New Look via Asos
Hair Accessories - My own ingenious invention
Shoes - H&M

I got Bradley to snap some photos of my outfit, sorry the lighting is so awful! I picked up this dress on Depop, it's originally from Unif, one of my all time favourite labels. Unif is an American label so I would strongly recommend trawling sites like Ebay and Depop for people selling it secondhand, although try not to take the stuff I like, ok? This dress is perfect for festivals, but seeing as the thought of not being able to properly wash for over three days and sleeping in a tent fills me with all manner of dread, I'll keep it as a party outfit.
 photo 05b533e8-c783-4a78-bf24-b07b94a77612_zpse8a26bde.jpg
The parasols in my hair were a last minute stroke of madness/genius. I was handing them round insisting that everyone had one so as to enhance party cheer, then realised that the colours perfectly complimented the outfit. I secured them with kirby grips and wore them out, so next time you're in the street and you see lots of people with umbrellas in their hair, well, you know where you saw it first. The finishing touch was my mermaid bag that you can see in the clutches post, which rather fittingly seemed to reflect and replicate all the colours in my dress! I love it when a party outfit aesthetic comes together, don't you?
 photo 17df29ba-5081-4db5-8113-e2637a7031ab_zps56025738.jpg
Many thanks to my excellent friends for making my birthday so hilarious, and more genuinely making my life a thrilling roller coaster of Ru Paul marathons, forays into little known areas of youtube, aggressive voguing, lambrini and dinosaur shaped biscuits.
 photo 342fef35-be57-45c9-abf7-78062788d866_zps24b8be11.jpg

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bright Florals

Taking outfit photos in what seemed to be approaching a hurricane? Yep, that's something I did this weekend. I met up with the lovely Sarah from The Laughing Medusa for the second time, and we had vegan breakfast (did I mention that I'm a 'absolutely not a vegan who likes to masquerade as a vegan')? I really love Sarah's blog, it's been top of my blog reading list for the last few months and she's so wise and thoughtful on topics of self care, love and confidence. She also has incredible tattoos which I couldn't help myself but quiz her on!  photo vintageconversetopshop5_zpsf06a5872.jpg

 photo vintageconversetopshop1_zps31a95f8f.jpg
Coat - Topshop
Dress - Charity Shop
Bag - Choies
Shoes - Converse

So this was my outfit that Sarah kindly photographed. I found this dress in a charity shop whilst shopping with my mother the other day. I'm pretty sure that it had some sort of glowing aura around it (accompanied by rapturous choral music) so much so that I actually gasped when I saw it, as it's right up my street in so many ways. Eye wateringly bright florals? Check. Flattering length and fit? Check. What's more, it fits me like a glove. It's almost as if some sort of fashion blogging fate allowed me to find this dress.
 photo vintageconversetopshop2_zpsf1d46af1.jpg

 photo vintageconversetopshop_zpsbea5c489.jpg
Alongside the dress I'm wearing my new Converse that I got for Christmas, in a sunny orange colour. My last pair were a darker purple, so I feel that these new ones perfectly fit my transition to the more colourful side of fashion.
 photo vintageconversetopshop4_zpsd3d1e7f9.jpg
Sarah and I joked that the wind was sort of like having a wind machine on photographer's shoots, except in this case it just played havoc with my fringe and nearly meant that my coat fell into a puddle (these are the realities of fashion blogging that nobody ever tells you about, sigh).
 photo 85e1e474-14f8-4b67-b51e-298338f396d6_zps77807fca.jpg
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Friday, 9 January 2015


Just a quick outfit post for you today! And as the title suggests, there's a certain french actress slash chanteuse that has inspired this look. Brigitte Bardot is often named as one the ultimate style icons, due to her incredible beehive hair and generally just being hot stuff. I've always struggled with perfecting the perfect 'hive, due to my hair being so damaged anyway that backcombing it would just be the last straw, but I've channelled Bardot here with this mini beehive and some red lipstick.
 photo a5112a9f-1258-452f-a485-660bf273722c_zpsd1fc86c3.jpg
Dress - Daisy Street (sold out)
Coat - Whistles (found in charity shop)
Shoes - Asos (sold out)

This dress is also called a 'Bardot' due to the off the shoulder style. It's another piece from Daisy Street, a brand which I absolutely adore due to their super cheap but also extremely awesome pieces. Despite being a Summer dress, this dress is guaranteed to cheer me up at any time, I mean it's got pineapples on it for goodness sake. The cut is also really flattering (I've basically abandoned any dress or skirt that stops before my knees, the problems associated with tall girls wearing short skirts are seemingly infinite) and works really well for going out as well as day wear. I've paired it with my neon trainers here to dress it down, as well as my favourite coat, to give me that 'Bardot rolled through a UV paint factory' look.
 photo newbeehive2_zps063c391e.jpg

 photo cb2126a9-661d-47b9-b8c9-1b21137f0b85_zps9bf0f964.jpg

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Monday, 5 January 2015

Clutching on for dear life

When I was younger, I shared similar aspirations to other people of my age, namely becoming Britney Spears, collecting the most marbles, and owning a designer bag. I would have probably bitten off my right arm to own a Chanel or Mulberry tote, and although these days I certainly wouldn't say no if they were offered to me, I'm starting to appreciate the endless possibility of bags to incorporate an element of fun into an outfit, rather than merely as a status symbol. As a result, I was really excited by the novelty bag trend of the Winter season. And I have to say that nobody did it better than New Look, not a shop I typically frequent anymore. Their selection was full of super sweet designs, including chocolate bars, unicorns, champagne bottles and ice cream sundaes, which incidentally are all my favourite things, and, let's face it, probably everyone's favourite things to some extent. I thought I'd share a selection of my favourite clutches with you, which I usually use to decorate my room, but I've taken some of them for a spin in these photos for you:
 photo 2d314006-0839-421e-a03c-655b1d953c71_zps701bda0f.jpg

New Look Unicorn Clutch

I think this might be my favourite. The holographic detail and the fact that it's well, a bloody unicorn immediately compelled me to add to bag. The colours perfectly compliment my outfit too, and the horn detail means you can attempt to impale any creep who is trying to grind up on you in the club (a common occurrence for us all, I imagine).
 photo 87f8ec2e-7800-4e2c-8459-87c3b4d9e3e8_zpsbc21df26.jpg
Burger clutch (sold out but there is the purse version on sale)

This was the first New Look clutch I saw, and I didn't really buy it to take out on the town with me, more so because I thought it was fun. Also I've been known to get quite *confused* after a few drinks so it would be quite unfortunate if I tried to eat it. That said, I managed to include it in this outfit!
 photo 048971a8-fe2e-4735-9133-5691849b1e34_zpsc7557c69.jpg
Primark clutch bag 

I bought this a while ago, mainly because I love feather decoration and because it made me think of 1930's showgirls in film musicals of old, that I used to watch almost daily with my sister as a kid. Surprisingly I picked this up in Primark, who certainly seem to be continually upping their game in terms of offering budget but also pretty detailed and intricate pieces such as this. It's a shame that I really didn't know how to hold it in this picture, but hey, I tried.
 photo 88e1f419-87e9-40e1-8f80-26a0fef765c1_zps1179220d.jpg
New Look Mermaid Clutch (currently out of stock)

We always seem to end up back at mermaids don't we? My only annoyance about this image is that it doesn't accurately convey all the different colours in this, because it really has got everything going on. It also comes with a chain, which might be a little more palatable to people who don't want to be swinging a clutch around all evening. I styled this particular bag up here if you want some further inspiration!

Which clutch is your favourite?
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Friday, 2 January 2015

Move over, Alexa

My style gets pretty confused when I come home. The neon wardrobe got left behind in London, so I'm back in my wardrobe of old, that of peter pan collars and a colour palette that doesn't ever veer far from black and navy hues. I've even gone as far as to cosplay Alexa Chung, the most beautiful woman in the world and the person I desperately emulated for most of my teenage years, with a uniform of brogues, poorly applied eyeliner (I don't have a steady hand) and granny chic jumpers and dresses. Also, let's not forget my rather shoddy fake Alexa Mulberry! Things have changed a little since then, namely my pink hair, but I'm still giving it a bloody good shot here, because my love for Alexa will never die. These snaps were kindly taken by Emily (with some help from my glamorous personal assistant Bekky).  photo barbour4_zpsf4ed2aff.jpg
Dress - Secondhand
Coat - Secondhand
Tights - Primark
Bag - Ebay
Shoes - H&M

This Barbour was 10p. TEN ENGLISH PENCE. I can't take the credit for finding it, as my mum is the undisputed expert of finding a bargain and would wrestle your nan to the ground or raid anybody's bin in search of a thrifty treasure. I've always wanted one, but the cheapest I could ever find them sold for in London was about £50, so this is probably the find of the CENTURY.  It fits like a charm and is super cosy. Alongside it I'm wearing a dress that I'm pretty sure my sister wore years ago for a production of Peter Pan, and that still manages to look flattering on me despite overdoing it on the chocolate this year. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to shoot some pheasants and possibly some poor people.
 photo barbour2_zps60261a4c.jpg

 photo barbour3_zpsf19be028.jpg

 photo 3027a9b7-1404-4a49-8490-6e97b3516a3c_zpsd95cd698.jpg

 photo barbour1_zps8585794b.jpg
Obligatory thoughtful looking up at stuff picture
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