Monday, 19 January 2015

Multicoloured Birthday Looks

It's like how that song goes: 'It's my party and I'll wear cocktail parasols from Poundland in my hair if I want to'. So on January 17th I turned 22. Despite this, the song '22' by Taylor Swift wasn't sung at me nearly as much as I would like it to have been, but nevertheless, it was a good one. In the evening I was joined by some of my best friends, armed with various bottles of alcohol, hilarious cards and a selection of baked goods (forget sex and drugs, baked goods are the grounding of every good party). We then disappeared off into the night in the direction of Dalston, having lost all hope of sobriety, as well as my friend Dan's trousers, in the process.
 photo e87589f0-79ba-4987-9ac7-2c63ddd356fa_zps0bfc3156.jpg
Dress - Unif via Depop
Bag - New Look via Asos
Hair Accessories - My own ingenious invention
Shoes - H&M

I got Bradley to snap some photos of my outfit, sorry the lighting is so awful! I picked up this dress on Depop, it's originally from Unif, one of my all time favourite labels. Unif is an American label so I would strongly recommend trawling sites like Ebay and Depop for people selling it secondhand, although try not to take the stuff I like, ok? This dress is perfect for festivals, but seeing as the thought of not being able to properly wash for over three days and sleeping in a tent fills me with all manner of dread, I'll keep it as a party outfit.
 photo 05b533e8-c783-4a78-bf24-b07b94a77612_zpse8a26bde.jpg
The parasols in my hair were a last minute stroke of madness/genius. I was handing them round insisting that everyone had one so as to enhance party cheer, then realised that the colours perfectly complimented the outfit. I secured them with kirby grips and wore them out, so next time you're in the street and you see lots of people with umbrellas in their hair, well, you know where you saw it first. The finishing touch was my mermaid bag that you can see in the clutches post, which rather fittingly seemed to reflect and replicate all the colours in my dress! I love it when a party outfit aesthetic comes together, don't you?
 photo 17df29ba-5081-4db5-8113-e2637a7031ab_zps56025738.jpg
Many thanks to my excellent friends for making my birthday so hilarious, and more genuinely making my life a thrilling roller coaster of Ru Paul marathons, forays into little known areas of youtube, aggressive voguing, lambrini and dinosaur shaped biscuits.
 photo 342fef35-be57-45c9-abf7-78062788d866_zps24b8be11.jpg

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  1. No mention of my carefully crafted Taylor Swift birthday message but a gripe about not singing 22 enough. Jeez. Can't please some people 'ey? (Haha I kid - thanks for the fantastic night boo!)

  2. Ahh happy belated birthday! You look unreal, I am so obsessed with this look (parasols included)! <3

  3. It sounds like you had a wicked Birthday with an amazing outfit to match. I'm definitely going to check out Depop as i've never thought to buy things from it before. xx

  4. Happy Birthday!!! You look amazing, that dress is gorgeous! And the parasols are the cutest hair accessory, I definitely think you've started a trend haha. :D

  5. Happy 22nd Birthday! Your dress is amazing and I adore it ☺

  6. You look so cute! That pastel crochet top is amazing xx

    The Persephone Complex / House Of Fraser Giveaway

  7. That jumper is amazing!! You look fantastic, hope you had a great birthday! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  8. Looks so beachy! Love crocheted stuff !
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  9. happy belated birthday, i love your dress and the parasols complete the look perfectly...i just can't believe i haven't come across UNIF before! x


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