Friday, 9 January 2015


Just a quick outfit post for you today! And as the title suggests, there's a certain french actress slash chanteuse that has inspired this look. Brigitte Bardot is often named as one the ultimate style icons, due to her incredible beehive hair and generally just being hot stuff. I've always struggled with perfecting the perfect 'hive, due to my hair being so damaged anyway that backcombing it would just be the last straw, but I've channelled Bardot here with this mini beehive and some red lipstick.
 photo a5112a9f-1258-452f-a485-660bf273722c_zpsd1fc86c3.jpg
Dress - Daisy Street (sold out)
Coat - Whistles (found in charity shop)
Shoes - Asos (sold out)

This dress is also called a 'Bardot' due to the off the shoulder style. It's another piece from Daisy Street, a brand which I absolutely adore due to their super cheap but also extremely awesome pieces. Despite being a Summer dress, this dress is guaranteed to cheer me up at any time, I mean it's got pineapples on it for goodness sake. The cut is also really flattering (I've basically abandoned any dress or skirt that stops before my knees, the problems associated with tall girls wearing short skirts are seemingly infinite) and works really well for going out as well as day wear. I've paired it with my neon trainers here to dress it down, as well as my favourite coat, to give me that 'Bardot rolled through a UV paint factory' look.
 photo newbeehive2_zps063c391e.jpg

 photo cb2126a9-661d-47b9-b8c9-1b21137f0b85_zps9bf0f964.jpg

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  1. Love the trainers with the dress :)

  2. I love that you paired the sneakers with the dress. Definitely a modern Bridgette Bardot look.

    xx E∆

  3. This dress! With PINEAPPLES. I love pineapples. Omg excuse me while I fangirl over pineapples :') You look lovely x


  4. The Pineapple dress is amazing! I love your quirky dress sense, it gives me confidence to wear something different.
    - F -

  5. I have so been meaning to get on board with the pineapple trend and buy something with pineapples on it!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  6. That's the perfect dress for you- you look fantastic :)

  7. That is one amazing dress! You look beaut!

    Thank you for visiting my blog also.

    Tabby x

  8. Love the dress such a cute print!

  9. aww love this coat and this dress ! really cool outfit :)

  10. I love your dress, its gorgeous! And I love the colour on your lips :)

    Tosin x


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