Monday, 5 January 2015

Clutching on for dear life

When I was younger, I shared similar aspirations to other people of my age, namely becoming Britney Spears, collecting the most marbles, and owning a designer bag. I would have probably bitten off my right arm to own a Chanel or Mulberry tote, and although these days I certainly wouldn't say no if they were offered to me, I'm starting to appreciate the endless possibility of bags to incorporate an element of fun into an outfit, rather than merely as a status symbol. As a result, I was really excited by the novelty bag trend of the Winter season. And I have to say that nobody did it better than New Look, not a shop I typically frequent anymore. Their selection was full of super sweet designs, including chocolate bars, unicorns, champagne bottles and ice cream sundaes, which incidentally are all my favourite things, and, let's face it, probably everyone's favourite things to some extent. I thought I'd share a selection of my favourite clutches with you, which I usually use to decorate my room, but I've taken some of them for a spin in these photos for you:
 photo 2d314006-0839-421e-a03c-655b1d953c71_zps701bda0f.jpg

New Look Unicorn Clutch

I think this might be my favourite. The holographic detail and the fact that it's well, a bloody unicorn immediately compelled me to add to bag. The colours perfectly compliment my outfit too, and the horn detail means you can attempt to impale any creep who is trying to grind up on you in the club (a common occurrence for us all, I imagine).
 photo 87f8ec2e-7800-4e2c-8459-87c3b4d9e3e8_zpsbc21df26.jpg
Burger clutch (sold out but there is the purse version on sale)

This was the first New Look clutch I saw, and I didn't really buy it to take out on the town with me, more so because I thought it was fun. Also I've been known to get quite *confused* after a few drinks so it would be quite unfortunate if I tried to eat it. That said, I managed to include it in this outfit!
 photo 048971a8-fe2e-4735-9133-5691849b1e34_zpsc7557c69.jpg
Primark clutch bag 

I bought this a while ago, mainly because I love feather decoration and because it made me think of 1930's showgirls in film musicals of old, that I used to watch almost daily with my sister as a kid. Surprisingly I picked this up in Primark, who certainly seem to be continually upping their game in terms of offering budget but also pretty detailed and intricate pieces such as this. It's a shame that I really didn't know how to hold it in this picture, but hey, I tried.
 photo 88e1f419-87e9-40e1-8f80-26a0fef765c1_zps1179220d.jpg
New Look Mermaid Clutch (currently out of stock)

We always seem to end up back at mermaids don't we? My only annoyance about this image is that it doesn't accurately convey all the different colours in this, because it really has got everything going on. It also comes with a chain, which might be a little more palatable to people who don't want to be swinging a clutch around all evening. I styled this particular bag up here if you want some further inspiration!

Which clutch is your favourite?
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  1. OMG These bags are hilarious! Love the hamburger one

  2. Such a lovely collection of clutches! <3

  3. Eternally jealous of your aesthetic.

  4. I have that primark clutch in black/dark green. SO in love with it, it´s my favourite clutch ever :D love your unicorn and burger clutch too xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. I love all of these clutches. I'm not a big purse person but I think that burger one is hilarious.

    xx E∆

  6. Oh my gosh these are the coolest clutches!!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  7. The unicorn and burger clutches would be perfect to brighten up my usual black attire! They are so fun.

  8. The Primark feather clutch is so so nice! I wouldn't mind having that in my collection. Also the unicorn is pretty awesome... Like really awesome. x

  9. I'm loving the novelty clutch bags out there too at the moment, I had to stop myself buying a couple of slogan ones the other day. I'm with you in that my favourite one is also the unicorn though if I was going for one that I would use more and not just for decoration then that last New Look one is a winner for me, shame its OOS. xx

  10. The unicorn clutch is amazing and I want it! :)
    - F -

  11. I need that unicorn and the burger, oh myyyy gooood. they're just way too amazing. my craziest clutches are from random thrift shops at london, one is made from an old canadian drivers license - I think they would be really good friends with those beauties you got there!

  12. WOW! Those bags are incredible.. can't believe the Primark one.. and may I just say your blog layout is gorgeous! Super fun and quirky :) Now following!

    Fashion forever - Dull never

  13. I love a novelty bag- had my eye on the NL burger bag but now it's sold out I'm considering the donut one

  14. gorgeous bags! love the unicorn one :) so cute
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)



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