Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Masters Degree In Being Cuter Than You

* Disclaimer: I don't actually have a master's degree in anything, as I'm waiting patiently for cuteness studies to become widely accepted as an academic discipline.

So today I decided to plump for a studious look, but one that makes me look like I'm studying at Monster High, or at Wednesday Adam's school for young ladies with resting bitchface and frequently updated Tumblr accounts, or Weirdsister college (the university spin off of the Worst Witch, look it up). The funny thing is that I'm no longer study at all, having left university last year. But if I had woken up this morning in a mad rush to get to a lecture, realising I didn't have the set text for that week or even a pen and paper on the way, then this would be the ideal outfit.
 photo d14c5af6-a315-49ca-b62b-82c72b7e82fd_zps8hysuarv.jpg
Glasses - C/O London Retro via Myoptique
Top - Primark
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Clarks 
Bag - Choies (sold out)
Notebook - Claires
Scrunchie - Ebay

If we could just put to the back of our minds the hypocrisy of me wearing a pair of glasses when I don't actually need glasses for a moment, we can agree that these ones are a really flattering pair for the face, although unfortunately I have a rather large head which means they don't quite fit perfectly, so that'll teach me for predictably equating studiousness with wearing glasses.
My favourite element of this outfit are these trousers, which are insanely comfy but also really well tailored to look super smart, even when I haven't made any sort of effort whatsoever. They're covered in a sort of water lily design, and at £14, they were definitely worth the Monet (FYI: this is the only blog that will be combining rubbish art history puns and cheap trousers this week).
 photo f4251344-8dec-4b62-bd79-fd5601f4d533_zpsxuyh7bim.jpg
Last but absolutely not least, the accessories. I saw this amazing notebook in Claire's with my mother the other day - Claire's isn't a shop I've been into for many years now, due to deciding that the extravagantly sized hair bows that I used to spend my pocket money on as a 15 year old were no longer 'my aesthetic'. But I noticed that they've been doing a selection of monster accessories including notebooks, phone covers and ipad covers, which reminded me of Burberry's Autumn 2012/2013 collection, as well as some of Meadham Kirchoff's lurid creations, so ultimately I decided I was onto a winner with this. Alongside my 2d bag, I definitely look like I walked out of some cartoon that I watched on CBBC after school!
 photo 367aa82c-52f7-4932-b756-09d15a9b0014_zpsix0o1kyn.jpg

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  1. Yasssss love the monster notebook.

  2. Could you be any sassier if you tried?! Love this outfit!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  3. LOOOOOVE the MK vibes, did I mention the are my favourite label basically ever because they are (as well as Luella technically no longer a functioning label RIP) also I actually do need glasses and mine look like that, and I have a masters, so I kind of feel like I win at this post xx

  4. You look so effortlessly cool, I can't even deal! And that notebook is all kinds of amazing <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. That notebook is so super adorable!

  6. You look so cute and lovely in your outfit and the pants are so stylish!
    Thank you for your lovely words on my blog. You have an impressing blog and now I wonder if you are interested in following each other?
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. Haha, such an adorable post title - I think we're all waiting for cuteness to be an academic area to study lol

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  8. this is such a cute outfit!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

  9. Super cute outfit! That notebook is incredible, I need it in my life!! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look!!! flawless


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