Sunday, 22 February 2015

Brick Lane

Today I bring you not just one, but two different outfits! These were taken on a grand day out to Brick Lane, on one of my favourite blogger streets, Princelet Street. I went along with Lucy, a childhood friend and person I had pretty much fallen out of contact with until recently. Lucy is undoubtedly one of the most vivacious people I've ever met, so she's always so much fun to hang out with. We spent many happy days back home in Oxfordshire getting dressed up and taking countless photos (usually of Lucy jumping, because she just insisted on it) and then uploading them for the wonderment of our school friends on Bebo, so you could say that Lucy inspired my career aspiration to take lots of photos of myself, and as a consequence, was a small part of the conception of this fair blog. Anyway, we spent a marvellous afternoon together taking a selection of genuinely hilariously terrible photos in the Rough Trade photo booth, nearly crying with laughter in the Blitz London changing rooms, and eating burgers at the Big Chill.
 photo primark disco pants 7_zpso5cxuyxa.jpg
Coat - Topshop
Cardigan - Monki via Asos (sold out)
T-shirt - Primark
Bralet - Asos (sold out)
Disco Pants - AA via Charity shop
Trainers - Converse
Bag - Choies
Necklace - C/O Punky Pins

It's pretty funny looking back through the outfit photos we took because I'm pretty much laughing in every one, as Lucy was screaming 'YAS DARLINK, WERK!' at me whilst I was trying to pull my serious blogger poses. Luckily there were a few saving graces!
 photo primark disco pants 6_zpsjappnsju.jpg
There's quite a lot of colour clashing going on in this outfit (shocker). This t-shirt is from Primark, and I love it because it reminds me of Christopher Kane's flower organza pieces from Summer 2012, sort of like someone has pressed some flowers on to my torso, definitely a look I can get on board with. Under it I'm wearing a Asos bralet to save my modesty! I also pulled out my disco pants from the back of my wardrobe, and I think I'll wear them more often, as they're really comfortable for casual wear. I rolled them up at the bottom and added my orange converse, making this a quite transitional outfit, as we're seeing some promise of hotter weather in London (I'm English, all I ever want to talk about is the weather, ok).
 photo primark disco pants 3_zpsqgv7grry.jpg

 photo 88a64867-783f-4c23-bc0d-d969758985c8_zpsxszgr7hf.jpg
This is Alfred Hitchcock and I, who I'm sure would be thrilled to know that he would be making appearances on a fashion blog posthumously. His influence definitely adds to the outfit right?
 photo lucy primark 5_zpsaexsypux.jpg
Lucy is one of those people who cannot keep still, which I think sabotages any possibility of a career as a fashion blogger. I must have taken 50 photos of her in various ridiculous poses, but that's what I love about her! We got a few street style worthy ones though, showing off her dress (which I think she got from the East End Thrift Store) and fur coat. The colours complement her beautiful hair so well.
 photo lucy primark 1_zpskbmn211h.jpg

 photo fe0dd1dc-b26e-425b-bcf9-9db2db0dbea3_zpscike7oab.jpg
Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram


  1. I really like your top, I'm sure it'll make lots of reappearances during summer. And thank you for the super lovely comment on my blog!
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  2. I was going to send you a salty text asking who this kween is but now I know.

  3. Hello I love your blog! I just followed you, maybe you could follow back too :) Have a great day!

  4. i love that top of yours and the necklace! and lucy's dress is pretty, too:-) haha, i feel like i talk about the weather in every post! and i'm sure this is the kind of impact hitchcock would've wished to have, eh! x

  5. Love your vibrant look - your green coat is amazing! And your friend seems like a lot of fun in the photos! haha!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  6. Love the outfit even tho I'm not big on colour, you friends poses are hilarious- seemed like a lot of fun. I also love the location.


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