Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bloggers Assemble

I've always sort of lamented the fact that I've never really had any life defining hobbies. After I realised at school that catching, throwing, or even being within 2 feet of a ball (NO crude jokes please) wasn't going to be an option, I sort of stalled a bit when it came to finding that sense of belonging or a community to really be involved in.
That's why I'm so pleased that I started a blog, because I've been able to meet some awesome, inspiring people through it. I met up with two of my faves the other day, the constantly cheery, happy go lucky Laila and the super thoughtful, effortlessly stylish Jess. I always have an awesome time with them as we while away the hours in coffee shops talking about everything from blogging to er, more blogging. More to the point, we jump at the chance of taking outfit photos for each other (we're very generous folk, us bloggers) and this set is the result of Jess's patience and perfect understanding of blogging jargon such as 'detail shots'.  photo illustrated asos 6_zpsygvkxmmt.jpg

 photo illustrated asos 2_zpsnumvetjf.jpg
Top - Unif via Depop
Top (underneath) - Secondhand
Skirt - Illustrated People (also worn here)
Bag - Choies
Coat - Asos
Shoes - Nike via Asos (similar)
Necklace - C/O Punkypins

I have been raiding Depop of any Unif pieces I can get my hands on. This is the 'Relapse tee', and it's made of a sort of fishnet material. Let's face it, if I actually was a real mermaid and was tragically caught in a net it would almost certainly have to be lurid and tie dyed. Underneath I'm wearing an amazing holographic top that is from New Look in the 90's, that I saved from being thrown out by mum. It creates this amazing shimmery effect which doesn't quite come across in these pictures, but believe me, I was glistening, glimmering even.
 photo illustrated asos 1_zpsrii4enei.jpg
Significantly, this is the first proper outing for my new coat! It's another addition to my multicolour fur collection, and though it may look completely ridiculous, it's actually one of the most practical coats that I own. It is so amazingly warm and the pink collar is such a fun addition to it. Yes, I just called a coat fun!
 photo illustrated asos 3_zpsqxl6um78.jpg

 photo ef5064d3-b63c-4ca6-9e3d-17518c98e744_zpsjtc5o587.jpg
And lastly, I don't usually wear jewellery, usually because I'm so fidgety I just end up playing with jewellery until it eventually just breaks, but this amazing necklace was the perfect choice for this outfit. My view with necklaces generally runs along the lines of 'go hard or go home', i.e if it isn't blindingly obvious or making a statement, then it's not the one. The people at Punky Pins sent me this one, and they do a whole other selection of weird, dare I say it, quirky pieces!
 photo b566d34a-5cfd-40ab-ba7f-e44175d12682_zpswmohmugs.jpg

 photo 728c4fea-24ce-4a5d-bed4-2a9b8411e3b9_zps8hfxvv4n.jpg
Just a cute picture of the gang!
Thanks for reading! Belphoebe x Find me elsewhere! Instagram


  1. Supercool look - love the coat!!


  2. I love how colourful your outfits always are! I'm a little scared of colour I usually stick to black and dark purple, ha.
    Love your necklace too.


  3. Very cute outfits :)
    Rebecca // xx

  4. I love this look! your coat is amazing!

  5. sick skirt and shirt/undershirt combo
    cool style!
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing


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